1st and Last Mock of the Year

Last year I did many, many mocks. This year I decided to just read mocks and do my only mock 1 week before the Draft. If you don't like the pick I gave you I'm all for other opinions!

Lets Start...

1. Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton, QB, Auburn:

It's unfortunate, I loved Clausen last year, I even wanted my Bills to somehow get him, but it seems as though Carolina is going to give up on Clausen already. Cam Newton has unlimited potential, but the guy has more red flags than going on a plane flew by Osama bin Laden. Whoever is going to take him whether it is Carolina, Buffalo,  Arizona, etc. is going to have to let Cam develop as a player and person and their whole career may depend on whether or not Cam develops. Drafting Cam is like buying a million dollar lottery ticket. You have a 50/50 chance of winning but if you win you get 100 million dollars, but if you lose you're broke. Which ever team drafts him will soon be a power of the NFL, or they could be drafting in the top of the draft for many years to come. I feel Carolina is leaning towards Newton, because a new regimine means a new QB and Clausen was John Fox's experiment. It is Ron Rivera's time and he's trying to strike gold with this pick

2. Denver Broncos- Marcel Dareus, DT, Alabama:

Dareus was a phenom at the Combine. He weighed in at 319lb and still looked great in his 10 yard split of the 40yd dash and was great in the position drills. I believed after the combine Dareus made himself the #1 prospect in this draft and he fills a position of need. Dareus gives Denver a plug up the middle to stuff the run and force teams to run to the outside.

3. Buffalo Bills- Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M:

Miller, like Dareus, was a stud at the Combine. He's up to around 250lb and ran a 4.46 at the Combine. He is clearly the best pass rusher in this draft and can also drop back into coverage against the TE, where the Bills were absolutly destroyed. The Bills were dominated by opposing TE last season and Miller would fill that hole as well as the pass rush hole.

4. Cincinatti Bengals- AJ Green, WR, Georgia:

The Bengals get maybe the most talented player in this draft and the best WR prospect since Calvin Johnson in 2007. Green is an elite prospect and would provide an immediate impact on the Bengals. Drafting Green might also persuade Palmer to be happy and stay in Cincinatti, I know I'd be happy as a QB to have this "freak" to be able to throw to

5. Arizona Cardinals- Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri:

Arizona proved this past season that losing Kurt Warner was the worst thing to happen to them. They tried everything from Matt Leinart to John Skelton as QB and nothing worked. The Cardinals have so much talent on offense with Breaston, Fitzgerald, Beanie Wells, Tim Hightower etc. they just need a QB to be able to come in and get these guys gelling again. Gabbert could come in maybe half way through the season or the next season and provide a stable QB who could get these weapons the ball.

6. Cleveland Browns- Julio Jones, WR, Alabama:

Jones was one of the most impressive at the Combine. He looked great in all the drills and measured in generously. The Browns have very few offensive weapons(Besides future NFL Madden Cover Star Peyton Hillis) and need to get a big time WR that Colt McCoy can get the ball to. I also considered giving Peterson to Cleveland just because of how rediculously awesome Peterson and Joe Haden would be together, it would just be all check downs on defense.

7. San Franciso 49ers- Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU:

Jim Harbaugh is the new, young, promising head coach. He's going to want a player he can build the defense around and Peterson fills that need and the need of a CB. Peterson is another player belived to be the best player in the draft and at #7 has enormous value and fits with San Francisco. Peterson is a once in a decade CB prospect who if all goes well could be a CB you could put on the oppositions best WR and "stand that WR on an island".

8. Tennessee Titans- Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn:

Nick Fairley has widely been compared to Albert Haynesworth, the same Albert Haynesworth that was a fantastic player in Tennessee. Fairley had a great Pro Day after his mediocre at best Combine to help boost his stock back up a bit. Fairley has so much talent but concerns of his character have come up, but like I said before they dealt with Albert Haynesworth for years

9. Dallas Cowboys- Robert Quinn, OLB/DE, UNC:

Had Quinn not been suspended the entire year he may have been a legit candidate to be the #1 pick in this draft. He is a freak in size and speed and could be the best pure pass rusher in this draft. The idea of facing a front 7 containing DeMarcus Ware and Robert Quinn would have QBs and Offensive Coordinators losing sleep the night prior to facing the Cowboys

10. Washington Redskins- Cameron Jordan, DE, California:

Washington's defensive line is horrid and Cam Jordan is a big run stuffing DE that would provide immediate help for Washingtons 3-4. He can play the middle and the end in a 3-4 which also is valuable

11. Houston Texans- Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska:

You can never have enough defensive backs in a division with Peyton Manning. In order for the Texans to be able to compete they need to help their fantasic offense with good defense. Their secondary was pathetic last season and in order to compete they will need much help. Amukamara is a great talent at CB and would be the top rated CB in many years. He is a potentia lock down corner and having a lock down corner in Houston could be the piece to get them over the "hump"

12. Minnesota Vikings- JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin:

Ray Edwards is a Free Agent and drafting Watt would be the perfect complement to Jared Allen. Both Watt and Allen are blue colar, northern, hard nose football players and thats what Minnesota likes.

13. Detroit Lions- Tyron Smith, OT, USC:

Detroits pass protection was improved from before, but they still need a franchise LT to protect Stafford. They need to keep Stafford healthy to have a chance and Smith has great potential to become that franchise LT. If Smith succeeds at becoming Detroit's franchsie LT, this team will be a dangerous team very, very soon

14. St. Louis Rams- Aldon Smith, OLB, Missouri:

James Hall is getting elder and Aldon Smith has the raw potential to slowly but surely transition to an elite pass rusher behind Hall for a couple years, with his freak athletic ability

15. Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama:

Ronnie Brown is constantly battling some sort of knee injury and it's looking like Ricky Williams lungs are starting to get revenge on Ricky. Ingram will provide immediate impact and I believe he is the best pure RB prospect in the past 2 drafts

16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue:

Kerrigan is a blue colar type player and would fill a need in Jacksonville. The Jags would love to have Cam Jordan fall to them, he does not so they get the next best thing in Kerrigan

17. New England Patriots- Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College:

The Pats may not be able to re-sign Matt Light, and if they don't they will take an OT either here or at #28 I believe. Castonzo is maybe the best OT in the draft and potentially get a nice steal here

18. San Diego Chargers- Muhammad Wilkerson, DT, Temple:

The Chargers need another 3-4 DT and Wilkerson is a good one. He has great size 6'4 315lb and he can play the inside and outside of a 3-4 defensive line.

19. New York Giants- Mike Pouncey, OG/C, Florida:

The Giants need some youth on their offensive line. Pouncey could start from day 1 on the offensive line at guard then could eventually transition into the center. Pouncey's brother, Maurkice, of the Steelers was a huge sucess making All-Pro his rookie season, the Giants can only hope for the same production

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson:

The once #1 prospect in this draft has seen his stock plumett. Tampa needs a pass rusher and makes the risky decision to select Bowers. This pick could be a huge bust or Bowers could live up to his potential. There is loads of potential here and the Bucs decide they just cannot pass up on all this talent that fills a need, and they save Bowers Thursday night!

21. Kansas City Chiefs- Brooks Reed, OLB, Arizona:

Reed has seen his stock climb and quickly. The Chiefs need a threat opposite of Tamba Hali and Reed has the athletism and strengh to become a solid pass rusher

22. Indianapolis Colts- Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconson:

A massive 6'7 327lb Carimi is drafted to protect Peyton. The Colts line was depleted last season and Peyton had no time to make throws(yet he still managed to). The Colts need loads of help on their line and Carimi is a huge presence on the line

23. Philedelphia Eagles- Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado:

CB is a huge need in Philedelphia and Smith is great talent at #23. He has character flaws, but he has too much skill for the Eagles, who desperatly need a CB, to pass on

24. New Orleans Saints- Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia:

Will Smith is aging and the Saints need help across from him that can conribute quickly. Look no further, I personally beleive that Houston will be the best pass rusher in this draft in a couple years and he fills a need in New Orleans. If not Houston I would be shocked if this pick were not a pass rusher of some sort

25. Seattle Seahawks- Jake Locker, QB, Washington:

This is the absolutly perfect spot for Locker. He's the hometown hero of college football in Seattle. He gets to play for a great coach who understands young players in Pete Carroll. He can sit behind Matt Hassleback for 1-2 years and learn under a willy veteran in Hassleback, and most of all doesn't need to be rushed to play obviously. If Locker goes to Seattle I believe he will be the best QB in this draft in the long run

26. Baltimore Ravens- Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi St.:

Jared Gaither's future in Baltimore is in question and he has back problems either way. Baltimore has expressed intrest in Sherrod who would provide Flacco with a good Tackle

27. Atlanta Falcons- Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland:

Atlanta has no weapons other than Roddy White and the aging Tony Gonzalez. Smith is a high character player who is very talented and shows great determination. He would give the Falcons other dangerous weapon to give to Matt Ryan

28. New England Patriots- Cameron Hayward, DE/DT, Ohio St.

The Patriots defensive line is aging and Wilfork is especially aging. Hayward can play the inside and outside of a 3-4 defense and I'm sure Bellicheat would respect that.

29. Chicago Bears- Corey Luiget, DT, Illinois:

This is lower than most mocks have Luiget, but I believe he is a bit overrated. None the less he fills a need in Chicago and would be a good value pick that fills a need at #29

30. New York Jets- Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor:

Kris Jenkisn career is all but done after yet another season ending year injury. The Jets brutal 3-4 will need a new NT and Taylor is a mamoth on the inside that is the best NT in this draft. Taylor's stock may have dipped a bit due to the finding of a rare disease in which the bones of his feet are growing together, but the Jets I'm sure are in love with Taylor and would snag him in a second

31. Pittsburgh Steelers-  Ben Ijalana, OL, Villanova:

After their great selection of Pouncey last season the Steelers take another OL in the 1st. Ijalana may be a reach but he can play OT or OG and he will be a very solid player. I'm not sure if he has "star" talent but he will be a solid player for many years.

32. Green Bay Packers- Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA:

Ayers is good value with the last pick in the 1st and he'd take all the attention off Clay Matthews from opposing offenses. I believe the Packers will for sure take a pass rusher of some sort with thei 1st selection and Ayers is the best one available in my opinion

Hope you enjoyed the pick(s) I gave your team!

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