Brooks Reed NFL Draft scouting report

Brooks Reed
6'3, 263 pounds | Outside linebacker | Arizona

The Arizona system didn't call for Reed to drop back in coverage much, so he'll enter the NFL pretty raw in this area. May never develop into a really good player here because he's a little stiff in his movement.

Instincts/recognition: Reed is a smart football player and doesn't get fooled often on run fakes or designed roll outs. Good at making reads pre-snap. Is rarely a step late on a play. His instincts show that Reed spends plenty of time working in and getting the most of film study.

Pass rush:
Is a quickness and effort pass rusher. Reed won't wow you with his moves or ability, but he fires off the line nicely. Shows a good, intriguing counter move. Has some struggles moving around and looks a little stiff at times. Played end in college but projects to linebacker in the NFL. Is he a product of the Arizona blitz-happy defense? Had 17 sacks on his career.

Pursuit: Plays with a ton of hustle. Coaches will love Reed for his motor. He's a smart football player who reads a play and understands the best route to the ball. Competes and never takes a play off.

Run defense: Gives a great effort against the run. Moving to linebacker in the NFL will help him do better against the run. Was overpowered at times with his hand down against the run.

Strength: To make it in the NFL, Reed will have to get considerably stronger throughout his frame. He can be easily pushed around by linemen, especially in the run game. Moving to linebacker is as much out of a lack of strength as anything else.

Final word: Reed has become a product of the offseason process. During the 2010, there was a minimal amount of buzz surrounding Reed. He developed into a red-hot prospect. What he should probably be is somewhere in the middle. He's a decent pass rusher who plays smart. He's not a great athlete and doesn't have great functional strength.

Reed has good intangibles, though, and could be developed into a good player. He may never live up to the hype surrounding him leading up to the NFL Draft.

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