Did Carmelo And The New York Knicks Just Re-Invent The Ewing Theory?

The Knicks and Celtics game has been covered exhaustively all day long, and with good reason. Carmelo's performance is the sort of thing that'll last a lot longer than the first round, and it deserves every bit of coverage it gets. But there was one angle that some of us might have missed.

Bethlehem Shoals hit on it over at GQ:

Bill Simmons has for years pushed his "Ewing Theory", which suggests that teams play better when their superstar is removed from the equation, and they are forced to move the ball and, as a collection of individual talents, step out of the shadows and stop being so f**king deferential. In this time of superstar-stacked franchises, or teams haunted by the idea of them, being reduced to one Carmelo or Amar'e is downright revolutionary.

It's a minor takeaway from Tuesday, but it's something to keep in mind. Wasn't last night the exact opposite of the Ewing Theory? Instead of losing their superstar, the Knicks lost everyone else, and that (maybe) is what allowed Carmelo to dominate the way he did.

They still lost, so it's not like this parallel theory is successful, but still. That doesn't mean the Bizarro Ewing Theory doesn't exist. And if it does, all I ask is that we call it the Iverson Theory?


The NFL Released The 2011 NFL Schedule... And we have it covered top to bottom over at SB Nation's StoryStream, and our own Brian Floyd ran down some of the highlights:

New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers, Thurs. Sept. 8 at 8:30 p.m. on NBC
The season gets started right as the previous two Super Bowl Champions square-off on Thursday night. There's nothing quite like the opening of another NFL season, with the pomp and pageantry that goes with the first game of the year and an intriguing matchup to boot. Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, two of the finest quarterbacks in the NFL, hit the field in a "super" showdown between teams that have seen plenty of success in recent history. Can the Packers work their way back to the Super Bowl? Can the Saints get back on the right track in 2011? We'll start to find out as the season gets underway.

New York Jets at New York Giants, Sat., Dec. 24 at 1 p.m. on FOX
It's another holiday matchup with the added bonus of an age-old rivalry. In the battle of the Meadowlands, the New York Jets and New York Giants take the field in a Christmas appetizer on FOX. Rex Ryan is the off-the-wall, brash coach on one sideline while Tom Coughlin is stoic and disciplined on the other, providing a matchup of polar opposites on Christmas Eve.

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots, Sun., Dec. 4 at 8:20 p.m. on NBC
Peyton Manning and Tom Brady go at it again in a week 13 matchup at Gillette Stadium in a matchup of two marquee quarterbacks in the NFL. While the game may not hold as much mystique as years past, the Patriots and Colts are sure to provide plenty of entertainment. Mix-in the late-season date and potential playoff implications for each team and you've got a must-see Decemeber matchup.

Of course, this is like a couple making vacation plans for the fall when they're currently "on a break" in the spring. So, block out the vacation time, I guess, but probably best to wait and see how the summer plays out before anyone gets too excited here.

Really, does Brady vs. Manning in prime time make anyone forget about Brady v. NFL in pdf?


Meanwhile, In Los Angeles... This is the most ridiculous column you'll see this week. Is Lamar Odom's new reality show hurting the Lakers? The reality is, it could be, says Bill Plaschke:

But, still, one shaky game into the postseason, you have to wonder whether the "Khloe & Lamar" show is working out a lot better for Khloe than Lamar. ...

I'll admit, this woman certainly knows all about making something out of nothing. Khloe is a member of that family who became famous several years ago after her sister Kim was involved in a sex tape. Now the Kardashians are everywhere, with a hunger for fame and a willingness to exploit themselves that is more obscene than any video.

For several years, under the guise of several different reality shows, the Kardashians have existed in a world of public hubris and humiliation that is so unsettling

But wait, isn't this supposed to be about the Lakers?

When the TV folks started filming "Khloe & Lamar" several months ago, I thought Odom would again be distracted, but he seemed to hold up well, helping the Lakers win 17 of 18 games during one stretch of shooting.

But now that it's all gone public, the show first airing two weeks ago on the E! television network, it's again fair to wonder about the effect that nationally televising a man's personal life will have on his profession.

On the night of the show's Sunday debut, Odom barely shows up in the loss to Oklahoma City, scoring seven points with three rebounds. The following Sunday before the airing of the second episode, Odom arrived late for the Lakers' first postseason game, then slogged his way to 10 points and just one rebound in the loss to New Orleans.

Granted, the sample size of those statistics is far too small to use for a conclusion...

...Not too small for a column though!

And in the end, we link to this article because it's funny. It's so willfully ignorant and idiotic, the only way to transcend its impact is to laugh. It lowers the common denominator so blatantly, the only way to raise it is to point and laugh as a group. To prove not everyone is crazy.

People like Bill Plaschke thrive off this phenomenon; they write idiotic things, people e-mail them to their friends, and just like that, people read the columns. Say what you want, but it's a form of success, and Plaschke's better at it than most. So, exactly like a Kardashian, pretty much.


The Trailer For NCAA Football '12. And the EDSBS live blog to go with it.

So. Much. Awesomeness.


Remember The Greatest NBA Game Ever Played? At first, when I saw the claim made by Sam Smith today, I balked. But then, with Larry Bird's Celtics at the height of their powers and Michael Jordan at the height of his, what game could possibly have been better than the night Michael Jordan scored 63 points at the Boston Garden? Just look at the box score.

Anyway, today's the 25th anniversary, so... Pour out a little liquor in memoriam.

And after your done with the liquor...


Smoke Some Weed To Remember The Portland Trail Blazers. Jon Bois' piece on 4/20 was pretty outstanding, but nobody can top what athletes actually do and say when they're high. With that in mind, to help commemorate your favorite player's favorite holiday, here's a look back at one of the better marijuana busts of all time.

Every day, really, we should look back at a different news story from the Jail Blazer era. This one's from 2002, when Damon Stoudamire and Rasheed Wallace were pulled over for smoking weed:

"Stoudamire hesitantly admitted that marijuana had been smoked in the vehicle, but stated that it had all been burned up and/or smoked," the report reads. Later, Wallace told officers "they had smoked one 'J" but that all the drug was gone, according to the report.

"The question (the trooper asked) was, is there anymore (marijuana) left and they said, 'No we smoked it all up.'"

The police documents detailing a search of Stoudamire's yellow Humvee indicate officers found a small quantity of marijuana in the glove box, a burnt cigarette next to Stoudamire's seat, and a small tin with marijuana residue in front of Wallace's seat.

Ah, memories...

Now, then: Everyone go out there, find a Yellow Humvee, and smoke like it's 2002 in Portland!


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