In Honor Of Nashville Race Weekend: Three Great Racing Songs

The NASCAR Nationwide and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race this weekend at the Nashville Superspeedway. In honor of big-time stock car racing's trip to the Music City, here are three great racing songs. I encourage you to put your own favorites in the comments.

Twentieth Century Drifter - Marty Robbins

 Marty, of course, was a country music legend who, as the quote goes, sang to live and lived to race. He made 35 starts in what is now the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, recording a top-five finish in 1974 at Michigan. Marty made his final start at Atlanta in November 1982, just a month before a heart attack claimed him.

This song was a top-ten hit the same year he picked up that top-five, 1974. It tells of the plight of a full-time independent competitor, his dreams of taking first place, and his wife who "prays that, come Monday morning, I'll be drifting home."



Marty Robbins Twentieth Century Drifter (via tarquin45)

Fireball Rolled a Seven - Dave Dudley

Best known for his truckin' songs, Dave Dudley sang this song in tribute to the legendary Glenn "Fireball" Roberts. I actually created this video and posted it to YouTube myself. YouTube member RonnieOldiesGuy commented that he spoke to Dave in the 1980s, where it was confirmed that despite poetic license taken by the songwriter (not Dudley), the song was indeed about Fireball. Fact that I looked up so you don't have to: Fireball drove the No. 7 one time in his career in what is now the Sprint Cup Series: October 6, 1957 at Martinsville Speedway in a Chevrolet owned by Buck Baker.


Dave Dudley - Fireball Rolled a Seven (via HomeDepot20TS)


Oh, King Richard - Kyle Petty (yes, THAT Kyle Petty)

Show of hands, how many of you knew KP could sing this well? Also, show of hands, how many of you even recognize Kyle in the video for the song? Until 1995, when he started sporting his now-trademark ponytail, Kyle looked as though he had escaped from the 1980s - or that he was doing his best Yanni imitation.

As I recall, this great tribute by Kyle to his dad debuted around the 1993 Daytona 500, the first time since 1965 (and only the third time ever) that the Great American Race would be run without The King in the field.

The audio quality in the first vid is not good, so I've posted it twice. You must view the first one though. It was a touching tip of the hat from a son to his father, and plus, you've got to see Kyle.


Kyle Petty- Oh King Richard (via biscuts8)


Oh King Richard (via mistexaslots)

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