Unorthodox 3-4 OLB prospects.

So i do a lot of mock drafts on SBnation and many other sites and i seem to get people making odd remarks at who i really like to play SOLB in the Chiefs 3-4 Defense. Most people think Kerrigan, Houston, and Ayers are our best choices and i disagree strongly about Kerrigan and Houston. I think both seem stiff and lack change of direction skills necessary to cover in the NFL. That being said i'd like your opinions on how well the following prospects would fair outside in a 3-4 defense:

1. K.J. Wright LB Miss ST. 6'3 246 lbs 4.7 40 

Wright is a very strong leader on the field and he contains very good measurables for a 3-4 OLB. He could maybe bulk up 10 lbs but that would be easy in an NFL strength program. He is very good in coverage and he can contain the run and has shown flashes of getting after the QB.



2. Martez Wilson LB Illinois 6'4 250 lbs 4.49 40 

Often mocked as the first ILB taken in the draft i think with his speed and size he would be a great fit at SOLB where he would be covering TE's and RB's, containing the run to his side, and getting pressure on the QB. Wilson is an athletic freak and i think that would be wasted in the inside of a defense.



3. Bruce Carter, North Carolina  6-1½  241 projected 4.57

Carter is a great LB prospect for the NFL and i do question whether he is big enough to play in a 3-4 taking on blocks. But with a solid S&C program he could bulk up without losing speed and he has shown great playmaking ability in college in coverage and in QB pressure.



4. Nate Irving LB NC State 6' 1 1/4" 240 lbs 4.76 40 time

I watch tape of him and i see him flying all over the field making plays in pass coverage and getting after the QB and RB in the backfield. The guy seems to have good instincts and is able to react well to what he sees in front of him. I think he has potential as a pass rusher and is already very good at pass coverage and stopping the run.


5. Greg Jones LB Michigan St. 6'1 242 lbs 4.7 40 time

Jones is athletic and smart reacting quickly on the field. He is very good against the run and the pass but i don't believe was ever asked to rush the passer much. with his size, speed, and strength he should be able to effectively use pass rush moves to their fullest potential.


These are some of the main players but there are several others that i see as OLB prospects that are  6' 1" to 6' 4" and 240-250 lbs that people just dismiss because they didn't play DE in college and aren't 260 lbs. These guys would all be excellent in coverage and have great athleticism and strength meaning they should be able to easily get after the QB. I also think there is the added advantage of having a fall back position. If a 4-3 DE fails to convert to OLB then the team gets absolutely nothing from him. If one of these guys tries to convert to SOLB and can't do it then it isn't much effort to put them inside and still get some value from them. Just any insight and thoughts as to why these guys and others in this mold are dismissed as 3-4 OLB's would be appreciated. Thanks for the time guys

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