Crasher Roth Does A 2 Round Mock

My 2 Round mock in which I try to predict who each team will pick, and include who they should pick

1. Carolina PanthersCam Newton (QB, Auburn)- The Panthers are dead wrong from a competitive standpoint to make this pick. However Cam can help put buts in the seats at Bank Of America Stadium and will become a player to get the Carolinas interested in football again. I believe Jimmy Clausen deserves one more season, especially now that David Gettis and Brandon LaFell will have another year of experience and Jeremy Shockey is the teams new TE. (Should pick: Marcell Daerus)

2. Denver Bronco: Marcell Daerus (DT, Alabama)- With the transition to John Fox's 3-4 defense there are many holes on this defense. Daerus could slip in right away as a five technique and give team another elite pass rusher to team with Elvis Dumervile. (Should pick: Marcell Daerus)

3.  Buffalo BillsVon Miller (OLB, Texas A&M)- The Aaron Maybin experiment was an awful one for the Bills, and ended up being inactive (and healthy) for much of the season for the Bills. Buffalo was the worst team in the league when it came to the pass rush. Von Miller is a LB in the mold of the late Derrick Thomas, and can be an elite pass rusher for many seasons down the road. (Should pick Von Miller)

4. Cincinnati Bengals: AJ Green (WR, Georgia)- Green is the number one player on my board, and is coming off the board at #4. Green is the type of player that can elevate the play of the other young WR's on this team as he will constantly draw the attention of the defense. If Palmer pulls a stunner and retires in the next 72 hours, then QB is a glaring need a Gabbert would be the pick, but I doubt that will happen. (Should pick: AJ Green)

 5. Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Peterson (CB, LSU)- QB is a major need on this team, but coach Ken Wisenhunt is high on Skelton, and team may be more interested in a vet (like Marc Bulger, Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb?). Peterson is the best defensive player in the draft and along with Dominque Rogers-Cromartie they could form a dynamic duo of corners. (Should pick: Robert Quinn)

6. Cleveland Browns: Robert Quinn (OLB/DE, UNC)- While the make-up of this team with new HC Pat Shurmur and president Mike Holmgren would tell you this team is going to be based on offense, WR is not a big a need as a pass rusher, as Muhammad Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie were 2nd round picks and have shown some flashes. This team needs to up their pass rush, and help their young backfield really thrive. Quinn has some red flags and has bust possibilities, but the ceiling is just too high here. (Should pick: Robert Quinn)

7. San Fransisco 49ers: Prince Amakumara (CB, Nebraska)- From what I've heard the team isn't all that interested in Blaine Gabbert, especially after they re-upped for another year with Alex Smith. This core of DB's needs a facelift and Amakumara can be a big upgrade over the aging Nate Clements. (Should pick: Blaine Gabbert)

8. Tennessee TitansBlaine Gabbert (QB, Missouri)- This has been the "Nick Fairley spot" for a while now, but thats with most experts having Gabbert going in the top 5. The Titans would be crazy to pass up on a potential franchise QB with this pick, as Rusty Smith does not have what it takes to lead this team to the future. I could make an argument for Julio Jones here, but the Titans need a QB more than a wideout. (Should pick: Blaine Gabbert)

9. Dallas Cowboys: Anthony Costanzo (OT, Boston College)- Tyron Smith has been projected here for a while but Costanzo is a better pro prospect and more ready to start right now in the NFL, and in my opinion is one of the safest picks in this years draft. (Should pick: Cameron Jordan)

10. Washington Redskins: Jake Locker (QB, Washington)- Every year there are surprises and reaches in the first round and this is this years. Locker has the athleticism and the arm strength that Mike Shanahan would love, and this team was really interested in drafting Locker last year. This team badly needs a pass rusher and an elite wideout, but Shanahan loves QB's and I dont even think he think Rex Grossman is the answer. (Should draft: Cameron Jordan)

11. Houston Texans: Nick Fairley (DT, Auburn)- There are bigger needs here (CB, DE), but with the Texans defense so awful an addition like Fairley would be huge, and could give them a good pass rusher to go along with Mario Williams. However I do not feel the Texans will stay here and I think they will move into the top 10 (Cardinals at 5?) and take one of the top 2 QB's. (Should draft: Patrick Peterson after trading into the top 5)

12. Minnesota VikingsDa'Quan Bowers (DE, Clemson)- With Jake Locker off the board, the Vikings go for their next biggest need and pick the best available DE. People question whether Bowers will be a bust, and an injury risk. Bowers will never be spectacular but he has a chance to be a very good DE who wont be great but very good. (Should pick: Aldon Smith)

13. Detroit Lions: Tyron Smith (OT, USC)- Lions need some help on defense (most notably) at LB, but they will opt to protect their fragile franchise QB, Matt Stafford. Smith has a chance to be great, but in my opinion is still relatively raw, his ceiling is amazingly high however. (Should pick: Tyron Smith)

 14. St. Louis Rams: Julio Jones (WR, Alabama)- Its hard to believe he would fall this far but...Jones has terrific height, bulk and is very physical and had no trouble getting open in college. Jones would give Sam Bradford a true number one target to throw to. I think Aldon Smith would be a great pick here, and wouldnt be shocked if they chose him, knowing Steve Spagnoulo obsession with d-linemen. (Should pick: Julio Jones)

15. Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram (RB, Alabama)- With the upside Ingram has its hard to believe he can make it down this far but he does. The Dolphins will likely only bring back one of their backs (Ricky Williams or Ronny Brown) and need another back for their run heavy/wildcat offense. I wouldnt be shocked if the Dolphins moved down in the first to pick a QB. (Should pick: Move down in the first round to take Ryan Mallett)

16. Jacksonville JaguarsAldon Smith (OLB/DE, Missouri)- A freak athlete who has the chance to be the very best at his position, if he fulfills his potential. Jaguars have needed an elite pass rusher for sometime now, and Smith is a better option than the other DE's at this point. (Should pick: Aldon Smith).

17. New England Patriots: Cameron Jordan (DE, Cal)- Any other year Jordan would be a top 10 pick, if not for the depth at DE in this years class. Pats need a good five technique, and Jordan, like Bowers, may never be great but has potential to be very good in this league. (Should pick: Cameron Jordan)

18. San Diego Chargers: JJ Watt (DE, Wisconsin)-  I think Muhammad Wilkerson would be the best fit here, but I've heard the Chargers have shown alot of interest in Watt. OLB is an even bigger need but I dont think Kerrigan is a great fit and Justin Houston is a slight reach here. (Should pick: Muhammad Wilkerson)

19. New York Giants: Mike Pouncey (OG/C, Florida)- Giants suffered alot of injuries along the line last year and are aging across the line and Pouncey has the versatility to play at center or either guard spot, and could help keep Eli upright. (Should pick: Mike Pouncey)

20. Tampa Bay BuccaneersAdrian Clayborn (DE, Iowa)- There seems to be mutual interest between both parties here, and with the Bucs need to upgrade at both DE spots Clayborn is a great fit.  Keep an eye on the CB situation over the next few hours, the Bucs plan to release Aqib Talib and while they Bucs wouldnt take a chance on Jimmy Smith, Ras-I Dowling is a first round sleeper, and would have been a first round pick if not for injuries. (Should pick: Adrian Clayborn)

21. Kansas City Chiefs: Akeem Ayers (OLB, UCLA)- Chiefs need an upgrade at OLB, and to add a pass rusher to go along with Tamba Hali. Ayers isnt the  most athletic LB out there, but Ayers has a great feel for the game and has the ability to change the game on the defense, offensive line is an issue and with Carimi out there they would have to at least think about going that direction. (Should pick: Akeem Ayers)

22. Indianapolis Colts: Nate Solder (OT, Colorado)- The biggest bust of the first round is now off the board. Solder is a guy who has good height and athleticism but has many issues including lacking ideal strength, his foot work needs work and is not ready to start right away in the NFL, which the Colts need (Gabe Carimi and Derreck Sherrod are NFL ready now). Colts will make this pick hoping he fulfills his potential but if he doesnt he will be nothing more than good O-line depth. (Should pick: Gabe Carimi or Derreck Sherrod)

23. Philadelphia EaglesJimmy Smith (CB, Colorado)- Gabe Carimi could be the pick here but the Eagles couldnt stop a thing through the air, and Jimmy Smith despite character concerns is a tremendous prospect who has great size and could match up well with the best WR's in the league. (Should pick: Gabe Carimi)

24. New Orleans Saints: Muhammad Wilkerson (DT/DE, Temple)- RB is a major issue here but at 24 this is too big a reach for Mikel Leeshore or Ryan Williams. Wilkerson could play inside for the Saints and give them a good pass rush there. They did sign Shaun Rodgers so the need for a DT is lessened, still think it is the best way to go. Ryan Kerrigan would be a nice option here but not sure if the need for a DE/LB is strong enough to pass up Wilkerson. (Should pick: Muhammad Wilkerson)

25. Seattle Seahawks: Corey Liuget (DT, Illinois)- The Seahawks could go a number of ways like Ryan Mallet, Danny Watkins, Phil Taylor or Andy Dalton, but I think they will end up going with the best available and that being Corey Liuget. I dont see the Hawks picking here, I think they'll move up to make a play for Locker or possibly down a few spots to nab Mallet or Dalton. (Should pick, move up for Locker or take Mallett or Dalton)

 26. Baltimore Ravens: Cameron Heyward (DT/DE, Ohio State)- If Jimmy Smith is here I dont think the Ravens will take more than a minute to decide on him, but unfortunately he's off the board. It appears as if Trevor Price is gone so they need to find a replacement and Heyward would fit perfectly with Baltimore. WR is a bit of a need here but the next best wideout in Randall Cobb is just too much of a reach here. (Should pick: Cameron Heyward)

27. Atlanta Falcons: Ryan Kerrigan (OLB/DE, Purdue)- This pick was Justin Houston until it was learned that he failed a drug test for marijuana at the combine, and it will cause him to slip to round 2. Kerrigan ends up being the first round selection that drops the most. Falcons reportedly like Kerrigan and would be thrilled to get him here. RK is a high energy player and can be a good pass rusher for the next 10 years. Falcons too have some WR needs but still Cobb is a bit of a reach here. (Should pick: Ryan Kerrigan)

28. New England Patriots: Brooks Reed (DE/OLB, Arizona)- Another DE comes off the board here and for the second straight pick we have a bit of a tweener. Reed could step in and play OLB in the Pats and add yet another pass rusher to this team, which could use the Bart Scott "This defense couldnt stop a nose bleed." Sherrod may be the pick here as the Pats need an offensive line upgrade. (Should pick: Derek Sherrod)

29. Chicago Bears: Derek Sherrod (OT, Miss. State)- You remember that Giants/Bears game? I need to say no more here. (Should pick: Derek Sherrod)

30. New York Jets: Phil Taylor (DT, Baylor)- His foot is healthy and has been cleared. Kris Jenkins is out the door and they need a replacement. Taylor has awesome strength and size and is stout against the run. Conditioning is a bit of a concern as is durability. Jets are known as taking chances on players with low character and Justin Houston would fit nicely with the Jets, but not sure if he would be the pick. (Should pick Justin Houston)

31. Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Ijalana (OT/OG, Villanova)- The offensive line was a glaring weakness last year as injuries really tested the teams depth there. They did strike gold with Maurkice Pouncey last year and try to re-capture magic with Ijalana. He would be a no doubter in the first round if he went to a larger school but he has good size, athleticism and strength and excels against the run. CB is just a big a need but Aaron Williams is a bit of a reach and im not sure if Brandon Harris is the right fit. (Should pick: Ben Ijalana)

32. Green Bay Packers: Marvin Austin (DT, UNC)- I'm not sure about this pick, the Packers need another LB but Bruce Carter is just a big a reach as Austin. If Austin can stay out of trouble and keep his mind on football he can make the Packers look like a genius for taking him. Packers also dont have any glaring weaknesses so if the miss on this it wont hurt them as much. Justin Houston would be the safest pick here, but I'm going with an awfully weird suspicious the Packers will pull a slight shocker here. (Should pick: Justin Houston)


33. New England Patriots: Orlando Franklin (OT, Miami)

34. Buffalo Bills: Kyle Rudolph (TE, Notre Dame)

35. Cincinnati Bengals: Ryan Mallett (QB, Arkansas)---- I project the Bengals will trade up to make this pick

36. Denver Broncos: Brandon Harris (CB, Miami)

37. Cleveland Browns: Jon Baldwin (WR, Pitt)

38. Arizona Cardinals: Justin Houston (OLB, Georgia)

39. Tennessee Titans: Rodney Hudson (OG, Florida State)

40. Dallas Cowboys: Christian Ballard (DT, Iowa)

41. Washington Redskins: Randall Cobb (WR, Kentucky)

42. Houston Texans: Aaron Williams (CB/S, Texas)-----Only if they stick with the Fairley decision, if the nab Peterson or Amakumara this pick is Stephen Paea

43. Minnesota Vikings: Christian Ponder (QB, Florida State)

44. Detroit Lions: Ras-I Dowling (CB, Virginia)

45. San Fransisco 49ers: Andy Dalton (QB, TCU)----I project the 49ers to move up slightly for this pick

46. Denver Broncos: Martez Wilson (ILB, Illinois)

47. St. Louis Rams: Bruce Carter (OLB, UNC)

48. Oakland Raiders: Johnny Patrick (CB, Louisville)

49. Jacksonville Jaguars: Rahim Moore (S, UCLA)

50. San Diego Chargers: Jaabal Sheard (OLB, Pitt)

51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chimdi Chekwa (CB, Ohio State)

52. New York Giants: Jarvis Jenkins (DT, Clemson)

53. Indianapolis Colts: Mikel Leshoure (RB, Illinois)

54. Philadelphia Eagles: Marcus Cannon  (OG/OT, TCU)

55. Kansas City Chiefs: Leonard Hankerson (WR, Miami)

56. New Orleans Saints: Ryan Williams (RB, Virginia Tech)

57. Seattle Seahawks: Colin Kaepernick (QB, Nevada)

58. Baltimore Ravens: Torrey Smith (WR, Maryland)

59. Atlanta Falcons: Jerrell Jernigan (WR, Troy)

60. New England Patriots: Kendall Hunter (RB, Oklahoma State)

61. San Diego Chargers: Titus Young (WR, Boise State)

62. Chicago Bears: Drake Nevis (DT, LSU)

63. Pittsburgh Steelers: Brandon Burton (CB, Utah)

64. Green Bay Packers: Clint Boiling (OG, Georgia)


If I left anyone off this please let me know, I did this after a few hours of homework.....

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