Sports Management WorldWide

If you have the dream or passion to someday work in the sports world Sports Management WorldWide,
also known as SMWW, can help you advance your career to the next level.

SMWW will be 8 years old in May. It started with one course, Athlete Management. That was followed with teams suggesting courses they wish were taught at the college level. Now they are technically a certified school with the state of Oregon Department of Education.

Sports Job Opportunities:

Player Personnel
Sports Agent
Front Office
Media and Communications
Athletic Director
Ticket and Sponsorship
MMA Events, Promotions & Management
Account Manager
Spotter, Pit Crew, Crew Chief, Race Management
Game Day Operations, and many other opportunities


SMWW now has over 5000 alumni from over 125 countries working in sports.

SMWW offers 20 career training courses, all 8 weeks online, all with a well known "Mentor" in the BIZ, all with live audio chats, all for college credit transferable to most universities in Canada and USA.
The agency is growing quickly. SMWW has certified agents in the big 5 sports teaching Athlete Management.

For this years NFL Draft they have 21 Athlete Management graduates (called Agent Advisors upon joining the SMWW Agency) who represent 40 different NFL prospects in this years draft. These are students who learned and were mentored on recruiting, draft preparation, contract negotiation and more. They are living the dream of being a sports agent. Calling teams, calling clients and hopefully come August attending their clients games.

SMWW offers Sports Career Conferences at sports business events so that attendees can network and learn from sports business executives on site. They have these events at the NHL Draft, NFL Combine, MLS Draft, NBA Summer League and MLB Winter Meetings. They are now available for college credit.

SMWW actually have teams call them now when they have a specific job opening. In addition they get many referrals of students who don't qualify for jobs... from the teams. (an easy way to say "you don't get the job but I recommend SMWW to get more experience and more opportunities.") Many times applications to take our courses note that a GM of a team referred them.

Most leagues are embracing SMWW and encouraging SMWW to continue with their efforts.

They are unique. No one offers the mentoring, the network, or the ongoing support they offer to students. SMWW truly feels our students of today will be hiring our students of tomorrow.

SMWW offers training in software not found on any campus.

Universities in other countries are now pursuing them to partner

SMWW want guarantee jobs anymore than a University does. They guarantee skills, strategies and a foot in the door. The student has to do the rest.

SMWW is so excited for the draft. Teaching someone how to do something is great, but watching them succeed at it and finding true joy doing it offers a great satisfaction.

If interested in pursuing a sports career or would like more information about SMWW the contact information is below. Or you can access the SMWW link below as well.

Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook
President & Founder
Sports Management Worldwide
1100 NW Glisan 2B
Portland, Oregon USA 97209


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