Hyatt's second and second only Final mock first round

Ok, so it's draft day, and work is slow, so I'll do this.

Carolina- Cam Newton, QB- seems to be a lock at this point.  I'm calling BUST now.  He's going to have to be thrust in right away, yet never called NFL style plays in college, and by that I mean every play had a number, as opposed to Ace Right z-Dig x-Shallow.  So that'll cost 'em.  If Carolina can't have him sit for 6-8 games, it will harm his chances of being a worthwhile pick.

Denver- Von Miller, OLB- I had Peterson last time here, but I've been convinced the pick is miller.

Buffalo- Marcel Darius DL- The Bills look to get success from the Alabama well where they got Cornelius Bennett 24 years ago.  Darius will definitely help the Bills rebuild their terrible defense, and the Bills will be ecstatic to have him.

Cincinnati- AJ Green WR- Green will be the pick over Jones here.  Green is too explosive for Cinci to pass on him, and is also more reliable.

Arizona- Patrick Peterson, CB- He's the best player in the draft in MY opinion, and Arizona is not happy about the prospect of grabbing Gabbert

Cleveland- Julio Jones WR- Holmgren likes taking WRs for Colt McCoy to have a go to guy, and Jones fits their scheme as a nice blocking WR and elite athelete.  If Green were to be available, he'd be the pick

San Francisco- Blaine Gabbert, QB- The 49ers raise the white flag on Alex Smith, though I think they'd be better served by continuing to build their defense.

Tennessee Titans- Nick Fairley, DT- With the top 2 QBs gone, I don't think Tennessee will reach for Locker, Ponder, or Dalton here.  The titans have been slim on the interior D-line since Haynesworth left 2 years ago, so now they get Haynesworth 2.0, complete with character questions

Dallas Cowboys- Tyron Smith OT- The Cowboys need help now on the OL, and Smith can step up and replace Mark Columbo, who had a Kwame Harris-esque season last year on the right side.

Washington Redskins- Jake Locker, QB- The skins WILL reach for a QB and grab Locker.  A lot of teams hate his accuracy, but a lot of people will point out that he had more drops than any other QB.  Personally, anybody the Skins take is bound to be a bust since I don't like how Shanny drafts at all coughCUTLERcough.

Houston Texans- JJ Watt DT/DE- The Texans think the way to improve their Pass D is going to be improving their pass rush, and Watt fits that bill.  

Minnesota Vikings- Robert Quinn DE- The Vikes could also use a QB, but they don't have that high a grade on Dalton, who I hear is their guy.  Quinn is talented, strong, and can play with his hand down to spell the rotting corpse of Jared Allen

Detroit Lions- Prince Anakamura CB- The lions biggest need is filled with a guy who's ready to roll as soon as he hits the field as a starter.  

St. Louis Rams- Cameron Jordan DE- If Julio Jones doesn't fall to 9, the Rams will look to improve their pass rush, as spags loves coming at the QB.

Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram, RB- With Ricky Williams old, and a FA, The dolphins go to the best RB in the draft to pair with Ronnie Brown.

Jacksonville- Ryan Kerrigan, DE- IT's either Aldon smith or Kerrigan here, and I think Kerrigan fits the Jags better.

New England- Aldon Smith, DE- Smith has the DL versatility the pats like, and can definitely hold up nicely next to Wilfork.

San Diego- Phil Taylor, NT- SD looks to get a new Jamal Williams and Taylor is HUGE, and can replace the aging Aaron Garay

New York Giants- Anthony Costanzo, OT- The giants are looking to improve their O-line, and I think that they'll go Tackle before they would choose Pouncey.

Tampa Bay- DaQuan Bowers, DE- With Brees AND Ryan in their division, the bucs take a risk on an injury and get the best pass rush guy in the league

Kansas City- Greg Camiri, OT- The chiefs need a ROT, and Camiri can be slotted in from day one.

Indianapolis- Mike Pouncey, OG- The Colts want to upgrade their line, and their running game, and Pouncey does both on the inside, returning to his natural guard position.

Philadelphia- Jimmy Smith, CB- Seems like the right fit with Ellis Hobbs retiring, and suspect depth at the position

New Orleans- Adrian Claiborn, DE- The saints think this high motor candidate can help them pressure the QB.

Seattle- Christian Ponder, QB- Matt Hasselback is old and infirm, and Charlie Whitehurst is nothing but a mustache in a helmet.  The Seahawks like Ponder, and will overdraft him here

Baltimore- Cameron Heyward, DE- This 5 Tech guy fits what the Ravens want to do, beautifully

Atlanta- Danny Watkins, OG- A 2nd guard taken in the first round? Sure, why not

New England- Akeem Ayers, OLB- The pats use their 2nd pick to enhance the pass rush.

Chicago- Nate Solder OT- The Bears need some more protection for a cutler to toss his horribly misplaced passes to the other team, and get a steal in Solder.

New York Jets- Marvin Austin, DT- The Jets get some solid depth at a position where they struggle to stay healthy.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Aaron Williams, CB- The steelers over-react to being ripped apart in the Super Bowl by Aaron Rodgers

Your SUPER BOWL CHAMPION GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!- Derrek Sherrod- I fully expect the Packers to trade up with Atlanta to get Solder, but Sherrod is a nice consolation prize in this NO TRADE Draft.

If there were trades, I'd see the cowboys trading down and taking Smith and getting an extra pick for someone who wants Watt or if the Lions are afraid that Houston will take Prince.  I see Arizona trading up to New England's second selection for Andy Dalton.  I see St. Louis moving up to 9 if Cleveland passes on Jones. And the Pack could move up to Atlanta's spot to grab an OT or DE they like.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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