NFL Draft 2011, Round 1: Time, TV Schedule, Draft Order

The 2011 NFL draft is so close I can feel it. 

Officially, things kick off at 8:04 p.m. (ET). That's when the Carolina Panthers are officially on the clock although there's draft coverage all day at places like SB Nation, ESPN and NFL Network. The draft will be televised on ESPN and NFL Network with running a live stream.

The first round will start on Thursday evening with the Panthers and there will be a maximum of 10 minutes between each pick. At that rate, you can expect the draft to end after midnight. It'll be a late night.

Trades involving players will NOT be allowed even though the NFL lockout has (sort of) been lifted. Check here for any NFL lockout news that may affect the draft. 


SB Nation's draft coverage will keep you clued into everything you need to know, most notably who each team picks in the first round. Check out all our our pre-draft coverage here. 

As a refresher, here's the first round draft order: 

1 (1) Carolina
2 (2) Denver
3 (3) Buffalo
4 (4) Cincinnati
5 (5) Arizona
6 (6) Cleveland
7 (7) San Francisco
8 (8) Tennessee
9 (9) Dallas
10 (10) Washington
11 (11) Houston
12 (12) Minnesota
13 (13) Detroit
14 (14) St. Louis
15 (15) Miami
16 (16) Jacksonville
17 (17) New England from Oakland
18 (18) San Diego
19 (19) New York Giants
20 (20) Tampa Bay
21 (21) Kansas City
22 (22) Indianapolis
23 (23) Philadelphia
24 (24) New Orleans
25 (25) Seattle
26 (26) Baltimore
27 (27) Atlanta
28 (28) New England
29 (29) Chicago
30 (30) New York Jets
31 (31) Pittsburgh
32 (32) Green Bay    

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