Best Of The SB Nation Network: April 28, 2011

We have 305 fantastic sports blogs in SB Nation, so in case you didn't have a chance to read them all today we've collected the best stuff right here. Get sports smart in no time fast!


- Lighthouse Hockey on the new average for NHL goaltenders.

- What went wrong for the Buffalo Sabres against the Philadelphia Flyers in their first round series? Die By The Blade looks.

- What's it like to be a fan of a team rumored to move? Timmy from Bird Watchers Anonymous with a must-read.

College Sports

- Roll Bama Roll has an exclusive pre-draft Q&A with Julio Jones, who appears moderately athletic.

- Big East Coast Bias breaks down the Big East's historical draft trends and SEC readers try not to smile. Themz Vandy numbahs!

- Bludgeoning you with Tressel until you beg for it to end: at Maize N Brew, a Michigan Man capably deconstructs the convoluted pro-Tressel justifications of a prominent Buckeye blog.

- Football Study Hall demonstrates how to break down the big uglies quantitative-like. It's not easy, it turns out.

- Corn Nation notes that Prince Amakamura scored an invite to the Royal Wedding. Or did he?! Flatlands ironists!

- Track 'em Tigers ponders succession post-Cam from their stockpile of elite QB talent. And by stockpile, we mean that these players may have actually been given a pile of equities.

- Will Muschamp washes his hands of Janoris Jenkins while citing a severe hemp allergy. Alligator Army opines.


- DRaysBay checks on the 2010 Rays alumni to see how they're doing elsewhere this season.

- Amazin' Avenue takes a temperature reading on Mets player performance from the past week.

- Bluebird Banter is trying to figure out what the Jays should do with Jo-Jo Reyes.

- Talking Chop opines on ways to upgrade the Braves' bullpen.


- A look back at one of the craziest seasons in recent memory: the 2010-11 Denver Nuggets.

- Deron Williams, through the weeks, on the Nets.

- It looks like Larry Bird will continue to run the Pacers. How will the owners keep up their part of the bargain?

- The Sixers' season is over, but they have shown to have a nice group of young talent.

Combat Sports

- Head Kick Legend reports that US Olympic team legend Rulon Gardner is talking about making a return to the sport.

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