BBI Goes to Radio City Music Hall

The perspective from a die hard Giants fan:


7:30 PM

Just got into radio city music hall. Amazing crowd, a lot less Giants and Jets fans than I imagined. Obviously a huge amount, but the diversity was ridiculous. 2nd highest amount of fans definitely were the Panther fans. They came out in droves. Sat in the front of the 3rd floor mezzanine, right down the middle so I got a pretty nice view of the place.


Roger Goodell came on stage. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY started booing. Chants included, "WE WANT FOOTBALL", and perhaps more hilariously, "WE WANT TAGLIABUE"

All he responded with, was a "I hear you"

Over and over again.

Meanwhile, a bunch of friendly jabbing between Giants and Jets fans. Especially with the whole "Little brother" bs.


8:00 PM

Incidentally, I was seated next to a Panthers fan on one side, and my two buddies (Broncos and Cowgirls fans) on the other.

I asked the Panthers fan what he would feel if they took Cam Newton. He looked at me solemnly (or perhaps drunkenly) and said he would cry. Many of the other Panthers followers felt that way too. Wanted Patrick Peterson or Marcell Dareus instead.

Too bad for them. A ton of boos for Cam at first, but eventually it just turned into laughter. A lot of "SCAM NEWTON" being thrown around, and the Panthers fan next to me did indeed look teary-eyed.

Denver was next up. I told my pal that it had to be Dareus. Miller would be a misfit. He disagreed. Oh well. We'll see who's right soon enough.


8:30 PM

The place wasn't really buzzing during the first 5 picks. It all changed after the announcement that the Falcons traded up. The entire place had a collective "HOLY SH--!!!!!" when that happened. Alot of chatter, about trade value charts and that sort of nonsense, but everyone agreed that they gave up the FARM. Ridiculous stuff.

We had one lonely Niners fan in the seat right in front of me. When they were on the clock, he stood up and started shouting, "We're getting GABBERT!" and seriously started pissing everyone off. He started running around, screaming it, until Goodell (who still was getting booed) made the announcement for Aldon Smith.

The fan stopped suddenly, screamed "WHO THE F--- IS THAT?" amongst hundreds of us pointing at him, and singing "A-HOLE, A-HOLE!" Good stuff.



9:30 PM

The booing upto this point had been pretty decent, but finally rang in with some real gusto when "America's team" came on the clock. The booing definitely reached the peak, and everyone was buzzing angrily when Tyron Smith's name was called. There were definitely a few Giants fans in the crowd that were clapping when his name was called though. Probably didn't want him.

Laughter ensued with the Christian Ponder pick. Along with the laughter came a large amount of nervousness; fellow Giants fans around me were thinking the same thing I was, Fairley, Prince, and Bowers were still on the board.

I resigned myself to the fact that Prince would be taken with the Lions pick, but amazingly they took Fairley. That called for another "OH SHIZZ" moment by the crowd, and every other NFC North QB just crapped their pants. That's going to be a disgusting tandem.


10:00 PM

When Pouncey went off the board, I was pissed. I booed loudly, and the Jets fans obviously followed suit. Great pick by them, but I was angry that one of our main targets was gone. I was becoming increasingly anxious. Bowers and Prince were there, but so were Liuget and Solder. Yeesh!


WELL NOT ANYMORE! When Solder and Liuget went off the board in back to back picks, I could not contain my excitement. Alot of the draft picks were shown before they were called due to the (in my opinion, ridiculously stupid) green room camera that has players on the phone.

When the Giants came on the clock, I was freaking out.

I don't know if you could hear it on TV, but I started a "WE WANT PRINCE" chant in the upper deck, and it somehow amazingly spread throughout the entire building. We kept up the chant for at least 4-5 minutes. When they announced that the pick was in, we could see Prince on the phone, and there was joy in this world.

The place erupted. By erupted, I MEAN ERUPTED. Everybody cheered their hearts out, and other fanbases were conceding to other Giants fans just how great a pick this was. A few Eagles fans near me looked pissed. We started a chant of "Let's go Giants!" that lasted all the way till Tampa Bay's pick.

They play a song that represents your team's city when you pick as well, so Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" (of course) was playing in the background. Most surreal moment of the draft.


11:00 PM

After much celebration, the place went back to its normal buzz. Cleveland had its pick at 21, and almost immediately, Indy put in its pick at 22.

One of the funnier moments in the draft was when the Eagles were on the clock and Peyton Hillis (awesome dude) announced the Cleveland pick. They immediately started playing Cleveland's song which was "Who let the dogs out" by Baha Men. That induced quite a few lulz and Vick jokes.

The crowd,, myself, was absolutely vicious to the few Eagles fans that were there. We kept shouting, "Go Home!" and "Eagles SUCK", and we laughed when Danny Watkins was the pick. We laughed, and laughed, and laughed and yelled. Not because he was a bad pick, but just because we could.

Definitely more hatred was present for Eagles fans than for Cowboys fans, which was interesting.


11:30 PM

Ah yes, the Jets turn to pick. A huge number of them decided to line up basically right next to where I was sitting. The Panthers guy, already in a state of despair, could do nothing but watch a horde of Jets fans line up basically on top of him. 

I did my best to boo, as did other Giants fans, and I'd like to think we made a dent in those incessant "J-E-T-S"  chants, but these dudes were loud.

They were all rooting for either Bowers or, suprisingly, Akeem Ayers (hell no, I'd be pissed if he went to the Jets). When Wilkerson was picked, it was more of a "meh" response from the fans. They were passive about it. Same went for the Steelers and Green Bay picks.


All in all, it was an incredible night, and one that I won't soon forget. Obviously, I think the Giants had the steal of the draft, but the Saints could certainly make a case for it with Cam Jordan based on prior prospect rankings. Biggest WTF moments came with the Christian Ponder pick, as well as the James Carpenter pick, which induced alot of laughs as well.

Goodell was booed non-stop. The only time he wasn't booed was when he brought out the military folks onto the field. In a surge of patriotism, we all started chanting "USA! USA!"

I don't think it was a coincidence that he brought them out before the Eagles pick. Probably wanted to reduce the number of boos that were sure to pop up with that!

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