Rank your teams draft.

Returning from last year, your opportunity to tell why you think a player will or won't work for your team, or if you like or dislike what your team did.

As for my Steelers:

1.31  Cameron Heyward:  A.  Looks to provide depth and work into the rotation this year, should be a great starter in our system.  It's a no glory trench job as our DE, and Heyward looks like a perfect fit.

2.31  Marcus Gilbert: C+.  Position flexibility is a Tomlinism, and Gilbert has it.  He also has upside to eventually start wherever he fits best.  Downside is he looks like he'll take a while to get there, which as a second round pick gets you marked down a lot.  Bonus points for being best friends with our Pro Bowl Center who called blocking assignments last year, let's hope they get together and help overcome the lockout delay on player development a little bit.  Really like this pick, but it's not going to pay soon enough to get a higher grade.

3.31  Curtis Brown:  A-.  I'm a fan of Brown, I think he's going to be a starter by his third year and this year will at least be able to not get destroyed by GB's 4th WR.  He might not be fast enough to cover the elite burners, so he won't be filling Ike's shoes.  That's the reason he's got a minus.  That's the only negative on this pick.  Seriously, I'm a big fan of this pick.

4.31  Cortez Allen:  B-.  This looks like a gamble pick to me, but paired with the Brown pick it works.  If Brown is able to fill the immediate depth concern then we don't need a polished 4th CB with this pick, we can gamble on a guy like Allen.  BTW, these grades assume Ike stays with the Steelers, if he doesn't we're screwed no matter who we drafted at CB.  (short of Peterson, maybe, our system isn't rookie friendly at all.)

5.31  Chris Carter:  A.  His combine numbers are incredibly similar to our 2nd round pick last year.  They are close in size too.  While I wasn't a huge fan of Worilds last year, getting a similar athlete in the 5th is a great pick.  We don't need him to start, we don't need him to play at all unless both Woodley and Harrison go down, at which point it's all academic anyway.  Tomlin likes taking athletes with a certain mindset and molding them into players.  We'll see how it works out in the future, but I'm buying in right now.

6.31  Keith Williams:  B+.  This is a 6th round pick.  The scouting reports on him mirror a current starter on our O-Line, fellow 6th round pick Chris Kemoatu.  I like the mentality of the selection.  Seriously it's a 6th round pick and we don't have holes to fill that I think we could fill here, I'm not grading harshly at this point.

7.31  Baron Batch:  B.  See above.  This is a shot to find a third down back to replace M. Moore.  If he can do that we save money towards keeping Woodley.  A smart risk/reward pick.


Overall:  B-

What we need is future starters on the O-Line, CB and DL, and depth at CB immediately.  We addressed that rather well.  I like the individual picks a lot, but overall we got nobody who figures to make a starting level impact on day one, and the best scenarios these players are replacing older guys.  I'm not giving a higher grade without an immediate significant upgrade or a potential Superstar in the mix.

How'd your team do?

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