Two Round Mock

I wouldn't really call this mock a prediction nor a strong sentiment of what I would do.  It's more of a "I could see this happen..."

1. Carolina -  Blaine Gabbert.  The Panthers have to take this risk.  Clausen can at least start while Gabbert learns the pro system and the plays.  If Clausen plays well, then you at least build up his tradeability.  If Jimmy plays poorly you at least have Gabbert.

2.  Denver - Marcell Dareus. Dareus might be the top rated player in the draft.  They don't need a QB so this makes the most sense. 

3.  Buffalo - Cam Newton. Fitzpatrick is not the QB of the future and there isn't a high enough rated tackle to take.  They do need some help on their d-line and they are letting a lot of highly regarded ones go by but this team needs a player to build around.  In fact, they already have a lot of the pieces to do so.

4. Cincinnati - Nick Fairley. This team should continue to build around its defense.  Plus, Gabbert and Newton are off the board.  Their D would be a menace with Fairley and Geno Atkins getting at the QB.

5. Arizona - Von Miller.  The scouts love some Von Miller and this is a position of need for the Cards.  I could see them moving this pick.

I don't see how the top 2 QBs could fall out of the top five.  Everyone but Denver will need an upgrade at QB coming into this season.

6. Cleveland - Da'Quan Bowers.  Like a lot of teams they could use some help for their pass rush.  Could be Quinn.

7. San Francisco - Patrick Peterson.  Top notch athlete that can do some work on special teams and has elite corner coverage potential.

8. Tennessee - Robert Quinn - Too high a talent to let go by.  You can always use more pass rush.  Could be Bowers. 

9. Dallas - Tyson Smith. I assume they'll take their highest rated tackle.  They could use some help on the d-line too but they'll decide keeping Romo healthy is more important.  I also assume they'll target Asomugha.

10. Washington - AJ Green.  No more Santana Moss.  They need some type of threat in their WR corps. 

11. Houston - Prince Amukamara.  This pick just seems obvious for a team with secondary needs.

12.  MInnesota - Cory Liuget.  The Williams Wall will be no more.  Why draft a OL when they have no one to protect?  Could Mallet end up here? 

I wouldn't be surprised if another QB shows up in this range but I'm not sure it would be a good pick.  The Vikings might get desperate though because they need an game one and ready QB.  Kolb, Bulger, or Tebow?

13. Detroit - Before I make this pick.  In my scenario here I would have to think that if a team wants Julio Jones then they are going to have to trade for him right here.  With that being said… New England - Julio Jones.  Not really the Patriots' style but they have the ammo to do it.  I assume they will find a way to hang on to their 28th pick but of course lose their 17th.  Of course this doesn't address their need for a pass rush but it gives the Patriots a very talented young receiver for Brady to throw to for the rest of his time in Gillette.

14. St. Louis - Aldon Smith.  If Steve Spagnuolo can't find a weapon for his young QB then the defensive minded coach will probably go with a d-lineman.  Most people may have him ranked behind Cameron Jordan but I see Smith as more of a Spagnuolo style DE. 

15. Miami - Looking to add draft picks.  Tampa Bay - Cameron Jordan.  Neither Jordan nor Aldon Smith would fall to them otherwise.  A nice trade up to acquire the highest player on their board at a position of need.
16. Jacksonville - JJ Watt.  Adding some big time talent to their d-line.  He'll fit their system nicely.
17. Detroit Lions - Anthony Castonzo.  He has the potential to play LT and the Lions can give him some time to learn.  Another team that should have protecting the QB on their mind.

18. San Diego -  Ryan Kerrigan. The Chargers are looking for help in their 3-4 and Kerrigan potentially fills that need at OLB.

19. New York G - Nate Solder.  He has the potential to play LT.  That should be the most important decision on picking an OL for the Giants. I would not be shocked if this pick was Akeem Ayers.

20. MIami -  Mark Ingram.  Best RB in the draft for a team that depends on them for their offense.

21. Kansas City - Gabe Carimi.  Another team who may look to solidify their o-line for many years to come.  It looks like the RT job would be his for the taking too.  LT of course is being held down by Brandon Albert.

22. Indianapolis - Mike Pouncey.  If he's their highest rated o-lineman then he's their pick.  Peyton did not look like a happy camper last season and Pouncey is ready to go.

Protect your assets.

23. Philadelphia - Jimmy Smith.  Character concerns don't seem to be an issue for Andy Reid.  Reportedly a position they are trying to upgrade too.

24.  New Orleans - Adrian Clayborn. They need help rushing the QB and they'll probably take their highest ranked DE.

25. Seattle - Jake Locker.  Pete Carroll has to know that the next tier of QB's are all probably going to go early in the 2nd round.  If he likes one of those QB's then he's probably going to take them now. 

26. Baltimore -  Muhammad Wilkerson.  He can get to the QB and is ready for the 3-4.

27. Atlanta - Cameron Heyward.  The Falcons could use some depth up front.

There should be at least seven teams eyeing a QB (Minnesota, San Francisco, Washington, Arizona, Tennessee, jacksonville, and Cincinnati) in the second round.  I assume that if one team really really wants one of Mallett, Ponder, or Dalton then they'll trade in front of the Bengals (3rd pick, 2nd round) to get him.  It could happen over the next few picks.  I really only see someone trading up for Mallet but I'd bet that it won't happen until the Packers turn or the Patriots' pick after next (1st pick, 2nd round).

28. New England - Akeem Ayers.  A LB that does everything well but combine.  I'm really started to think he gonna ends up on the Giants though.

29. Chicago - Derek Sherrod.  The Bears are looking to find a replacement for Tommie Harris but Sherrod would be very useful for their weak o-line.

30. New York J -  Phil Taylor.  A potential replacement for Kris Jenkins?

31. Pittsburgh - Orlando Franklin.  The Steelers are still trying to upgrade their o-line.  I'd bet they take the highest rated o-lineman on their board.

32. Green Bay - They could look to add to their D but I think they'll get a decent enough trade offer from someone that they'll move this pick.  Arizona Cardinals - Ryan Mallet.  He's got a big arm and pretty good accuracy, and the Cardinals have to do something.  He's also been playing in a pro system so he's ready to go for good or bad..

Round 2

1. New England - The Patriots move this pick to make up for the one they lost.  Cincinnati - Christian Ponder.  The Bengals move up two spots to make sure they get their QB.

2. Buffalo - Justin Houston.  The Bills take the best player on their board at a position they could use some help at.  Maybe Ijalana.  Whoever they have ranked higher.

3. New England - Benjamin Ijalana.  From the Bengals.

4. Denver - Stephen Paea.  The interior d-line is now completely redone and is possibly a strength.

5. Cleveland - Brooks Reed.  Like Denver they are redoing their line, but from the outside.

6. Green Bay - From Arizona.  The Packers trade down again.  San Francisco - Colin Kaepernick.  If they want him they'll have to get him before Tennessee does. 

7. Tennessee - Andy Dalton.  They get lucky by sitting on there hands.  He's the best QB left, the Titans can use one, and they gave up nothing to get him.  Tri-winning.

8. Dallas -  Danny Watkins.  If any team should know the importance of a good offensive line it's the Cowboys

9. Washington - Allen Bailey.  Should be able to play  end in a 3-4.  The Skins really need help on the d-line and I don't see them trading up for a QB or with the Eagles again for a QB. 

10. Houston - Rahim Moore.  Texans add the top ranked safety to finish the secondary makeover.  Maybe a WR?

11. Minnesota - Aaron Williams.  They draft him looking to move him to FS or use him in the nickel. 

12. Detroit - Curtis Brown. Who couldn't use a good CB? 

13. Green Bay - Ryan Williams. From San Francisco.  The Packers need an upgrade at RB.

14. Denver - Kyle Rudolph.  Rudolph would be a huge upgrade at TE for the Broncos.

15. St. Louis - Torrey Smith.  The Rams need a weapon in their WR corps.

16. Oakland - Marcus Cannon.  Jason Campbell needs as much rotation as possible and a possible replacement for Robert Gallery

17. Jacksonville -  Martez Wilson.  The Jaguars already got the DE they needed in the 1st round.  Might as well get the OLB now.

18.  San Diego - Quan Sturdivant.   The Chargers add a MLB to go with their OLB in the first..

19. Miami - Clint Boling.  From Tampa.  The Dolphins get some interior o-line help.

20. New York G - Bruce Carter.  The Giants need help at all three LBs positions.  His value is on the rise.

21. Indianapolis - Jurrel Casey.  The Colts need help on the d-line too. 

22. Philadelphia - William Rackley. The Eagles get help on the  o-line.

23.  Kansas City - Tandon Doss.  They need someone else opposite Dwayne Bowe.

24. New Orleans - Christian Ballard.  Best player on their board.

25.  Seattle - Ras-I Dowling.  Good upside pick at a position of need.  I would make this an OL pick if there was one worth making.

26. Baltimore - Jonathin Baldwin.  A downfield threat for a team looking for one.

27. Atlanta - Randall Cobb. The Falcons need more targets for Matt Ryan.

28. Detroit - Leonard Hankerson. From New England.  Calvin Johnson gets double covered too often.

29. San DIego - Greg Little.  Norv gets a little something for his offense.

30. Chicago - Marvin Austin.  Very good DT prospect and great value this late.

31. Pittsburgh - Brandon Harris.  Great value at a welcome position. 

32. Green Bay - Titus Young.  The Packers could use another receiver. :)

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