Comparing Today's Prospects to Past Ones

I couldn't fully explain what this post was in the title, but I'll do my best here. I want to look at prospects of today and compare them to others from a draft standpoint, meaning either they'll be reached for or will fall due to circumstances out of their control. If you still don't get it just read on and I think you'll begin to understand.

JJ Watt/Tyson Jackson: In the 09 draft, people knew who Jackson was and thought he was a good fit for the 3-4. However, many experts and mockers were taken aback when Jackson was selected 3rd overall. I think we could see something similar with Watt. I like the kid, but I don't see him as top 10. At the same time, I think a top 10 team could pull a Chiefs move here and do the same. For me, I'm think possibly the Bills at 3. If they don't like the top QBs, they can't trade down, and Dareus is gone, I can see them go for a guy like Watt. He fits the prototypical 3-4 end spot like Jackson did in 09, and with such a high demand for them we could see a reach similar to Jackson's.

AJ Green/Michael Crabtree: Like Crabtree in 09, many see Green as easily a top 3 prospect, possibly the best. However, WR's typically do not get drafted high no matter how talented they are. I realize Crabtree dropped because of his foot injury, but I could see a scenario where the Bengals and Browns pass him and he falls to the 10 spot for Washington.

Phil Taylor/Dan Williams: I think Taylor is a better prospect, but ike Williams the mock world fell in love with him being one of the few top talents for the NT spot. I at one point had Dan williams at 11 to the Broncos, but he fell all the way to 27(?). The highest I've seen Taylor go is to KC at 21, but I wouldn't be at all surpised if he falls to the Jets or Steelers, possilby farther. Mockers tend to fall in love with NT's more then teams do.

Muhammed Wilkerson/Tyson Alualu: We all know the Alualu story, I can see it happening to Wilkerson. Although the mock world is recognizing that he could rise really high, I can see him going higher then has been mocked. A lot of teams love the guy, especially 3-4 teams. If Watt and Jordan come off the board relatively early, I could see Wilkerson possibly being a top 15 selection.

Brandon Harris/Alphonso Smith: Although Harris is a little bigger then Smith, I think Harris could fall out of the first due to his barely 5'10 size. The NFL is advancing towards bigger CB's, and that could hurt Harris' draft stock. I recently had Harris as low as Houston in the 2nd. I think both are very talented, but there's more to talent when it comes to drafting (and I'm not a fan of this, just saying).

Jon Baldwin/Demaryious Thomas: Baldwin isn't as raw as Thomas, nor is he as athletic, but I could see the draft unfold similarly for Baldwin as it did for Thomas. I don't think he'll be the first WR to go like Thomas, but I think a team in the 20's may fall in love with the size/speed ratio. I'm thinking a team like the Chiefs could take him.

Akeem Ayers/Rey Malaluga: I don't think Ayers will be drafted as low, but like Malaluga, I could see teams turned off by the lack of speed. This is more of a stretch then previous comparisons, but I could see Ayers drop like a stone as Malaluga did. I'm thinking he could fall to the Eagles or possibly as far as the Jets.

These are all I could think of for now. Please, let me know what you think of the comparisons or if you have your own I'd love to hear them. If I think of anymore I will try and add them onto this

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