NFL Draft BUST-O-METER: #5 Phil Taylor


The BUST-O-METER is back again to break down our top 15 draft bust risks.  The series of articles will look at two prospects per week breaking down why I feel they have a high potential for busting.  Many factors played into my ranking including potential draft position.  The draft position is very important because if they are selected high than what their production warrants it puts them at a higher likely hood of busting.  These articles always bring a ton of feedback and are highly controversial which is what makes them so fun.

For a reference, I like to classify a bust as someone that doesn't live up to their draft position.  This means that if a player is selected #1 overall I expect him to be a dominate player in the league.  I also take into consideration what position the player is projected to play in the NFL.  For example, if someone is selected in the top 10 and is projected as a rush 3-4 linebacker I expect to see a high sack total.  Of course, there are many other factors that are specific for each player so check out the rest of the article after the JUMP.

Also don't forget to stop by our Scouting Reports page to get an in-depth look at each prospect.

Player: Phil Taylor

BUST-O-METER: 7 out of 10

Projected Draft Range: Mid to late 1st round

Thoughts: I want to start this BUST-O-METER by saying that Phil Taylor has a ton of potential and I feel he has a bright future.  Taylor's game tape shows that he possesses a unique combination of size and athletic ability.  He has a quick first step that allows him to penetrate and create pressure.  His size and strength give him the ability to hold at the point of attack and stuff the run.  The most impressive part of his game might be his explosive burst which helps him close on the ball carrier.

Baylor was not Taylor's first college stop as he originally enrolled at Penn State.  After some off the field issues, Taylor and Penn State decided it would be best if they parted ways.  Taylor has been described by some as lacking great work ethic and a character concern.  The NFL has seen its share of players wash out of the league because of lack of motivation and off the field problems. NFL teams will need to do their due diligence in order to ensure the proper motivation is present.  They will also need to try to take Taylor's athletic ability with a grain of salt and not move him up their board based on that alone.

Overall, I think Taylor has a very good shot at developing into a great NFL player.  However, the questions surrounding his work ethic and the fact that he is being mentioned as high as pick #11 land him on the BUST-O-METER list.  I would feel much more comfortable if Taylor was selected in the later half of the 1st round.  However, his potential will likely lead to someone making a move on him early.

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