Interview with FS Brian Lainhart

Free SafetyJust recently I was able to get a hold of Kent St. FS Brian Lainhart. Brian's coming off a great college career, finishing with over 300 tackles, 8 forced fumbles and was the active leader in interceptions with 17. After his senior year he was selected to play in the East-West Shrine Game. He already had his pro day and put up great numbers: 

Height: 6001
Weight: 211
40 Yrd Dash: 4.64
20 Yrd Dash: 2.76
10 Yrd Dash: 1.59
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 23
Vertical Jump: 37 1/2
Broad Jump: 10'05"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.32
3-Cone Drill: 6.63

Here's my interview with him:
First off thanks for doing this.
It's not too long, really just a few basics on football and you.


How long have you been playing football? 

BL- I've been playing football since the 1st grade.

What was your favorite pro team growing up? 

I liked Dallas because they're America's team and Cincy because they're the hometown team.

When you were younger,who was your favorite player?

Emmitt Smith was definitely my guy growing up.

Back in high school did you play any other positions?

In high school our team only played 1 way so corner and safety is all i played.

Why did you choose Kent St?

Kent State was my only offer. So it was either Kent State or D2.

Is there any significance to your jersey number?

I was 31 my sophomore year of highschool then once I got to Kent 31 was an option so O picked it because I've had it in the past.

Do you have any game time superstitions? 

I'm very superstitious, I always wear the same wrist bands, listen to the same music, get a new pair of gloves on gameday, and throw up right before kick off.

Is there any player past or present you feel your game is similar to?

Ed Reed is who I resemble most. Just the "ballhawking" style.

If I'm an NFL GM, Why do I want Brian Lainhart on my team?

Because I bring leadership and a big play ability to your defense.

Where have you been training at since Kent St?

I've trained at D1, Ignition, and now im back training at Kent.


Alright now enough on Brian Lainhart the player, I have a few basic questions about you as a person.

What TV do you watch?

SportsCenter and Pawn Stars.

Favorite Movie?

Lucky Number Slevin

PS3 or 360?

Ps3 no doubt.

NCAA or Madden?

Neither. Call of Duty.

Favorite pre-game meal?

Chicken and pasta with chocolate cake for desert.

Favorite fast food joint? 

Chipotle. Does that count?

Perfect! Thanks so much!

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