Eric Hosmer A Royal Forever? Not If Scott Boras Can Help It.

SURPRISE AZ - FEBRUARY 23: Eric Hosmer #40 of the Kansas City Royals poses for a portrait during Spring Training Media Day on February 23 2011 at Surprise Stadium in Surprise Arizona.. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

Just when Royals fans were beginning to think Eric Hosmer would be their favorite power hitter forever and ever amen, here comes that old meanie Scott Boras with thoughts of a trade to the Yankees or the Red Sox already. Bob Dutton (and Boras) on the possibility of Hosmer signing a long-term contract with Kansas City:

"Athletes have to know that you have to look at the market you're in,' Boras said. "You can't look at the markets of the past. For players like Hosmer, as you go back and look, as (Mark) Teixeira had his own market and (Prince) Fielder had his own market, Hosmer will have his own.

"And something tells me it's going to be a rather eventful one."


Boras' message seems clear: Don't bother trying. He cited the anticipation of increased television revenues in coming years that should impact Hosmer's expected eligibility for arbitration after 2013 and free agency after 2017.

First, the thing about Teixeira and Fielder having their "own markets" is nonsensical. That's just a really smart guy making up words and seeing who won't be smart enough to know he's bullshitting. And even if they have their own markets, Hosmer's years away from those sorts of markets, and Boras knows it. He's posturing, because that's his job.

Boras is right about television revenues, though. The Royals' local revenues will probably go up, and so will MLB's. But they've been going up already. That's just the general trend, has been for years.

If Eric Hosmer wants to be set for life, he can tell his agent and his agent can negotiate a six-year contract with club options, just like Evan Longoria's. There's a lot to be said for such a deal. There's also something to be said for holding your powder, assuming you won't get hurt, and earning exactly as much money as the market will bear.

That's up to Hosmer. If his agent tells him something different and Hosmer doesn't like it, he can always find a new agent. More likely, if Hosmer wants that sort of security his agent will get it for him.

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