The 20 Ugliest Caps Licensed By Major League Baseball

ANAHEIM CA - JULY 09: Fans look at a baseball hat exhibit during the MLB All-Star FanFest at the Anaheim Convention Center on July 9 2010 in Anaheim California. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Hey, sports fans! Whether you have terrible taste, or just don't know how to think, Major League Baseball has the officially licensed hat for you!

Sure, you could wear the same caps the players wear. You know, the ones they're contractually obligated to wear in their workplaces. But you don't work for their bosses, and you don't believe in contracts. You live in the land of the free. And last time I checked, George Washington didn't die at Gettysburg just so the king of France could tell you what to wear.

So these caps are for you: The iconoclasts. The ramblers. The men without hats.

Everyone knows the Yankees adopted navy as their team color in 1903. What this cap presupposes is... maybe they didnt?


The only way this cap could be more evocative of the 70s is if Ray J. Johnson were wearing it.

Remember when we softened our logo to make it less offensive? Well, this was before that.

The perfect hat for covering that unsightly head wound.

"St. Louis Browns? No, it's a Red Sox cap. No, I'm not color-blind. Why would you even ask that?"

"But sir, if we make it any bigger, it’ll spill over onto the br‒" "JUST DO IT!!"

This is obviously just unsold, slightly altered Thor merchandise.

The Detroit Tigers: Celebrating our 10th anniversary!

"How do you do? I am in a crime gang."

The new shame of the Irish.

"The rest of you idiots start thinking up a name for this new line of caps; Something like 'Funky Dopetastic,' only more proactive."

I'd like to show my support for the Yankees, but does it come in camel?

Or failing that, wheat?

Run screaming from any place where this is considered camouflage.

For the man who has everything, except an invisible hat.

Free with purchase of Old Style 24-pack.

This hat really makes a statement. And that statement is: "I have Tuberculosis."

This Diamondbacks hat makes me feel double-o-kay, for some reason.

You buy a hat like this, I bet you get a free bowl of soup! Oh, it looks good on you, though.

You can practically smell the Axe body spray coming off this  indecipherable mess. Congratulations, Mets. You win.

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