Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft WarRoom

Mocking the Draft wants to introduce you to an new article series taking a closer look at each team's draft workings.  The WarRoom articles will give you a glimpse at the recent draft history and the decision-making structure of each NFL team. We will also include our thoughts about the structure and draft history.

Offensive Scheme: Andy Reid is known for running the west coast offense but has his own unique version.  He loves to stretch the field and get the ball into the hands of his playmakers.  Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg have put together one of the youngest and most dangerous offenses in the NFL.  They focus on throwing the football but will mix in the run from time to time. It is impressive the way they bring in and utilize many different type of players.  The Eagles are always on the look out for a gamebreaker and are not afraid to make moves in order to acquire that player.

Defensive Scheme: This side of the of the ball is the biggest question mark facing the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles.  The defense has not been the same since the passing of Jim Johnson.  Now former offensive line coach Juan Castillo is heading up the defense.  This was a very interesting choice as it is rare to find an NFL team giving a coordinator position to someone from the opposite side of the ball.  However, Castillo has defensive experience and spent countless hours discussing blitz packages with Jim Johnson.  He is also regarded as teacher and great motivator but some will still wonder about his ability to develop a game plan.  It is expected that Castillo will play a basic defense 4-3 while employing some of the blitzing techniques he picked up from Jim Johnson.

Thoughts:  Over the years, the Eagles have done a nice job balancing immediate need and long term planning.  This is a team that has been consistently in the playoff hunt and that is due to the way they work the draft.  Andy Reid has an eye for talent and takes players that fit his system.  The recent additions of Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Kevin Kolb have set this team up for years to come.  And while Kolb is unlikely to remain with the Eagles, he will fetch a nice ransom via trade.

Reid and company have always focused on team need but rarely reach for a player.  The Eagles are always busy on draft day by making moves up and down the draft order.  They do a great job developing their board and doing what it takes to get their guy.  While Reid gets a lot of flack from Eagles fans, it is hard to criticize his choice as he one of the best track records in the NFL.

Five-year record: 48-32-1

Coach: Andy Reid

GM: Howie Roseman

Recent Draft History: Click Here to see the complete draft history

Best Pick: DeSean Jackson

Worst Pick: Jerome McDougle

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