Projected Division Standings

I'm not going to go with exact records, but I'm just going to rank the teams 1-4 in their division and I will make a note on which teams I think will make the playoffs.

AFC East:

1. New York Jets: I hate doing this because being a non fan from NJ, I hate their A-hole fans. However, there's no denying they're a very talented team. I really don't think Sanchez is a good QB, but Jamarcus Russell could take this team to the playoffs. Playoffs

2. New England Patriots: I especially don't like predicting a BB led Pats not in 1st, but I gotta. Brady will be Brady, but this D is really atrocious, they did little to improve it, and with the uncertainty of FA, I don't think they can bank on that for substantial improvement. Still, this is a great team that you can't sleep on come January. Playoffs

3. Buffalo Bills: Woah, Bills out of the cellar? As I go to the Phins, I'll explain this is less of a compliment to the Bills and more of an indictment on the Dolphins. Despite this, I like the way the Bills are going, and I think they'll build off of the vast improvement they made at the end of last year.

4. Miami Dolphins: I expect a horrific season for this team. When it seemed like Henne was going to be tossed, they now decide he's there starter? I feel they'll go for a vet but may lose out in such sweepstakes. Their RB situation is in the air, and even if Brown comes back, how effective will he be? I also expect Marshall to have a massive meltdown. Finally, I think Sparano will be fired mid year. All in all, this looks like a train wreck.

AFC North:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers: Looking back at last year and all the hooplah surrounding this team, they still put up an awesome year. Hard to bet against a team like this. Playoffs

2. Baltimore Ravens: I like this team, but the reason why they'll take second again is that despite the talent on O, I don't see it coming together again. The D will be awesome as usual, but this O is behind when it comes to their potential and till they bring it together I think the Steelers have this division on lockdown. Once again, however, they're in the playoffs and will contend, as long as they don't meet the Steelers in the playoffs. Playoffs

3. Cincinnati Bengals: People will wonder how I have them over the Browns, so I'll explain. The Bengals should finally be a team without off the field problems. Palmer won't drag this team into chaos, and with TO and Ocho gone this lockerroom will be pretty team oriented. Even if Dalton starts, I don't see that as that big of a problem. They also have a decent enough D to keep them out of the cellar. Still, I don't see this as a good team, and see them in the 6 win range.

4. Cleveland Browns: New coach who is really wet beind the years, with the most overrated QB in football? Disaster right here. Not saying this team is on the wrong path, but they have a very raw and shaky QB with little tools around him. Peyton Hillis could be a beast again but I don't think it'll matter. Finally, the D isn't good, at all. This team is clearly more concerned with the future then right now, as they should be.

AFC South:

1. Indianapolis Colts: Of course this team will be in first until proven otherwise. They got the best pass blocking OT in the draft which will help enormously. After this year the Colts future gets a little shakier, but they should be improved over the "bad" year pundits thought they had last year. Playoffs

2. Houston Texans: Hate to not put this team in, and I'll be a little surprised if they don't, but if you don't win your division in the AFC, which I doubt they will, you better be awesome or your not in. They should compete to the final week for the playoffs but I don't see them doing better then the runner ups in the East and North with so many rookies they gotta rely on on D.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: I don't expect a good season here. This team drafted like they had a lot of talent and could afford to draft developmental players, but they couldn't. Gabbert doesn't help them at all, and I think it'll cost Del Rio his job. I'm not expecting a total disaster here, but I think Jags fans will come out disappointed and the team will be looking for a new HC.

4. Tennessee Titans: They have CJ2k, Michael Roos, and a pretty good DL. Beyond that? Not much, which is why they are in rebuilding mode.

AFC West:

1. San Diego Chargers: I threw up on my keyboard putting them in first. They're an all around great team and I think they'll get over their Special teams woes. I expect them to have one of those years where they dominate the regular season, I'm thinking 12 wins. Still, this is the Chargers and I wouldn't be afraid to play them in January. Playoffs

2. Kansas City Chiefs: A team on the rise, but hard to say they are there yet. I don't think they would've gone to the playoffs in anyother AFC division, which isn't a slight, just saying. I expect them to be over or around .500, but not be very close in the wild card race.

3. Denver Broncos: Come all who will call me a homer. I don't make this prediction because I think they'll do so well. I honestly have a 6, maybe 7 if we are lucky, game win cap on this team, but that'll be enough for 3rd in this division. I think we'll see a more competitive team with their best D player coming back, Clady being 100%, and a pretty solid draft. Whichever QB they play won't matter, this team needs at least another draft or two to be relevant.

4. Oakland Raiders: I can make all the jokes in the world, but I seriously believe the Raiders will be around here. There is just too much dysfunction and chaos for this team to do well. I highly doubt everyone in the locker room is on board with Jackson when Cable had no business being fired. I also have no confidence in Campbell as a starter. The run game should be alright, but a Nnamdi-less D could be terrible.

NFC East:

1. Philadelphia Eagles: This team takes the division title again, but Reid really needs to take this team far in January, he's overdue. As for the rest of the East, the Eagles have so much more fire power then they do. Playoffs

2. Dallas Cowboys: Don't kill me G-men fans. I really liked this team under Garrett last year, they did very well and played some pretty good teams and won with him, imagine what he can do with a healthy Romo? However, not sure they can do better then the other NFC wild card teams, and they'll miss the playoffs by a game.

3. New York Giants: This isn't a slight on the Giants, I think they are a good team. I have them in 3rd but only a game or 2 behind the Cowboys. I loved their draft, but I don't see them cutting down the turnovers and I expect their OL to continue to regress.

4. Washington Redskins: I love Shanny, but it doesn't look pretty there right now. He may love John Beck, and he may have had success with mediocre QB talent, but I can't see a guy who hasn't thrown a pass since 07 doing anything of note. I think the D will do a little better, but that won't matter. Still surprised they didn't add OL talent they desperately needed. The NFC East should pummel them into top 10 pick range.

NFC North:

1. Chicago Bears: I'll go over how I could've possibly slighted the Super Bowl Champs when I get to GB, but for the Bears, they are a very talented team. The OL should be much improved with Carimi, the most pro ready OL. Cutler's hot and cold, but Paea should bring an immediate presence inside on an already formidable D. Let's not forget, they won the division last year and were so close to the SB last year. I expect more of the same. Playoffs

2. Green Bay Packers: Still should be a good team next year, obviously, but let's not forget they were a G-men choke job away from missing the playoffs last year. They had a great run in the postseason, but I'm not so confident their run game will continue in 2011, even while getting Grant back. Again, I expect to see a very good team, but I do like the Bears better then the Pack. Playoffs

3. Detroit Lions: I really hope for the best with this team, if anyone deserves to get in the playoffs, its these guys. Still, Stafford has to prove he can be healthy, and even if he does there are some flaws on this team. The DL will be awesome, but there's just not enough talent on the rest of the D to get this team in the playoffs. Add in that the Pack and Bears are in the same division and its hard to imagine a team like this will make the playoffs. I expect a record of around .500

4. Minnesota Vikings: No offense Vike fans, but I don't buy this team is as close as you do. Even with AP, this team averaged 17 ppg last year, and with Ponder I don't expect that to improve. The D is aging, and didn't get any better. Ray Edwards and Pat Williams aren't coming back, and the secondary is shaky at best. Not expecting a truly horrific year but I think they'll draft top 10. The division is way too tough for them not to, IMO.

NFC South:

1. New Orleans Saints: There loss to the Seahawks in the playoffs was truly embarrassing, but I see them bouncing back just fine. I hate to bet on a team banking on a rookie to bring back their running game, but this is Mark Ingram, who will have other talented RB's around him. Brees and his receivers shouldn't miss a beat, even with a lockout. I'm not sure about a SB, but this will be a great team next year. Playoffs

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I really like the Falcons, but if the NFC South promises one thing it always gives us turnover. I think the Bucs should be improved on D, even if they are leaning on rookies. If Blount continues his success Freeman should only get better. Playoffs

3. Atlanta Falcons: Hate to not put this team in the playoffs, but I don't think this team is as good as their record showed last year. I think they are missing a couple players on D, and although I love Matt Ryan, and the Jones pick, not sure if he can win shootouts with Freeman and Brees. They barely miss the playoffs.

4. Carolina Panthers: Some may be hoping for a Bradford/Rams deal here, but this division is way too strong for that. They'll be improved no matter who is under center, but they may lose a lot of their talent  if there is an FA which makes their uphill battle in this division even harder.

NFC West:

1. Saint Louis Rams: They win this by default, being that they have the only viable QB in the division. Now, this team isn't atrocious, but I don't see them winning any-other division in the NFL despite what their record may show. I will say though I'm very interested to see what McDaniels can do with Bradford and Jackson Playoffs

2. Arizona Cardinals: A lot of this banks on them getting a vet QB, but still, there is some talent on this team. I expect them to sniff around .500

3. San Fransisco: Even with Patrick Willis, this is an average D. Gore can be a beast, but with his injuries he is wildly inconsistent. Finally, choosing between Alex Smith and rookie/raw Kapernick must be making Harbaugh rip out his hair. Plus, I'm not a fan of college coaches in the pro game. I'm not going to say this will be a train wreck, but it won't be pretty.

4. Seattle Seahawks: Yes they got in the playoffs and won one game, but besides that Saints game this team was atrocious for the most part. Maybe they bring Hasselbeck back, but even if they do he's so injury prone how can you rely on him? I think this could be a disaster in the making.

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