Donte Paige-Moss NFL Draft prospect notes

Our work is never finished here at Mocking the Draft as we are already looking to 2012.  The summer will feature a lot of prospect evaluations that we will build upon during the season.

Donte Paige- Moss
6-4, 260 pounds | DE | North Carolina

First word: Paige-Moss is a tough player that works hard to purse the football.  He has a good burst off the line that allows him to engage the blocker and deliver a jolt.  The key to Paige-Moss's game is his ability to use his hands to keep the lineman off his body.  His hand technique and strength allows him to control while being able to quickly disengage.  He is a player with a ton of upside and this year will be key to his development.

As a pass rusher, Paige-Moss needs to work on developing different pass rushing techniques.  He relies heavily on his effecitive bull rush and struggles reaching the edge.  The quickness off the ball and athletic ability are present for Paige-Moss to develop into a good speed rusher.  However, this part of his game will never be considered elite.

Against the run, Paige-Moss does a nice job using his hands and leverage to keep clean.  He keeps his head up and quickly identifies the football.  Paige-Moss needs to add more bulk and strength but the basics are there for him to develop into a very good run defender.

Bold statement: Donte Paige- Moss will not play outside linebacker in the NFL.

Games viewed: NC State ('10), Florida State ('10), Tennessee ('10), Virginia Tech ('10)

Donte Paige- Moss
6-4, 235 pounds | DE | North Carolina


  • Paige-Moss has a nice thick base and appears to have more bulk than his listed size
  • He does a good job firing off the ball low and using his hands to jolt the lineman
  • His 1st step and burst off the line is excellent
  • Paige-Moss hands are routinely inside the frame of the lineman allow him to control
  • He keeps his pad level low maintaining leverage throughout the play
  • Paige-Moss combines his good technique with a strong leg drive
  • This combination allows him to be a successful bull rusher
  • His heavy hands and good technique help him disengage from the blocker
  • After he disengages, his quick short area burst helps him pursue the football
  • He really does a great job shedding the blocker
  • Paige-Moss always is able to locate the football because he keeps his head up and has good arm extension
  • His quick first step makes it hard for blockers to get across his face and allows him to penetrate the pocket
  • Paige-Moss as a decent anchor that will only improve as he gains more bulk and strength. 
  • He is not much of a speed rusher and heavily relies on his strength to create pressure
  • At this point, he is undersized for the defensive end position and doesn't appear to have fluid enough hips to make the adjustment to outside linebacker
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