General view outside of Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. The 2011 MLB All-Star game will be held on July 12, at Chase Field. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

2011 MLB All-Star Game Rosters Set For NL Vs. AL Showdown In Phoenix

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MLB All-Star Game 2011: Final Rosters For Showdown Between AL, NL

The 2011 MLB All-Star Game is mere hours away, and after a spate of injuries knocked such players as Derek Jeter and Jose Reyes out of the game, the final All-Star Game rosters for the American and National Leagues differ slightly from the initial selections announced on July 4.

Here are the full All-Star Game rosters, including the starting lineups, the players who will be available for tonight's game, and those that will be watching the 2011 All-Star Game despite being selected to it.

American League


C Alex Avila, Detroit Tigers
1B Adrian Gonzalez, Boston Red Sox
2B Robinson Cano, New York Yankees
3B Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers
SS Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland Indians
OF Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays
OF Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees
OF Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers
DH David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox
SP Jered Weaver, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


SP Josh Beckett, Boston Red Sox
RP Aaron Crow, Kansas City Royals
SP Gio Gonzalez, Oakland Athletics
SP Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners
RP Brandon League, Seattle Mariners
SP Jon Lester, Boston Red Sox
SP Alexi Ogando, Texas Rangers
RP Chris Perez, Cleveland Indians
SP Michael Pineda, Seattle Mariners
SP David Price, Tampa Bay Rays
SP James Shields, Tampa Bay Rays
RP Jose Valverde, Detroit Tigers
SP C.J. Wilson, Texas Rangers


C Russell Martin, New York Yankees
C Matt Wieters, BAL
1B Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
1B Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox
2B Howard Kendrick, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
3B Kevin Youkilis, Boston Red Sox
SS Jhonny Peralta, Detroit Tigers
OF Michael Cuddyer, Minnesota Twins
OF Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston Red Sox
OF Matt Joyce, Tampa Bay Rays
OF Carlos Quentin, Chicago White Sox
DH Michael Young, Texas Rangers

Starters Replaced Due To Injury, Etc.

SS Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
3B Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

Reserves Replaced Due To Injury, Etc.

RP David Robertson, New York Yankees
SP Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers
RP Jordan Walden, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
SP Ricky Romero, Toronto Blue Jays
RP Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees
SP CC Sabathia, New York Yankees

National League


C Brian McCann, Atlanta Braves
1B Prince Fielder, Milwaukee Brewers
2B Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee Brewers
3B Scott Rolen, Cincinnati Reds
SS Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies
OF Lance Berkman, St. Louis Cardinals
OF Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers
LF Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals
DH Carlos Beltran, New York Mets
SP Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies


RP Heath Bell, San Diego Padres
SP Matt Cain, San Francisco Giants
RP Tyler Clippard, Washington Nationals
SP Kevin Correia, PIttsburgh Pirates
SP Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies
RP Joel Hanrahan, Pittsburgh Pirates
SP Jair Jurrjens, Atlanta Braves
SP Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers
RP Craig Kimbrel, Atlanta Braves
SP Cliff Lee, Philadelphia Phillies
SP Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants
RP Jonny Venters, Atlanta Braves
SP Ryan Vogelsong, San Francisco Giants
RP Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants


C Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals
C Miguel Montero, Arizona Diamondbacks
1B Gaby Sanchez, Florida Marlins
1B Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds
2B Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds
3B Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco Giants
3B Scott Rolen, Cincinnati Reds
SS Starlin Castro, Chicago Cubs
OF Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers
OF Jay Bruce, Cincinnati Reds
OF Hunter Pence, Houston Astros
OF Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates
OF Justin Upton, Arizona Diamondbacks
OF Andre Ethier, Los Angeles Dodgers

Starters Replaced Due To Injury, Etc.

SS Jose Reyes, New York Mets
3B Placido Polanco, Philadelphia Phillies

Reserves Replaced Due To Injury, Etc.

3B Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves
OF Shane Victorino, Philadelphia Phillies


Derek Jeter Skipping 2011 All-Star Game Due To Exhaustion, According To Report

Despite recently spending 17 days on the disabled list, missing a number of games in the process, Derek Jeter is maintaining that he is sitting out of the 2011 MLB All-Star game due to "emotional and physical exhaustion."

Players have conflicting opinions on Jeter's decision not to play in the game, which is not surprising. San Fransisco Giants closer Brian Wilson seems to be of the opinion that if you're selected and you're not injured, you should play. Said Wilson: 

"I don't know if (it's an) obligation, but it's one of your duties as a player, out of respect, knowing that there was a guy that really wanted to be on the All-Star team, and his stats were right there, and he would have loved the chance to be here."

Everyone will be absolutely shocked to learn that Jeter's teammate, New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin, disagrees with Wilson's opinion of whether or not players like Jeter should tough it out and take the field for the All-Star Game.

"He just got 3,000. Leave him alone, man. Seriously. He's coming off the DL. He played a bunch of games. He deserves a little rest (to) get his body right. I think everybody should respect that."

Classifying six games as "a bunch" in a league with a 162 game season is a bit of a stretch, but Martin's point, which was "leave him alone, man," still seems like a valid one nonetheless.


All-Star Game 2011: In Search Of The Best Closer To Never Make The Team

In search of the best closer to never be named to an All-Star Game in an era where every closer makes the All-Star Game.


All-Star Game 2011: Why To Take Selections And Snubs So Seriously

A look at why people take snubs of the All-Star Game so seriously, focusing on Andrew McCutchen.


2011 All-Star Game: NL, AL Starting Lineups Announced

The starting lineups for the National League and American League for Tuesday’s All-Star Game at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona have been made official by managers Bruce Bochy and Ron Washington.

For the host National League team, they’ll line up as follows:

Rickie Weeks 2B, Carlos Beltran DH, Matt Kemp CF, Prince Fielder 1B, Brian McCann C, Lance Berkman RF, Matt Holliday LF, Troy Tulowitzki SS, Scott Rolen 3B

There had been speculation that Tulowitzki might not start due to a minor injury, but he’s in there. The NL has only one other true SS on its roster, the CubsStarlin Castro.

The visiting AL squad lines up this way:

Curtis Granderson CF, Asdrubal Cabrera SS, Adrian Gonzalez 1B, Jose Bautista RF, Josh Hamilton LF, Adrian Beltre 3B, David Ortiz DH, Robinson Cano 2B, Alex Avila C

The DH is used in the All-Star Game, thus the starting pitchers, the NL’s Roy Halladay and the AL’s Jered Weaver, will not bat.


2011 All-Star Game Rosters: Roy Halladay Tabbed For National League Start

The Philadelphia PhilliesRoy Halladay, in the middle of yet another Cy Young-worthy season, has received another honor: he was tapped by NL All-Star manager Bruce Bochy of the San Francisco Giants to start the game, against Jered Weaver of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Halladay will be making his eighth appearance in the All-Star Game, and his second as a Phillie. It will be his second All-Star start; he started the 2009 game for the American League as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays, and was traded to the Phillies the following off-season. In so doing, he will become the fourth pitcher to start an All-Star Game for both leagues (the others: Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens and Vida Blue).

In his previous seven All-Star selections, Halladay has appeared in five of the games, without great success: he has alllowed seven earned runs in 6.2 innings for a 9.45 ERA, with no walks and four strikeouts. The NL will hope for a better outing from him Tuesday night.


2011 All-Star Game Rosters: Miguel Montero Replaces Jose Reyes, Craig Kimbrel To Replace Matt Cain

With New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes on the disabled list, Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero was named as a replacement selection for the 2011 All-Star Game. The selection gives the hosting Diamondbacks a second player for the hometown crowd, as Montero will join Justin Upton.

Montero has hit 10 home runs this seasons, already surpassing his injurious 2010 total. He's also made 10 errors, but his offensive production from the backstop position has been a big reason why the Diamondbacks are contending in the NL West.

And because Matt Cain is pitching on Sunday -- which is totally against the Ten Commandments, making him ineligible for all sorts of things, including the All-Star Game -- Atlanta Braves reliever Craig Kimbrel is expected to make the NL roster as Cain's replacement. Kimbrel has struck out 70 in 46 innings, and his 28 saves leads the National League.

Kimbrel is the second straight closer for the Braves to make the All-Star Game, following Billy Wagner's appearance last year. This is also impressive because if Kimbrel stood on Wagner's shoulders, they could look Kyle Farnsworth in the eyes.


2011 All-Star Game Rosters: Ricky Romero, Alexi Ogando, And David Robertson Make AL Roster

In yet more roster shuffling, Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Ricky Romero, Texas Rangers starting pitcher Alexi Ogando, and New York Yankees reliever David Robertson have all made the All-Player roster, and should appear in the 2011 All-Player Game, formerly known as the 2011 All-Star Game.

Romero will replace Boston Red Sox left-hander Jon Lester, who is on the DL but replaced Seattle Mariners right-hander Felix Hernandez, who pitched on Sunday. Ogando will replace CC Sabathia, who was ineligible for the game because he pitched on Sunday. Sabathia replaced James Shields, who was ineligible for the game because he pitched on Sunday. Robertson replaced David Price, who refused to go to the All-Star Game because of political reasons. Wait, no, that's not right -- looks like Price was ineligible for the game because he is having toe issues. Plus, he probably thought about pitching on Sunday, which is an automatic disqualification.

Romero has a 3.09 ERA in 122-1/3 innings, and he becomes the eighth player from the 2005 amateur draft to make an All-Star Game. Ogando has slowed down since his amazing start, but he still has a 9-3 record with a 2.92 ERA. Robertson has been a strikeout machine, striking out 56 batters in 35-1/3 innings, and the 23 walks he has allowed haven't shown up in his sterling 1.27 ERA.


2011 All-Star Game Rosters: Cole Hamels Out, Kevin Correia In

And the pitched-on-Sunday rule claims another victim. Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels was named an All-Star after being almost as good as anyone in the NL, which is to say that he was even as good as the other pitchers in his rotation. But he's scheduled to pitch on Sunday, so he is ineligible for Tuesday's All-Star Game.

Taking his place will be first-half All Star extraordinaire Kevin Correia of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Correia has 11 wins, which impresses your dad, but he also has a 4.01 ERA and one of the lowest strikeout rates in the National League. But his 11 wins -- which could possibly be related to the 7.17 runs of support the Pirates' offense has provided him -- and the Pirates' surprising first-half has him in the All-Star Game gets him in his first All-Star Game. Well, what I'm guessing is his first All-Star Game. I'm not even going to bother to check.

Correia will be the fifth pitcher drafted by the San Francisco Giants to make the 2011 roster.


2011 All-Star Game Rosters: Michael Pineda To Replace Justin Verlander

Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander has been a monster this year. He is probably in the middle of a no-hitter, even if you're reading this on Monday. But he is pitching on Sunday, and according to a new rule this year, that makes him ineligible for the All-Star Game. Replacing him will be early Rookie of the Year favorite, Michael Pineda of the Seattle Mariners.

Pineda will be the third Mariner on the roster, joining Brandon League and Felix Hernandez, though King Felix is also pitching today, and will be replaced. It's as if AL managers conspired to make the new rule look as stupid as possible.

Pineda has been having a fantastic season, striking out 113 in 113 innings with a 3.03 ERA (good for a 124 ERA+). The 22-year-old mixes one of the fastest fastballs in the game with excellent command, a truly scary combination for a young pitcher to have.


2011 All-Star Game Rosters: Jered Weaver To Start For American League

Los Angeles Angels staring pitcher Jered Weaver will start the 2011 All-Star Game for the American League, according to Victor Rojas:

Jered Weaver's been told he's starting All Star Game for American League. Congrats to the big man.

It was a tight race, but Weaver's impressive 1.86 ERA was probably the deciding factor. That, and the fact that Justin Verlander, James Shields, Felix Hernandez, and Dan Haren are all pitching on Sunday, making them ineligible for the All-Star Game under new rules. So, really, it was between Weaver, Mariano Rivera, and Sergio Mitre. After careful consideration, Ron Washington went with the pitcher that has flummoxed his Rangers over the years.

Weaver is the first Angel to start the All-Star game since Mark Langston in 1993, though that was for the California Angels. Weaver will be the first Angel to start since the Angels spiritually moved to Los Angeles of California.

He'll likely face Roy Halladay in the National League.


2011 All-Star Game Rosters: Pablo Sandoval Replacing Placido Polanco

Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Placido Polanco isn't on the disabled list yet, but a bulging disc in his back will keep him out of the All-Star Game. In his place, manager Bruce Bochy will name San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval to the All-Star squad. From Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News:

Looks like Pablo Sandoval is an NL All-Star, replacing Placido Polanco on the active roster.

With Chipper Jones also unable to play, Sandoval will be the fourth player from the hot corner to make the National League roster, joining Scott Rolen on the team. Sandoval is hitting .305/.345/.505 with 8 home runs, having a nice bounce back year after his poor 2010 season. Despite missing over a month with a broken hand, he is tied with NL third basemen in WAR, according to FanGraphs.

There was speculation that Bochy would take Aramis Ramirez to fill in, complete with tweets by beat writers suggesting that Bochy admitted he was taking Ramirez. While Ramirez might have been the first choice of Bochy, he already had plans during the Break:

Cubs confirm that Ramirez not going to NL All-Star game to replace Polanco. Already had plans to go home to D.R.

So Pablo will make his first All-Star appearance, which helps to rectify the tragedy of the Giants being criminally underrepresented at the All-Star Game. He will be the fifth Giant on the team, joining Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Ryan Vogelsong, and Brian Wilson, though Cain will be replaced after he pitches today.


2011 MLB All-Star Game Rosters: Scott Rolen To Replace Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones will not take part in the 2011 MLB All-Star Game after undergoing surgery to repair a torn left meniscus on Saturday, opening the door for Cincinnati Reds third baseman Scott Rolen. As the next-highest vote-getter at third base on the National League ballot, Rolen was the obvious choice to replace the injured Braves' third baseman, and the move was made official on Saturday night.

The All-Star appearance will be Rolen's seventh, and marks the second-year in a row he's been named to the Midsummer Classic.

"This is the seventh All-Star berth of Rolen’s 16-year Major League career, having also represented the National League each year from 2002-2006 and in 2010. Entering play tonight, Rolen was batting .245 with 30 runs scored, five home runs and 35 RBI in 60 games. He has gone 3-for-8 (.375) in the four Midsummer Classics in which he has played.

For the latest on the 2011 MLB All-Star Rosters, including any late changes, stay with this StoryStream.


2011 MLB All-Star Game Rosters: Ryan Braun Out, Andrew McCutchen Finally Gets The Nod

Andrew McCutchen's exclusion from the 2011 MLB All-Star Game had been one of the biggest head-scratchers when the rosters were released. When Shane Victorino pulled out of the game, many expected McCutchen to be the replacement, though it didn't happen as Andre Ethier was named to the National League team. Finally, after Ryan Braun pulled out of the game on Saturday, McCutchen was given his due and named to the NL roster as a replacement.

Braun had been the NL's top vote-getter, but after talking it over with Milwaukee Brewers manager Doug Melvin, he decided to sit the All-Star Game out. Because he was named a starter, Braun would have had to play three innings, instead of playing a small portion of the game as a reserve.

Braun has been dealing with a strained left calf for a week.

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said he had a discussion with Braun and trainer Roger Caplinger to reach the decision. Braun was disappointed he had to pull out after being the NL's top vote-getter, but didn't want to risk aggravating the injury.

Braun will still head to the All-Star Game to take in the festivities. McCutchen was given a prolonged standing ovation in Pittsburgh on Saturday night after the crowd was told he'd been named to the NL roster.

For the latest on the 2011 MLB All-Star Rosters, including any late changes, stay with this StoryStream.


2011 MLB All-Star Game Rosters: Kevin Youkilis, Jhonny Peralta Added

Two more players were added to the 2011 MLB All-Star Game on Friday after Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter each withdrew from the game. Three players, including the two Yankee infielders and Shane Victorino, pulled-out on Friday, leaving both the National and American Leagues left scrambling to fill spots.

In the National League, Andre Either was added in place of Victorino and on Friday evening, the American League filled the holes left by Jeter and Rodriguez. According to FOXSports' Jon Morosi, Detroit Tigers' shortstop Jhonny Peralta and Boston Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis are now All-Stars, joining the game as late replacements.

Peralta and Youk added to All-Star roster.less than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

With a few days to go until rosters or finalized, the changes may not be finished yet. As always, there's a chance players could opt not to play due to injury, freeing up even more spots in the Mid-Summer Classic.

For the latest on the 2011 MLB All-Star Rosters, including any late changes, stay with this StoryStream.


All-Star Game 2011: Alex Rodriguez Won't Play

Yankees players are exiting the All-Star game in droves on Friday. After Derek Jeter bowed out of the game earlier today, now we learn that New York third baseman Alex Rodriguez won’t play either, according to the official YES Network Twitter.

This is likely related to some minor injury issues that Rodriguez has. Earlier Friday, via tweet from YES Network’s Jack Curry, we learned that Rodriguez is going to be examined for knee problems:

Yanks doing precautionary MRI on ARod’s right knee. Swisher has left quad issue. Both not starting

Swisher is not on the American League’s All-Star roster, so manager Ron Washington has to be breathing a sigh of relief for that, at least.

But a replacement will have to be named for Rodriguez, both in the starting lineup (that could go to reserve Adrian Beltre of Washington’s own Rangers), and on the roster itself. The leagues are rapidly running out of replacements for players who can’t make it to Phoenix.


All Star Game 2011: Derek Jeter Bows Out

Derek Jeter has been considered one of the less deserving All-Stars around baseball, what with his .257 average and .649 OPS. Obviously, his inclusion was warranted on the basis of his popularity, but not on the basis of his performance. So it's funny the way these things work out sometimes:

Jeter not going to All Star game

This way, Jeter gets the honor of having been voted in, but nobody has to watch him perform, and his roster spot will be taken by somebody better. According to a tweet from Tony Paul of the Detroit News, that may wind up being Jhonny Peralta of the Tigers.

Jeter is presumably bowing out for precautionary reasons, given that he just recovered from a Grade 1 calf strain that sent him to the disabled list. He joins Mariano Rivera as Yankee All-Stars who have elected not to go. One figures that Asdrubal Cabrera and his .834 OPS will now get the nod as the American League's starting shortstop.


All-Star Game 2011: Dodgers' Andre Ethier In, Phillies' Shane Victorino Out

On Sunday, the Philadelphia PhilliesShane Victorino injured a thumb while trying to make a play in the field. Today, as earlier reported here at Baseball Nation, the Phillies placed Victorino on the 15-day disabled list. Infielder Pete Orr was recalled from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to take Victorino’s spot on the Philadelphia roster. The move is retroactive to July 4.

Victorino just won the Final Vote fan ballot and was added to the National League All-Star roster yesterday.

The DodgersAndre Ethier, who finished second to Victorino in the Final Vote balloting, will take Victorino’s place on the NL All-Star roster. Ethier is having a fine season, hitting .313/.382/.451 with seven HR and 42 RBI, and earlier this year had a 30-game hitting streak, a MLB record for the month of April and the second-longest hitting streak in Dodgers franchise history, just one short of Willie Davis’ record set in 1969.


All-Star Game 2011: Shane Victorino, Paul Konerko Win Final Vote

Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino and Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko were the winners of the MLB Final Vote, and they will each make the All-Star team for their respective leagues.

Victorino beat out Mike Morse, Ian Kennedy, Andre Ethier, and Todd Helton for the honors. Victorino is having one of his best seasons in the majors, hitting .303/.376/.524 with nine home runs and 13 steals. That, combined with his Gold Glove-winning defense, has made him one of the more valuable players in the majors this season. He might not get to play in the All-Star game, though, as a sprained thumb could put him on the disabled list before the game. If Victorino were unable to attend, there might be a chance for Andrew McCutchen to make the team, which would mitigate the WAR crime of leaving him off.

Konerko was voted in ahead of Victor Martinez, Alex Gordon, Adam Jones, and Ben Zobrist. Konerko is repeating his MVP-caliber season from last year, hitting .319/.389/.572 with 22 home runs. In a related story, Jeff Shaw is unlikely to participate in this year's All-Star Game.

From, here's a list of previous winners of the Final Vote:

Nick Swisher (AL, 2010);  Joey Votto (NL, 2010)
Brandon Inge (AL, 2009),  Shane Victorino (NL, 2009)
Evan Longoria (AL, 2008);  Corey Hart (NL, 2008)
Hideki Okajima (AL, 2007);  Chris Young (NL, 2007)
A.J. Pierzynski (AL, 2006);  Nomar Garciaparra (NL, 2006)
Scott Podsednik (AL, 2005);  Roy Oswalt (NL, 2005)
Hideki Matsui (AL, 2004);  Bobby Abreu (NL, 2004)
Jason Varitek (AL, 2003);  Geoff Jenkins (NL, 2003)
Johnny Damon (AL, 2002);  Andruw Jones (NL, 2002)

2011 MLB All-Star Game: The Final Vote

Several players having fine years did not make the National and American League All-Star teams in the round of initial fan-voted and manager- and player-selected choices, but at least two of them will, through’s “The Final Vote”, being conducted now online.

Voters will select one of five nominees in each league to go to the game July 12 in Phoenix.

AL nominees are: Alex Gordon of the Royals, Adam Jones of the Orioles, Paul Konerko of the White Sox, Victor Martinez of the Tigers and Ben Zobrist of the Rays.

NL nominees are: Andre Ethier of the Dodgers, Todd Helton of the Rockies, Ian Kennedy of the host Diamondbacks, Michael Morse of the Nationals and Shane Victorino of the Phillies.

You can vote online at this site starting now. Voting will be open through Thursday, July 7 at 4 p.m. Eastern.

Previous MLB Final Vote participants have included Evan Longoria, who was voted in on the way to being named the 2008 AL Rookie of the Year, and Joey Votto, voted in last year en route to being named NL MVP.


All-Star Game 2011: National League Snubs

Who did Bruce Bochy leave off his National League All-Star roster?


2011 MLB All-Star Rosters: Pitchers, Reserves For AL, NL Announced

The 2011 MLB All-Star rosters have been announced during the 2011 MLB All-Star Selection Show, and the star-studded teams will take the field on July 12 at Chase Field in Phoenix.

The American League reserves are dotted with Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, and Detroit Tigers: each of those teams placed three players on the AL bench. The National League's pitching staff is heavy on San Francisco Giants: manager Bruce Bochy will have four Giants pitchers to call on in the 2011 MLB All-Star Game.

American League

Position Players: Matt Wieters (C, Baltimore Orioles), Jacoby Ellsbury (OF, Boston Red Sox), Carlos Quentin (OF, Chicago White Sox), Asdrubal Cabrera (SS, Cleveland Indians), Miguel Cabrera (1B, Detroit Tigers), Howie Kendrick (2B, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Michael Cuddyer (OF, Minnesota Twins), Russell Martin (C, New York Yankees), Matt Joyce (OF, Tampa Bay Rays), Adrian Beltre (3B, Texas Rangers), Michael Young (IF, Texas Rangers).

Pitchers: Chris Perez (RP, Cleveland Indians), Jose Valverde (RP, Detroit Tigers), Aaron Crow (RP, Kansas City Royals), Josh Beckett (SP, Boston Red Sox), Mariano Rivera (RP, New York Yankees), Gio Gonzalez (SP, Oakland Athletics), Felix Hernandez (SP, Seattle Mariners), Justin Verlander (SP, Detroit Tigers), Brandon League (RP, Seattle Mariners), David Price (SP, Tampa Bay Rays), James Shields (SP, Tampa Bay Rays), Jered Weaver (SP, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), C.J. Wilson (SP, Texas Rangers).

National League

Position Players: Justin Upton (OF, Arizona Diamondbacks), Chipper Jones (3B, Atlanta Braves), Starlin Castro (SS, Chicago Cubs), Brandon Phillips (2B, Cincinnati Reds), Jay Bruce (OF, Cincinnati Reds), Joey Votto (1B, Cincinnati Reds), Troy Tulowitzki (SS, Colorado Rockies), Gaby Sanchez (1B, Florida Marlins), Hunter Pence (OF, Houston Astros), Carlos Beltran (OF, New York Mets), Matt Holliday (OF, St. Louis Cardinals), Yadier Molina (C, St. Louis Cardinals).

Pitchers: Jonny Venters (RP, Atlanta Braves), Clayton Kershaw (SP, Los Angeles Dodgers), Cole Hamels (SP, Philadelphia Phillies), Jair Jurrjens (SP, Atlanta Braves), Joel Hanrahan (RP, Pittsburgh Pirates), Heath Bell (RP, San Diego Padres), Matt Cain (SP, San Francisco Giants), Roy Halladay (SP, Philadelphia Phillies), Tim Lincecum (SP, San Francisco Giants), Brian Wilson (RP, San Francisco Giants), Ryan Vogelsong (SP, San Francisco Giants), Cliff Lee (SP, Philadelphia Phillies), Tyler Clippard (RP, Washington Nationals).

For the latest on the 2011 MLB All-Star Game voting, including voting results and analysis of the best and worst selections and All-Star snubs, stay with this StoryStream.


2011 MLB All-Star Rosters Released: AL, NL Starters Announced

The 2011 MLB All-Star rosters have been announced during the 2011 MLB All-Star Selection Show, and the star-studded teams will take the field on July 12 at Chase Field in Phoenix.

Jose Bautista, who has 28 home runs to lead MLB, was the leading vote-getter among all players. And he is just one of three American League All-Stars from a team that isn't the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox.

In the National League, the surprising Milwaukee Brewers lead all teams with three All-Star starters, and help the National League Central have five of the nine NL All-Star starters.

American League

Starters: Alex Avila (C, Detroit Tigers), Adrian Gonzalez (1B, Boston Red Sox), Robinson Cano (2B, New York Yankees), Alex Rodriguez (3B, New York Yankees), Derek Jeter (SS, New York Yankees), David Ortiz (DH, Boston Red Sox), Jose Bautista (OF, Toronto Blue Jays), Curtis Granderson (OF, New York Yankees) and Josh Hamilton (OF, Texas Rangers).

National League

Starters: Brian McCann (C, Atlanta Braves), Prince Fielder, (1B, Milwaukee Brewers), Rickie Weeks (2B), Jose Reyes (SS, New York Mets), Placido Polanco (3B, Philadelphia Phillies), Ryan Braun (OF, Milwaukee Brewers), Lance Berkman (OF, St. Louis Cardinals) and Matt Kemp (Los Angeles Dodgers).

For the latest on the 2011 MLB All-Star Game voting, including voting results and analysis of the best and worst selections and All-Star snubs, stay with this StoryStream.


2011 MLB All-Star Rosters To Be Announced During Selection Show On Sunday

The 2011 MLB All-Star rosters will be announced on Sunday, marking the end of the fan vote that's been ongoing this season. The MLB plans to turn the announcement into an hour-long special by broadcasting the 2011 MLB All-Star Selection Show, with the teams set to be revealed to the world over the course of the show.

Here's the information for Sunday's selection show.

Time: The 2011 MLB All-Star Selection Show gets underway at 12 p.m. EDT. The show is set to stretch an hour, with plenty of analysis and drawn-out drama ahead of the announcement of the selections.

TV information: The All-Star Selection will be broadcast live on TBS. The show is set to precede Sunday's broadcast of the Subway Series between the New York Yankees and New York Mets on TBS.

Voting update: At last check, Albert Pujols (1B), Rickie Weeks (2B), Troy Tulowitzki (SS), Placido Polanco (3B), Brian McCann (C), Ryan Braun (OF), Lance Berkman (OF) and Matt Kemp (OF) were leading the voting in the National League. Russell Martin (C), Adrian Gonzalez (1B), Robinson Cano (2B), Alex Rodriguez (3B), Derek Jeter (SS), David Ortiz (DH), Jose Bautista (OF), Curtis Granderson (OF) and Josh Hamilton (OF) were leading the American League voting.

For the latest on the 2011 MLB All-Star Game voting, stay with this StoryStream. We'll be back with results and analysis as the teams are announced at 12 p.m. EDT.


MLB All-Star Voting: Rickie Weeks Overtakes Brandon Phillips

Rickie Weeks has moved ahead of Brandon Phillips in MLB All-Star voting with just a few days left before voting is cut off on Thursday. This would be Weeks' first ever All-Star Game appearance. Weeks currently leads Phillips by less than 100,000 votes.

The Milwaukee Brewers second baseman is currently hitting a career best .290 and has already smacked 14 home runs. He currently leads National League second baseman in homers, hits (92), doubles (20), walks (31), on-base percentage (.360) and slugging percentage (.498). In his past 27 games, he has gotten at least two hits 13 times.

Chase Utley, who started each of the past five All-Star Games, is in third.

The other players leading their positions in voting are Albert Pujols (1B), Troy Tulowitzki (SS), Placido Polanco (3B), Brian McCann (C), Ryan Braun (OF), Lance Berkman (OF) and Matt Kemp (OF). Voting updates for the American League will be released on Tuesday.

Ballots are currently being accepted at, as well as in ballparks around the league.


AL All-Star Voting Update: Adrian Gonzalez Breaks Yankees' Infield Dominance

The American League All-Star voting update was released on Tuesday, and here are the players in first and second place for each position, with the number of votes in parentheses:

Russell Martin (2,226,797)
Alex Avila (1,730,511)

Adrian Gonzalez (3,017, 960)
Mark Teixeira (2,407,665)

Robinson Cano (3,664,498)
Dustin Pedroia (2,239,172)

Derek Jeter (2,654,040)
Asdrubal Cabrera (2,242,157)

Alex Rodriguez (2,876,537)
Adrian Beltre (2,307,380)

David Ortiz (3,116,578)
Michael Young (1,760,195)

Jose Bautista (4,156,940)
Curtis Granderson (3,473,227)
Josh Hamilton (2,400,408)
Jacoby Ellsbury (2,249,323)
Carl Crawford (1,789,097)
Ichiro Suzuki (1,537,101)

The Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers all have players in the top five of each position. The Yankees also have three pitchers leading in the voting for pitchers, even though such a thing does not exist.

The race to watch is probably Jeter versus Cabrera, as Jeter is a) broken and b) not as good as Cabrera this year, so it will be interesting to see how the votes play out down the final stretch of balloting, which ends June 30.


Albert Pujols Injury May Affect NL All-Star Voting

Today, another update on National League All-Star voting was released by MLB, but after the injury to leading votegetter Albert Pujols, there’s a catch:

Major League Baseball rules stipulate that if a player is voted by fans to start the All-Star Game, but is unavailable to play due to injury, then the starter at that position shall be the player other than him who finishes highest on the Player Ballot.

Pujols still leads all NL first basemen with 2,806,864 votes. The next leading votegetters at first base are the RedsJoey Votto with 2,270,211 and the BrewersPrince Fielder with 2,066,327. If voting continues this way, Pujols would be elected but not play due to the injury, and Votto would start.

Other leaders at their positions in the NL: second base, Brandon Phillips of the Reds, about 200,000 votes ahead of Milwaukee’s Rickie Weeks; shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki of the Rockies, about 300,000 ahead of the MetsJose Reyes; third base, Placido Polanco of the Phillies, who has virtually clinched, more than a million votes ahead of the BravesChipper Jones; Brian McCann of Atlanta at catcher, about 500,000 ahead of Yadier Molina of the Cardinals, and Ryan Braun, Lance Berkman and Matt Holliday in the outfield. Braun leads all NL votegetters with 3,034,057 votes.

You can vote at and at all 30 team sites, up to 25 times, until June 30 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Rosters will be announced during the 2011 All-Star Game Selection Show on TBS on July 3.


Jose Bautista Leads AL All-Star Voting In Weekly Update

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista, who leads the major leagues with 21 home runs, also leads all big league players in All-Star votes. He broke the three million barrier and now has 3,042,091 votes. The other two outfield spots are now occupied by the YankeesCurtis Granderson (2,406,946) and the RangersJosh Hamilton (1,799,339). The Red SoxJacoby Ellsbury moved from fifth to fourth place, passing the MarinersIchiro Suzuki.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox’ Adrian Gonzalez now has 2,027,537 votes for first base, moving ahead of Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira, who has 1,774,024.

At other positions, it’s pretty much all Yankees, except for DH, where David Ortiz of the Red Sox leads Michael Young of the Rangers, 1,974,918 to 1,428,833. Yankees lead at catcher (Russell Martin), second base (Robinson Cano), shortstop (Derek Jeter) and third base (Alex Rodriguez). The closest of those races is at shortstop, where Jeter leads the IndiansAsdrubal Cabrera by “only” 283,868 votes.

You can vote at and at all 30 team sites, up to 25 times, until June 30 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Rosters will be announced during the 2011 All-Star Game Selection Show on TBS on July 3.


Ryan Braun Leads NL All-Star Voting In Weekly Update

The Brewers’ Ryan Braun, who has helped his team vault to the top of the NL Central with 14 HR and 48 RBI to date, now leads all National League votegetters with 2,230,505 votes. In second and third place — though switching places from last week — are Lance Berkman (1,878,314) and Matt Holliday (1,855,416).

Albert Pujols of the Cardinals remains second overall in NL votes with 2,081,590, and leads the RedsJoey Votto for first base. Votto has 1,773,348 votes to date.

Troy Tulowitzki, Brandon Phillips and Placido Polanco continue to lead their respective positions (shortstop, second base and third base), all by substantial margins.

The GiantsBuster Posey, who was leading voting for catchers before his injury, has dropped to third place behind the BravesBrian McCann and the Cardinals’ Yadier Molina.

You can vote at and at all 30 team sites, up to 25 times, until June 30 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Rosters will be announced during the 2011 All-Star Game Selection Show on TBS on July 3.


AL All-Star Voting Update Has David Ortiz Passing Michael Young

Last week, in the first update on American League All-Star Game voting, the Yankees had the leaders at six of nine positions, with two Rangers and one Blue Jay. This week? This week, one of those Rangers has fallen off. He hasn't been replaced by a Yankee, but he has been replaced by the next-closest thing.

C Russell Martin 1317557 Joe Mauer 829073
1B Mark Teixeira 1333445 Adrian Gonzalez 1268706
2B Robinson Cano 1930762 Dustin Pedroia 963996
SS Derek Jeter 1454795 Asdrubal Cabrera 1162728
3B Alex Rodriguez 1515818 Adrian Beltre 1224381
OF Jose Bautista 2142867 Ichiro Suzuki 970622
OF Josh Hamilton 1229040 Jacoby Ellsbury 871897
OF Curtis Granderson 1725654 Nelson Cruz 768115
DH David Ortiz 1160590 Michael Young 1033514

In the table above, Yankees players are shown in bold, while Red Sox players are shown in italics. And at the DH slot, we see that David Ortiz has surged past Michael Young, after trailing by about 28,000 votes a week ago. As things currently stand, the two beasts of the East are holding on to seven of nine starting spots.

Which isn't to say that this is wrong, and which isn't to say that this is how things will end up. But this is how things are right now. Voting continues through June 30, and winners will be announced on July 3.

The closest gap is the one between Teixeira and Gonzalez. Also, note that if Ichiro falls short, it will be the first time in his career that he doesn't make the team.


Brian McCann Takes Over NL All-Star Voting Lead At Catcher

With the season-ending injury to the GiantsBuster Posey, the NL was going to need a new catcher for the All-Star team, presuming Posey might be voted onto the team anyway.

Voters, though, have taken things into their own hands; knowing that Posey can’t play, they have now given the BravesBrian McCann the balloting lead, 1,123,943 votes to Posey’s 1,065,983.

Leaders at other positions continue to be the same as last week: Albert Pujols at 1B, Brandon Phillips at 2B, Troy Tulowitzki at SS, Placido Polanco at 3B, and Ryan Braun, Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman in the outfield. The closest race is between Pujols and the RedsJoey Votto; Votto trails by only 168,565 votes (1,479,320 to 1,310,755).

The lead that Placido Polanco holds at third base (1,303,817 to the Braves’ Chipper Jones, 872,052) can be explained only by the fact that Polanco’s competitors are either old (Jones) or injured (Pablo Sandoval, David Wright). Polanco is a decent player, but his .765 OPS is pretty pedestrian. Or maybe it’s because the Phillies are leading the NL in attendance by a significant margin; averaging more than 45,000 per date, that’s a lot of ballots filled out at Citizens Bank Park.

Voting continues at major league ballparks online at and the 30 team websites through June 24. After June 24 and through June 30, voting will be exclusively online.


Jose Bautista, Robinson Cano Lead AL All-Star Voting

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Jose Bautista played for the Yankees? You might get that chance. The first update of the AL All-Star ballot is out, and Bautista is leading the way, surrounded by pinstripes.

Here's what the team would look like if the balloting ended today, with second place in parentheses:

C - Russell Martin, 843,459 votes (Joe Mauer, 593,949)
1B - Mark Teixeira, 827,247 (Adrian Gonzalez, 685,262)
2B - Robinson Cano, 1,185,952 (Dustin Pedroia, 586,361)
SS - Derek Jeter, 931,410 (Asdrubal Cabrera, 672,105)
3B - Alex Rodriguez, 945,127 (Adrian Beltre, 755,551)
OF - Jose Bautista, 1,261,659 (Ichiro Suzuki, 674,406)
OF - Curtis Granderson, 994,315 (Nelson Cruz, 514,006)
OF - Josh Hamilton, 748,240 (Jacoby Ellsbury, 494,721)

It's about time those Yankees get a chance to shine on the national stage. So, so overlooked. If MLB is trying to make people vote by showing them a glimpse of a six-Yankee starting lineup ... well, it's probably working. I'm going to go vote 25 times right after I finish this.


Albert Pujols, Troy Tulowitzki Lead NL All-Star Voting

The first results from All-Star voting were released Tuesday and not surprisingly, the popular (and good) Albert Pujols and Troy Tulowitzki are the leading vote-getters.

Among first basemen, Pujols leads the Reds' Joey Votto, 988,784 votes to 806,346. Tulowitzki is the second overall vote-getter, with 975,777, far ahead of the second-place shortstop, Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies, who has 454,782.

Other leaders at their positions are Brandon Phillips of the Reds with 837,778 votes at second base; third baseman Placido Polanco of the Philadelphia Phillies with 724,724 and San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey with 785,314, leading Braves catcher Brian McCann, who has 633,987. Obviously, Posey can't play, but he could still be elected.

In the outfield, the top three vote-getters are Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun with 971,809 votes, followed by Cardinals teammates Matt Holliday (927,778) and Lance Berkman (872,434).

Voting continues at major league ballparks online at and the 30 team websites through June 24. After June 24 and through June 30, voting will be exclusively online.

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