Francisco Liriano No-Hitter: A Tour Through The Headlines

So Francisco Liriano threw an ugly no-hitter against the White Sox on Tuesday night. A no-hitter, you say? A no-hitter is a big deal! An opportunity for the country's foremost headline writers to shine! Hit it, country's foremost headline writers!

First, we pay a visit to the Yahoo! baseball homepage:


Okay yeah that's pretty bad. How about you, Fox Sports? You come up with anything better?


Well that's disappointing, albeit slightly more emphatic. Of course you'd expect something a little better from


"Twin Thrilling". It's a pun, but at least it's better pun. Now I'll just click on the headline and read the article body:


Oh, oh no. Please save us, ESPN.


That isn't "Liriano-no" but it also isn't the least bit interesting so I don't know how to feel about this one. Does ESPN's baseball page have anything different?


I can't decide if this is the best or worst one so far. Read aloud as "No -- No One Saw It Coming", it's perfect. It tells you what happened, and it gives you some context. Read aloud as "No-No One Saw It Coming", it's pretty much the worst thing since Jorts.

Our final stop will be CBS:


CBS: where the headline writers are less cute, but wrong. Francisco Liriano put it all together on Tuesday night like the North Koreans put it all together at Kijŏng-dong.

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