TORONTO, CANADA: Kyle Drabek #4 of the Toronto Blue Jays watches a home run during MLB action against the Boston Red Sox at The Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)

Blue Jays Rookie Kyle Drabek Demoted To Minors

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Blue Jays Rookie Kyle Drabek Demoted To Minors

Saddled with a 5.70 ERA, supposed Rookie of the Year candidate Kyle Drabek has finally worn out his welcome with the Toronto Blue Jays. Rob MacLeod (via the Globe and Mail):

A couple of days after manager John Farrell insisted otherwise, the Blue Jays announced on Tuesday that their prized pitcher is being demoted to Las Vegas, their Triple A affiliate in the Pacific Coast League.

The biggest question: What took so long? Before losing four straight, the Blue Jays could actually fantasize about being a part of the postseason discussion in August, if not earlier.

Before Drabek's last start, John Farrell was squarely behind his rookie starter:

As the beleaguered rookie prepared for his 14th start, someone asked Farrell whether the Toronto Blue Jays were growing impatient. Perhaps, it was suggested, Drabek might benefit from a trip to Triple-A, where he could work on his problems in a less stressful environment.

"I just want to cut that off right now," Farrell retorted. "There's been no discussion of sending Kyle to Triple-A or to suggest that what he's dealing with, in his own maturity right now, is leading to that. So that needs to be squelched right now."

Squelch. Squelch, squelch, squelch squelch squelch.

Anyway, all that squelching came before Drabek gave up eight runs in four-plus innings. He leads the American League with 52 walks, and has only 48 strikeouts. He's either hurt or he's lost but either way Drabek doesn't belong in the major leagues right now.

This little bit might be instructive, though:

When he works in the bullpen between starts, all is well, he said. When the spotlight goes on, it all goes south. He said he simply cannot explain it.

Maybe he just needs to work out his problems, but the American League in June isn't really the place for a tryout camp.

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