Alex Rodriguez's Cousin Being Monitored By MLB After He Was Seen At Team Hotel

Good news, Baseball Fans of the World ... Major League Baseball is all over Alex Rodriguez's cousin.

Or if not Major League Baseball, then definitely the New York Daily News. Between Anthony Weiner's Li'l Anthony and a pudgy Dominican named Yuri Sucart, the Daily News is just crushing the investigative journalism lately.

Most of what you really, really (don't necessarily) need to know:

According to a team source, Rodriguez's cousin, Yuri Sucart, is again traveling with Rodriguez on some road trips, despite being banned by the Yankees from any team-related function or facility. That edict followed A-Rod's 2009 claim that Sucart provided and injected him with performance-enhancing drugs. Sucart, wearing a Yankee hooded sweatshirt, was spotted at the team's St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco Tuesday night after the middle game of the Bombers' series with Oakland. The source also said Sucart has accompanied A-Rod on road trips this year and even last season.

Now, you might reasonably be asking right now, "What? One of Alex Rodriguez's cousins is following him around the country, lining up dates and giving the best foot massages, and Major League Baseball isn't doing anything about it?"

Yeah. You would almost think that Alex Rodriguez and Yuri Sucart live in a mostly free country where you are generally allowed to associate with whomever you please, outside the work environment.

Wait, what? They do? You are? Yeah:

"Our position is, we told the Yankees, they agreed, that [Yuri Sucart] should not be allowed in any non-public areas; clubhouses, any team charters, buses. And it's our understanding that that prohibition has been respected," MLB executive vice president of player relations Rob Manfred told

"We've talked to the Yankees they've assured us the prohibition has been respected."


"All we can do is control his access to areas that [MLB] or the team control. We will stay in touch with the Yankees to make sure that prohibition is being respected. A hotel lobby is a public place, there is nothing we can do."

When asked if the matter was considered closed, Manfred said: "It's never closed, obviously we have an ongoing ban in place. In terms of this instance, we're satisfied that the prohibition was respected."

Okay. I feel better. Now, back to analyzing that silly weiner ...

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