NBA Trades Abound On Draft Night; We Attempt To Make Sense Of Them All

The 2011 NBA Draft went off without a hitch Thursday night, but amidst all the new faces and NBA trades, there was plenty of opportunity for confusion. It wasn't as crazy a night as some had predicted, but it still made heads spin, particularly because the NBA refuses to acknowledge trades until the end of the first round.

That leads to questions like, "Why is Bismack Biyombo wearing a Kings hat? Didn't the Kings trade that pick so they could take Jimmer?" Or maybe, "Why is ESPN saying Marshon Brooks is going to Boston when Twitter just said the Celtics swapped picks with the Nets?"

If you were a little shellshocked the draft night experience, you're not alone, and we're here to help. What follows is a roundup of every trade that went down during Thursday night's draft, and a few that didn't even involve draft picks. It all started with Sacramento...

A Kings-Bobcats-Bucks Three-Way Trade.

The Mavericks, Blazers, and Nuggets Swap Guards.

  • Blazers get: Raymond Felton (from Nuggets), no. 57 pick
  • Nuggets get: Andre Miller (from Blazers), no. 26 pick (Jordan Hamilton, from Mavs), future second round pick from Blazers
  • Mavericks get: Rudy Fernandez (from Blazers), Petteri Koponen (2007 draftee)

The Spurs Get Younger, The Pacers Get Better

  • Spurs get: no. 15 pick (Kawhi Leonard), no. 42 pick (Davis Bertans)
  • Pacers get: Spurs' point guard George Hill, Erazem Lorbek

KAAAAAAHHHHHN Sends Flynnnnnnnn To Houston

The T'Wolves Keep Dealing, Swap Picks With Chicago, Then Miami

  • Timberwolves get: cash (from Miami), future second round pick (Miami), no. 31 pick (Bojan Bogdanovic), no. 43 pick (Malcolm Lee)
  • Bulls get: no. 23 pick (Nikola Mirotic)
  • Heat get: no. 28 pick (Norris Cole)

The Celtics And Nets Swap Picks

  • Celtics get: No. 27 pick (JaJuan Johnson), 2013 second round pick (Nets)
  • Nets get: No. 25 pick (Marshon Brooks)

The Knicks Buy A Second Round Pick

  • Knicks get: no. 45 pick (Josh Harrellson)
  • Hornets get: cash

The Warriors Buy A Second Round Pick

  • Warriors get: no. 39 pick (Jeremy Tyler)
  • Bobcats get: cash

Magic And Cavs Swap Second Round Picks

  • Magic get: no. 32 pick (Justin Harper)
  • Cavaliers get: Two future second round picks


Lakers get: future second round pick

Nuggets get: Chukwudiebere "Chu Chu" Maduabum, the no. 56 pick, and possibly the best name to come through the NBA Draft since DJ Mbenga Mbenga. You may be annoyed by all the trades this year, but for God's sakes, LONG LIVE CHU CHU MADUABUM.

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