Brian Sabean's Comments On Scott Cousins: Not An Isolated Incident

Lost in the controversy over Brian Sabean’s comments regarding Scott Cousins: this wasn’t the first time that Sabean has spoken out like this. The Giants general manager has always worn his heart on his sleeve, and he’s pretty much guaranteed to lash out when one of his players goes down to an injury. Here’s look back at some of the more vindictive Brian Sabean comments during his tenure with the Giants:

After Barry Zito was in a car accident, March 30, 2011

"It’s ridiculous to think that man was meant to move around in mechanized carriages. If the guy who popularized these monstrosities never works again, I think we’ll all be happy. This Henry Ford character might be dead, but we’ll have a long memory. We released Darren Ford just in case he was distantly related, and I hope he has fun with the Sonoma Crushers. We don’t need that garbage in our locker room."

After top prospect Jesse Foppert tore a tendon in his elbow, September 10, 2003

"Look, Tommy John might have had a long, distinguished career, but he needs to stay the hell away from my young pitchers," Sabean said. "That’s not a part of the game, it never has been, and whatever scientific experiments or black magic or recipes he’s doing with those tendons, he needs to stop. The next time I see him, I’m going to grab him by his tendon-tearing throat. It’s malicious and unnecessary."

Tommy John did not speak to reporters but he did release a statement that accused Sabean of "completely misunderstanding both the purpose of ‘Tommy John’ surgery and (John’s) involvement with the development of the procedure."

After Jim Brower was injured and eventually released, July 19, 2005

A frustrated Sabean ripped into who he felt was responsible for Brower’s injury.

"Look, I only put some of the blame on (manager Felipe Alou). Yeah, Brower led the league in appearances last season, and yes, (Alou) is known for warming up relievers for innings at a time for no reason, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the idiot who hires a manager like that. Brian Sabean did this crap before when he hired Dusty Baker, who had a bit of a reputation as a guy who was hard on his pitchers, so history is obviously repeating itself. Sabean is a cancer on this organization."

Brian Sabean responded to Sabean in a statement released by Sabean’s agent, reading in part: "Brian Sabean is appalled at the blame that Brian Sabean is placing on him. Sabean realizes that this is a tough time for Sabean, but he hopes his comments were made out of frustration, and not out of any ill will towards Sabean. Sabean thinks the whole thing is regrettable, and looks forward to speaking with Sabean once things calm down."

After the Giants' mascot, Lou Seal, was injured in a promotional mishap, August 12, 2001

If I ever see the ************ who ******* invented the ******* t-shirt gun, I'm going to **** him a *** ********* ***** ******** ***** *********** tangy ******** punch him right in the old Al Oliver because ******* ***** and ****** ******** **** that guy.

So this isn’t the first time that Sabean has spoken off the cuff, and it’s probably not going to be the last. This news cycle will pass, but don’t be surprised when Sabean’s lack of a filter gets him in trouble again.

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