Brett Anderson Injury: Tommy John Surgery, Thursday Morning

A's left-hander Brett Anderson has undergone Tommy John Surgery and probably won't pitch again until 2013.

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Tommy John Surgery For Brett Anderson, After All

It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Brett Anderson wasn't supposed to get hurt this season. Not after signing a four-year contract last year. And once he did get hurt, he wasn't supposed to need surgery; instead, he was supposed to rehab for six weeks, then think about pitching again.

That was four weeks ago. Thursday morning, all that optimism went into the toilet:

LHP @BrettAnderson49 underwent Tommy John surgery on his left elbow Thursday morning in Florida.less than a minute ago via Social Marketing Hub Favorite Retweet Reply


Anderson won seven games last season, three games this season, and will likely win zero games next season, with 2013 the realistic target for his return to the rotation. Meanwhile, the A's are paying him just $1 million this season, $3 million next season while he rehabs, and $5.5 million in 2013.

On the field, they'll obviously miss his pitching. And as Oakland's pitchers fall like Zulu warriors at the Battle of Rorke's Drift, the organization's ability to trade for desperately needed hitters becomes practically non-existent.


Brett Anderson Injury: Rehab Instead Of Surgery For Now

The phrase "going to visit Dr. James Andrews" is a loaded one, for sure. It's basically a euphemism for "the pitcher in question needs major surgery." You might as well say that "the pitcher's elbow ligament is going to go to a farm, where it can run around a huge field and play with other elbow ligaments."

But every now and again, a visit to Dr. Andrews ends with something other than a final confirmation of what everybody fears. From Buster Olney of

(Oakland A's pitcher) Brett Anderson will not have Tommy John surgery, after seeing Dr. James Andrews. Six weeks of rehab recommended; another eval in 3 weeks.

So while it's more of a "wait and see" than good news, it's certainly better news than if Dr. Andrews took a look and then told his assistant to cancel his 4:00 appointment. The A's have been devastated with injuries to their rotation his season, so if there's a chance that their prized lefty doesn't have to miss a season or two recovering from elbow surgery, surely the A's will take it.


Brett Anderson Injury: Bum Elbow Knocks Southpaw To DL

Oakland starter Brett Anderson's velocity has been dropping for much of the season. On Monday, it got to the point where Anderson was sent back to the Bay Area to have his elbow examined, and on Tuesday, Anderson has been placed on the disabled list with an injury.

The exact nature of the injury has not been disclosed. It may not even be known just yet. The A's are terming the problem a "sore left elbow," which could mean almost anything. But what it doesn't mean is anything good, especially since this isn't the first elbow problem to send Anderson to the DL.

Used to be that the A's were content with their awesome run prevention, keyed by an awesome rotation. Now they're without Anderson. They're without Dallas Braden. They're without Brandon McCarthy. They're without Tyson Ross. Health has been a problem, and the A's are going to have a devil of a time climbing out of last place in the AL West.

Bobby Cramer has been brought up to assume Anderson's place. It's Cramer's third stint with the A's already this season. He's thrown only 3-2/3 innings in the Majors in 2011, but he's made six starts with AAA Sacramento, allowing 11 runs in 22-1/3 frames. The A's are desperate.


Brett Anderson To Have Elbow Examined By A's Doctors

On Sunday, Oakland Athletics left-hander Brett Anderson was shelled by the Boston Red Sox, giving up five earned runs in five innings. His velocity has been declining as the season has gone on. And now the Contra Costa Times has word that this might not just be part of the typical trials and tribulations of a young pitcher:

I’ve confirmed with multiple team sources that A’s pitcher Brett Anderson is heading back to the Bay Area to get his left elbow checked. It makes sense, given Anderson’s dip in velocity with both his fastball and slider recently.

Oof. Bad news for an A's team that was already struggling to win on an East Coast road trip. If there's any consolation, it's that just because a team is looking at elbow smoke doesn't mean there's elbow fire. But the A's have already had terrible luck with their pitchers, with Tyson Ross, Brandon McCarthy, and Dallas Braden all suffering significant injuries this year, so any news that Anderson isn't exactly 100% is pretty unfortunate.

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