2011 MLB Draft Order: Pirates First On The Clock At 7 P.M. ET

The 2011 MLB Draft will begin Monday evening at 7 p.m. ET; unlike drafts in other sports, baseball teams can draft through as many as 50 rounds. In reality, many of those players will never sign with the teams that select them. Drafting will continue through Wednesday.

It's the first round that will attract the most attention and get, presumably, the top amateur players to the 30 MLB teams. TV coverage starts Monday night on the MLB Network at 6 p.m. ET; the draft itself is being held in the network's Studio 42. We will have continuing coverage of the draft as each choice is made, in this StoryStream, with analysis of each player picked by John Sickels from SB Nation's Minor League Ball.

Here is the MLB Draft order for the first round Monday evening, along with an explanation of how teams got picks that appear to be "out of order":

1. Pirates
2. Mariners
3. Diamondbacks
4. Orioles
5. Royals
6. Nationals
7. Diamondbacks (compensation for unsigned 2010 first-round pick Barret Loux)
8. Indians
9. Cubs
10. Padres (compensation for unsigned 2010 first-round pick Karsten Whitson)
11. Astros
12. Brewers
13. Mets
14. Marlins
15. Brewers (compensation for unsigned 2010 first-round pick Dylan Covey)
16. Dodgers
17. Angels
18. Athletics
19. Red Sox (from Tigers for Type A free agent Victor Martinez)
20. Rockies
21. Blue Jays
22. Cardinals
23. Nationals (from White Sox for Type A free agent Adam Dunn)
24. Rays (from Red Sox for Type A free agent Carl Crawford)
25. Padres
26. Red Sox (from Rangers for Type A free agent Adrian Beltre)
27. Reds
28. Braves
29. Giants
30. Twins
31. Rays (from Yankees for Type A free agent Rafael Soriano)
32. Rays
33. Rangers (from Phillies for Type A free agent Cliff Lee)

There is also a "supplemental round" of picks that teams have received as compensation picks for various free-agent signings, that will go before the official second round. It's nearly as long as the first round itself:

34. Nationals (for Adam Dunn, Type A, to White Sox)
35. Blue Jays (for Scott Downs, Type A, to Angels)
36. Red Sox (for Victor Martinez, type A, to Tigers)
37. Rangers (for Cliff Lee, Type A, to Phillies)
38. Rays (for Rafael Soriano, Type A, to Yankees)
39. Phillies (for Jayson Werth, Type A, to Nationals)
40. Red Sox (for Adrian Beltre, Type A, to Rangers)
41. Rays (for Carl Crawford, Type A, to Red Sox)
42. Rays (for Grant Balfour, Type A, to Athletics)
43. Diamondbacks (for Adam LaRoche, Type B, to Nationals)
44. Mets (for Pedro Feliciano, Type B, to Yankees)
45. Rockies (for Octavio Dotel, Type B, to Blue Jays)
46. Blue Jays (for John Buck, Type B, to Marlins)
47. White Sox (for J.J. Putz, Type B, to Diamondbacks)
48. Padres (for Jon Garland, Type B, to Dodgers)
49. Giants (for Juan Uribe, Type B, to Dodgers)
50. Twins (for Orlando Hudson, Type B, to Padres)
51. Yankees (for Javier Vazquez, Type B, to Marlins)
52. Rays (for Brad Hawpe, Type B, to Padres)
53. Blue Jays (for Kevin Gregg, Type B, to Orioles)
54. Padres (for Yorvit Torrealba, Type B, to Rangers)
55. Twins (for Jesse Crain, Type B, to White Sox)
56. Rays (for Joaquin Benoit, Type B, to Tigers)
57. Blue Jays (for Miguel Olivo, Type B, to Mariners)
58. Padres (for Kevin Correia, Type B, to Pirates)
56. Rays (for Randy Choate, Type B, to Marlins)
60. Rays (for Chad Qualls, Type B, to Padres)

In our next post, we'll have team-by-team information on numbers of picks and draft positions.

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