Denard Span Back On DL With Concussion Symptoms

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Denard Span Placed Back On Disabled List With Concussion Symptoms

In June, Twins center fielder Denard Span was involved in a play at the plate that left him with a concussion. He missed the next two months before returning on August 2, but soon after getting back on the field, Span began complaining of more concussion symptoms. Those symptoms have lately kept him out of the lineup, and Thursday they sent him back to the disabled list.

It's just more misery for Span, who's ordinarily a terrific player, and who looked like he'd put this episode behind him. Some players recover from concussions quickly and show no ill-effects, but others get it much worse, and Span is among the latter group, and this issue does raise significant questions that weren't there a few months ago.

Span owns an 88 OPS+ on the season. In his absence, the Twins are playing Ben Revere in center, and maybe one of these days Revere will hit a home run.


Denard Span Returns To Twins From Disabled List Tuesday

In early June, Twins outfielder Denard Span was involved in a fairly mild home plate collision. Still, he came away complaining of some dizziness, and was soon thereafter placed on the seven-day concussion disabled list.

You'll notice that it's been many more than seven days. Those seven days are a minimum, but not a maximum, and only on Tuesday, August 2 is Span returning to the team.

The Minnesota Twins activated outfielder Denard Span from the 15-day disabled list.
To make room for Span on the 25-man roster, the Twins have optioned infielder Luke Hughes to Triple-A Rochester.

Span was the subject of trade rumors over the weekend, as the Washington Nationals were reportedly showing heavy interest. He got into ten games with triple-A Rochester on a rehab assignment, batting 8-for-39 with a double. Now he's back in the majors, with his problems hopefully behind him.

Span returns to a .746 season OPS. Ben Revere had been holding down the job in center field in Span's absence, and Revere didn't hit, but the Twins appear committed to finding him playing time, even with Span back in the fold.


Denard Span Injury: Twins Place Outfielder On 7-Day Concussion List

A week ago, Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span was involved in a mild home plate collision with Royals catcher Brayan Pena. Span came away complaining of neck soreness, and missed a little action. After attempting to return, Span experienced continued pain and a lingering headache, so he went to see a specialist, and I'll let Phil Mackey explain the rest:

Span spent about 4 hours at a specialist clinic today getting head/neck examined. He's on 7-day DL with concussion. Rene Tosoni called up.

So Span is on the new 7-day concussion list, and while the 7-day concussion list has a minimum stay of just seven days, the Twins have no way of telling how soon Span will be healthy again. Concussions - even the less severe kind - can be unpredictable, as I'm sure you know.

Rene Tosoni, then, is back on the roster in Span's place after batting .171 during an earlier stint with the team. He'll hang on the bench while Delmon Young, Ben Revere and Michael Cuddyer will pick up most of the starts in the outfield for the time being.


Denard Span Still Recovering From Home-Plate Collision

More discouraging news for the Minnesota Twins, who are in a taut pennant race with the Oakland A's. And by "pennant race," I mean "race to see which team can put more players on the disabled list." The Twins are now without Denard Span, one of their only players who was a net positive for the offense this season, after he ran into Royals catcher Brayan Pena on Friday while trying for an inside-the-park home run. The play didn't look like much ...




... but according to Phil Mackey of

Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span was sidelined from Tuesday night's game against the Cleveland Indians with lingering neck stiffness, dizziness and fogginess ...

Span said the symptoms are similar to what he experienced in 2009 when he missed two weeks with what was eventually diagnosed as Vestibular Neuritis.

Yikes. Vestibular neuritis is similar to vertigo, affecting the inner ear. Span says that he has felt fuzzy since the collision, and he's understandably frightened about the potential seriousness of the condition.

There is no word about a DL move, or if this would qualify for the new 7-day DL set up specifically for concussions.

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