Brandon Belt Called Up, In Lineup Against Dodgers

The San Francisco Giants called up Brandon Belt on Tuesday, according to Andrew Baggarly, and the rookie first baseman is in Tuesday night's lineup against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

If you go by Wins Above Replacement, one of the least valuable players in the majors this year when accounting for position, has been Aubrey Huff. The first baseman for the San Francisco Giants was a postseason hero and fan-favorite last year, but his season has been a bit of a chemical fire this year. Making it especially awkward was the fact that the Giants' best hitting prospect -- and one of the better hitting prospects in the game -- was a first baseman.

The Giants experimented with Belt as the starting first baseman, with Huff in the outfield, to start the season. But after some memorable defensive flubs from Huff and a lackluster start from Belt, the rookie was sent down. When Huff continued not to hit, Belt was called up again, and he was in the majors just long enough to have his hand broken on a Trever Miller fastball.

The injury sidelined Belt for over a month, after which he was activated and sent down to Fresno. At no point did Huff ever come around with the bat. After being activated, Belt hit .324/.477/.706 for triple-A Fresno over a ten-game stretch. His minor-league numbers for his career:


2010 22 3 Teams 3 Lgs A+-AA-AAA SFG 136 595 492 173 43 10 23 22 8 93 99 .352 .455 .620 1.075
2011 23 2 Teams 2 Lgs AAA-A+ SFG 47 202 155 52 12 0 7 5 3 43 43 .335 .475 .548 1.024
2 Seasons 183 797 647 225 55 10 30 27 11 136 142 .348 .460 .603 1.063
AAA (2 seasons) AAA 56 245 190 57 15 0 11 6 3 51 57 .300 .445 .553 .998
A+ (2 seasons) A+ 81 351 282 109 29 4 10 19 7 63 51 .387 .499 .624 1.123
AA (1 season) AA 46 201 175 59 11 6 9 2 1 22 34 .337 .413 .623 1.036
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Generated 7/19/2011.


Those are impressive numbers, and considering that Aubrey Huff is hitting .232/.286/.359 -- though he is leading the team in RBI! -- Belt should start to see some playing time. Just how much, though, will be up to manager Bruce Bochy, a manager who has never been comfortable playing rookies over veteran players with a history of performance.

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