NFL lockout: Top UDFA defensive linemen

BLACKSBURG VA - NOVEMBER 04: Defensive end Steven Friday #82 of the Virginia Tech Hokies celebrates after making a tackle against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Lane Stadium on November 4 2010 in Blacksburg Virginia. (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)

With the NFL lockout coming to an end soon, undrafted players from the 2011 NFL Draft will finally be able to sign with teams. This weekend we'll continue to look at some of the top available players your team may be considering.

If a team still needs a young nose tackle, there are a few still available. The market for pass rushers, though, is pretty dry.

Steven Friday | 6'4, 250 pounds | DE | Virginia Tech
Friday is a bit of a mystery as an NFL player. He's too small to play the run in the 4-3, but not athletic enough to be a 3-4 OLB. He may have to carve out a career purely as a 4-3 pass rush specialist.

Anthony Gray | 5'11, 330 pounds | DT | Southern Mississippi
A squat, bowling ball of a defensive tackle who doesn't have good length for the position. Will fit best as a nose taking up multiple blockers in the run game.

Ian Williams | 6'2, 305 pounds | DT | Notre Dame
Williams may be a little undersized for the position, but he's strictly a nose tackle in the NFL. He's good at occupying multiple gaps and has a good power base to hold his position. Isn't much of a factor against the pass.


Defensive tackles:
John Graves | 6'3, 278 pounds | DT | Virginia Tech
Ted Laurent | 6'1, 312 pounds | DT | Mississippi
Ollie Ogbu | 6'1, 298 pounds | DT | Penn State
Cedric Thornton | 64, 299 pounds | DT | Southern Arkansas
Colby Whitlock | 6'2, 295 pounds | DT | Texas Tech

Defensive ends:
Pierre Allen | 6'4, 264 pounds | DE | Nebraska
Brandon Bair | 6'7, 272 pounds | DT/DE | Oregon
Ugo Chinasa | 6'5, 256 pounds | DE | Oklahoma State
Ryan Winterswyk | 6'4, 265 pounds | DE | Boise State

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