MLB Weekend Update: Reviewing The Three Days That You Just Missed

Hello, and welcome back to where you normally are, doing what you normally do. The long holiday weekend was great, but now it's over, so it's time to settle back into your usual routine. As such, you should probably get caught up on all the baseball news you just missed. That's why I'm here. Below, you'll find the top five stories from the past three days so you don't feel like you're behind. As a note of editorial honesty, I was otherwise occupied during the weekend myself, so we're all playing catch-up together. On we go!

Derek Jeter has returned to the Yankees from a very mildly strained calf muscle
Sadly, that means the end of our daily updates on whether he ran, and how far he ran. Following a brief rehab stint, Jeter re-joined the Yankees on Monday in Cleveland and went 0-for-4, finding the task of hitting Josh Tomlin nothing short of impossible. He'll look to continue his march towards 3,000 career regular season hits on Tuesday against Carlos Carrasco, but with Jeter these days it may be less of a march and more of a careful, cautious approach along a thin icy ridge.

Jose Reyes injured his hamstring
On Saturday, the Mets' shortstop was removed from a game with a hamstring injury that an examination later revealed to be a Grade 1 strain. As we all learned from the Derek Jeter Calf Strain Apocalypse, a Grade 1 strain is the most minor kind of strain, and since Reyes is 28 instead of 57, he is currently day-to-day and apparently won't be placed on the disabled list. Did you know that Jose Reyes has a .398 OBP? A .398 OBP! Oh wait, no, that's less impressive than the 15 triples. He has 15 triples! It's the beginning of July!

Albert Pujols could be back any minute
In the later part of June, it looked like Pujols would be out into August with a fractured forearm. Then an examination revealed excellent healing progress. Then Tony La Russa said Pujols wouldn't need a rehab assignment. Then Pujols took some swings. Then Pujols said he could return on Tuesday. It's great news for the Cardinals that Pujols will evidently return ahead of schedule because they've got their hands full with the Pittsburgh Pirates. This is a sentence that is a fact.

We have All-Star teams
The rosters have been announced, and you can find full coverage here. Jose Bautista was the leading vote-getter in baseball, which I honestly do find a little surprising given that he plays for Toronto, doesn't have a long track record of success, and isn't a big personality. I guess sometimes all you need is talent. Unless you're Andrew McCutchen. Then all the talent in the world won't get you to Arizona. A lot of people will say that the All-Star Game doesn't have any real purpose anymore. That isn't true. The purpose of the All-Star Game is to allow us to talk about snubs like Andrew McCutchen for a week and a half. So unjust!

The White Sox and Padres won games all weird-like
On Monday, in a game against the Royals, the White Sox won 5-4 on a walk-off balk committed by Aaron Crow. That's All-Star reliever Aaron Crow, mind you. But that wasn't the weirdest win of the weekend. No, that came on Saturday, when the Padres defeated the Mariners 1-0. That one run scored when Cameron Maybin walked, advanced to second, and scored on a single in the fifth. The only problem? Maybin walked on three balls, instead of the customary four. Nobody noticed. Or, if anybody did notice, nobody spoke up. There was an umpire. There were three other umpires. The Mariners had a pitcher, a catcher, a bunch of fielders, some coaches, and a dugout. Nothing. Turns out those involved pay the same amount of attention to a Mariners/Padres game as the rest of us do.

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