The Prokhorov Has The Comments On Deron Williams Foreign Venture


AH, hyello, Dyeron. This is the PROKHOROV. Stern David says we are not to speak. Tiny men say many things they should not. Pronouncements they make in forest to silent trees before looking up and--OH! They talk amongst great men trees like myself, Sterling Donald, and Cuban Mark. Such men speak to stumps. Let them keep their talks with dead wood. Tall trees talk to sunshine, birds, low-flying luxury blimps such as Prokhorov races for the amusement.

Prokhorov thought today. Was piloting zeppelin to office in Dubai. Whole desert hot, wind blowing, Lyudmila and Katarina make fights. "Oh, the blimp so slow." "Oh Prokhorov, Lyudmila sips champagne so loud." "Who do you love best, Prokhorov?" "Why do you not purchase the villa for each for nude pleasures?" Women talk. Make wind. Wind stops when women stop talking. The Prokhorov, he thinks wind will never die. Only then will he sell blimp which makes only joy of bothersome girl-wind.

Prokhorov, he has many names for blimp but has not decide. To tie blimp figure and player name in, this is Prokhorov's goal. Suggestions he makes:

  • Travis Goutlaw. For the swelling. Not appropriate since Outlaw is skinny.
  • S.S. Eddie Curry. Food joke already in name *
  • Glen Davis Is Fat Blimp. No joke but itself. Fat slow blimp? Must be Glen Davis. Stairmaster the Prokhorov would buy for him.
  • DeLargest Cousins. French name is luxurious and classy.
  • S.S. Raymond Swellton.  Because is fat.

Just balling spits here. Ideas. They are welcome.

Then Prokhorov receive word. You to Turkey go for paycheck. The Prokhorov, he understands. He is not father of Dyeron Villiams. If he were father, Dyeron Villiams would receive so many things in life before age of ten: bouncing on knee of the Putin on fifth birthday, summer art camp on moon, codpiece made from skull of Peter the Great. Robot girlfriend on tenth birthday. Replacement girlfriend if needed, but disappoint would be Prokhorov, Dyeron. Robot girlfriend is real girlfriend! Do not give heart but be gentleman. These are things Prokhorov tells magic son who does not exist yet. Robot girlfriend is real.

So Turkey. In Russia we have name for Turkey. This nickname: "Southern Russia." Turkey is front toe of Mother Russia. She stubs toe on impudent Cyprus. Is constant! Mother Russia weeps for painful toe! Prokhorov recent purchase entire of Cyprus. Will use the dynamite to turn into yacht, float around world seeking finest handbags, jetski accessories. Beach party forever on floating beach. Cypriot watusi girls now have job dancing for the Prokhorov always. Happiness the Prokhorov speads to heal the toe of Mother Russia and live luxurious life.

Turkish delight, the Prokhorov understands. Dyeron, you take hookah, hammam. The Prokhorov has KGB men tell him avoid hammam with smell of chloroform. This idea seems good.



A proverb from far Caucasus for you. From the Prokhorov uncle Misha. Misha grew up on mountain. Food all around in field, in cave, in bear stomachs to take. Fat happy people in town of Misha. But people grow tired. They look for other food saying "This food, she is so boring!" Ungrateful people go to next town to eat and find special bread. Everyone eat the special bread. Get immense poisoned. See crazy things like bird eating pig. Do the crazy thing like kiss shingles and call names of lovers.Very bad things

They go home. Find all things stolen. Sadness is the people of village, Dyeron.The lesson: food is good. Do not leave good food. You eat Turkey but know that Prokhorov had fine meats for you. The chops of Giraffe. Loin of Hippo. The sweetbreads of feral housecat. All of this for you. The Prokhorov is village of good food and thirteen supermodel cortege at all times.

Other moral: uncle Misha is thief who steals things when people go out to eat. The Prokhorov learn lesson hard way but turn lemon to lemon champagne. Uncle Misha! Bring champagne and send one hundred case to Dyeron Villiams. Do fast and Prokhorov will give you one day off this week. Mercy is first middle name of Prokhorov. Other middle name is Gulfstream. Luxury was destiny of Prokhorov always.

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