An early/Wrong 2012 mock draft Enjoy!


Im bored and as someone has already stated this is mockingthedraft so what am i to do.... yes a mock draft

Im keeping the same order as 2011 to avoid controversy and I will include any trades i think could happen. Both of these points obviously will be incorrect next year.  

1. Carolina Panthers - TRADE - Arizona Cardinals trade their 1st and 2nd round picks in 2012 and their 1st round pick in 2013 for Carolinas 1st round pick.

Arizona Selects Andrew Luck QB Stanford - Arizona has everything on their team to make them succesful, everything accept a QB and andrew luck could be something special.

2. Denver broncos - Jerrel Worthy DT Michigan - Denver didn't address the DT position at all last year which is a major need for their team, and worthy has a chance to be a big impact player at the position.

3. Buffalo bills - Matt Barkely QB USC -Ryan fitzpatrick isnt the long term answer for the bills at QB, he played well last year in some matches but isnt going to win you a superbowl, Matt barkley has the potential to be the best QB prospect next year and if Andrew luck wasnt in the draft could easily be the first pick overall.

4. Cincinnati bengals - Matt Kalil OT USC - Kalil can plug right in at the left tackle position and gives them an instant upgrade, and will protect daltons blind side for years.

5. Carolina from Arizona – Alshon Jeffrey WR South Carolina – For Newton to succeed he’s going to need weapons around him, he already has a very good running back combo and a solid O-line so all he needs is a go to receiver. Jeffrey can go up and get any pass and has shown flashes of genius.

6. Celeveland trades its pick to Seattle for their 1st, 2nd and 5th in 2011 and their 1st and 4th in 2012.

Seattle - Landry Jones QB Oklahoma - Seattle is another team in desperate need of a QB and cleveland seems to love trading its picks for more players. So pete carrol gets his Franchise QB.

7. 49ers – Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama – the 49ers passed on Amukamara last year but they still need a major upgrade in their secondary and Dre Kirkpatrick is probabl the best player on the nation’s top D and the top CB prospect in the nation.

8. Tennessee titans – Quinton Couples DE UNC – the UNC DE machine is in full swing again next year with, across from morgan the titans have nothing and to win that divison you need to get to P manning.

9. Dallas Cowboys – Jayron Hosley CB Virginia Tech – Hosley had 9 ints last year and the cowboys are desperately in need of some CBs.

10.  Redskins – Trade – San diego chargers trade their 1st,2nd and 5th round selection for the redskins 1st and 6th

San Diego chargers select – Donte Paige moss DE/OLB UNC – at 245 lbs paige-moss is an ideal player for the 3-4 olb position, he had 7 sacks last year, the chargers need a pass rusher he could be the answer to all their problems.

11. Houston Texans – Alfonzo Dennard Nebraska – The Texans need all the help they can get at the cornerback position end of.

12. Minnesota Vikings – Jonathon martin OT Stanford – The Vikings need to fill in needs in their O-line or ponders going to be on his ass more times than a dog with worms.

13. Detroit Lions –  Brandon Jenkins DE Florida state – If this happens id be crapping myself if I was an opposing QB playing against the lions they could easily have the best D line in the league.

14. St Louis Rams – Justin Blackmon WR oklohoma state – Sam Bradford gets his No1 receiver and the rams can actually start winning more games with a viable QB WR combo for years to come.

15. Miami Dolphins – Nick Foles QB Arizona – Miami needs a QB and if Foles has a very good year he could push himself into the first round.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars – Cliff harries CB Oregon – Jacksonville needshelp at CB and in a dvision with as premier passer that help needs to be now.

17. Oakland raiders – Reilley Reiff OT Iowa – This pick makes sense Reiff can plug in at RT, hes athletic yet powerful and could eventually be their starting LT.

18. Washington redskins – Trent Richardson RB Alabama – Richardson is a good back who will instantly upgrade the redskins offense, this pick could be a QB but I believe the skins will find a veteran once free agency starts.

19. New york giants – Manti Te’o MLB Notre Dame – The giants need an MLB Goff is good but hes not a starter, they need a constant starter who can boss the defence an Te’o is the guy.

20. Tampa bay Buccaneers – Zach Brown OLB UNC – this pick makes sense as it’s a big need for the Bucs and I think brown is the best OLB in next years draft,

21. Kansas City chiefs – Vontaz Burfict ILB Arizona st – the chiefs seem set at pass rushing LB now all they need is a good ILB and thie LB core is set for years.

22. Indianapolis colts – Jeff Fuller WR texas A&M  - Fuller was a monstor his junior year and there are high hopes for him, this gives peyton a viable no1 as Reggies getting a bit long in the tooth.

23. Philidelphia Eagles – Chase Minifield CB Virginia – Samuels is getting older and will need replacing within the next few years so why not develop Minifield along side samuels.

24. Patriots from saints – Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama – The patriots need a pass rush and Upshaw is a pass rushing LB in a college 3-4 he has been a very large contributor to one of the best Defenses in College. This is a pick the patriots should make but undoubtedly they won’t because they will trade it.

25. Cleveland from seattle – Lamichael James RB Oregon – The browns have Hillis as their big power back now if they add james they have a deadly one two punch.

26. Cleveland from Atlanta – Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame – With their two picks in round one the browns just made their Offense a hell of a lot better. If Floyd can stay out of trouble hes set to have a good year.

27. Baltimore Ravens – Michael Brewster C Ohio state – irk will be 35 next year so the ravens will look to add a very talented C, they can hope that Brewster turns out like Mangold for the jets who also went to Ohio State.

28. New England Patriots – Robert Lester FS Alabama – Again this pick will probably be traded but it’s a pick the patriots should make, Lester is set for a big year in Alabama and Merriweather isn’t working out in NE.

29. Chicago Bears – Ryan Broyles WR Oklohoma – IfJay cutler gets a legit no1 reciever he can be scary good.

30.  New york Jets – Bruce Irvin West Virginia – Irvin has great speed and has a variety of pass rushing moves and his production last year was amazing, if the jets don’t make this pick then Mike tenenbaum is gunshy after that Gholston debacle.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers – Nate Potter G Boise st – The steelers always seem to need help on the O-line and potter is an instant upgrade at RG.

32. Marcus Forston – DE Miami – This is a case of BPA and filling a need. Forston could easily go higher than this if he has a good year, but past problems may lead to a slide down draft boards.

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