Jimmie Johnson this is not your NASCAR

Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson had a spirited battle on Sunday during the closing laps of the Good Sam RV 500.  I was in attendance for this race and it was the best battle on the track.

On the last lap Johnson managed to get right alongside of the elder Busch and for some reason swerved at him.  Busch took exception to this and hit Johnson in the door.  The two finished third and fourth with Busch coming out on top.

After the race while Brad Keselowskiwas doing some great burnouts after a gusty drive with a broken ankle, suddenly on the jumbo screens was shown Johnson approaching Busch's car.  Busch then got out and started yelling at Johnson.  Then the radio personalities interviewed Busch who said "I guess five time doesn't want to race hard!"

After I was on my way home and dug deeper into this and read Johnson's comments and more of Busch's comments.  Johnson comments completely shocked me.

“I’m not going to run people over to pass them; that’s just not me,” Johnson said. “I worked on him for however many laps trying to get by him clean, fair and square, and then as I got next to him, we had an issue up off of [Turn] 2.

“I’ll just file things away and remember this stuff.”

Then, more bluntly, Johnson said: “He’s a big crybaby and wants to take shots at me when he can. He’s good for running his mouth. He can keep running it. I’ll shut it for him.”

And then more in depth with Busch...

“I didn’t know we were supposed to pull over when it came down to five to go,” Busch said Sunday. “I raced him hard. I raced him smart. I raced him clean. And he wants to come over here and bitch about it.”

First off I respect Johnson as a driver he is a great driver and a champion.  But I am not sure what he is doing here.  He either is blind or just wants to bully Kurt Busch.

He clearly started it and then he decided to confront Busch about it?  He isn't getting any sympathy from fans. 

Plus think back to 2009 Sonoma while Busch was in the top five Johnson wrecked him.  A few races later at Chicagloland while running in the top ten Johnson once again wrecks him.

Then 2010 at Pocono Johnson wrecks him and that allows Elliott Sadler to experience the hardest crash in NASCARhistory.  While the worse Busch has done to Johnson was bump him at the Lenox 301 and Johnson ended up winning that race.

Does Johnson really think he did nothing to start it?  Not really saying he even did something wrong.  It was some great , hard racing at the end of the race like it is suppose to be.  No one should have to pull over with someone with five laps to go.

Busch normally doesn't get much support from fans, but he has on this one.  Kind of like the enemy of my enemy is my friend type deal.  What Busch said made quite a bit of sense "why can't the race hard."

Busch isn't the first driver to call Johnson out.  Jeff Gordon, Johnson's own teammate said on the radio at Texas the spring of 2010 that he feels he should be raced different.  Drivers like Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman have let their thoughts of Johnson be known on their radio as well.

What Johnson needs to do is remembe rwhat racing is all about.  He may be a clean driver and there is no reason to changethat but what happens in the closing laps of a race as long as no one is wrecked.  And last time I checked he wasn't wrecked.

Johnson must remember he may be one of NASCAR's most dominant drivers of all time but he is not NASCAR and there are 42 other drivers who make NASCAR what it is.

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