Remember When Jacory Harris was a 1st Round Pick?

It was a little while ago, but there was a time.  A time when people thought Jacory Harris was going to come out early as a Junior, and be a 1st round pick in the NFL Draft.  He was being so hyped, starting after his freshman season which was decent, but mostly after his sophmore season in which he threw for 3,300 yards and 24 TDs.  Stuff like this started popping up...


Of course, there was a fan that made this, but still, it's not everyday that you see "_____ for Heisman" posters popping up.  Noone did one for Scott Tolzien I don't think.  And if you look closely just to the right of Harris, there is a box that says Most Recent Matchup.  It was a game vs Georgia Tech, the 2nd game of his sophmore season.  The hype was at an all time high early in his sophmore season, and didn't die down until....well, his Junior season.

Prior to his Junior season, there was very little reason to think the 6'4" 200-lb Harris wasn't a Heisman candidate and a Top NFL Prospect.   He had plenty of height to see over the line, a high release, a frame that was thin but clearly could carry 220+ lbs, a strong arm, and good athleticism. 

However, he had poor footwork leading to somewhat spotty accuracy, and poor decision making skills.  Those aren't good traits, but he was only a Sophmore so they were considered fixable.  The general consensus was that Harris would come back for his Junior season with those issues mostly fixed.  The general consensus was as wrong as ever.

You couldn't guess Harris was about to have a collapse of a season by his first game, hosting Florida A&M.  He threw for 210 yards, 3 TDs, and no INTs in the 1st half in a 45-0 rout.  There were no worries.

Then the Hurricanes hop onto a plane and fly to Ohio State.  They get dropped, 36-24 by the Buckeyes.  The story of the game...Jacory Harris' statline:

22-39, 232 yards, 1 TD, 4 INTs

Harris costed his team the game by throwing not 1...not 2.... not 3... but 4 picks (I like LeBron but that was a good opportunity). 

Just a bump in the road, right?  Especially since the team goes ahead and wins 31-3 AT Pittsburgh, and Harris has a pretty good game, 248 yards and 2 TDs; oh and I forgot, 2 INTs. 

So now he looks about the same as he did last year.  Alot of throws, alot of yards, a few TDs per game, and still poor decisions leading to INTs.  And still spotty accuracy, which showed up bigtime the next game at Clemson.  Harris completed a truly abysmal 13-for-33, for 205 yards.  He did somehow manage 4 TDs on only 13 completions, but couldn't stay away from the picks, throwing 2 more.  Miami got by, 30-21.

If going 13-for-33 (39%) with 4 TDs and 2 INts was a bad dream for Harris and The U, then the next game was a nightmare.  The completion percentage was equally horrendous, completeling only 19-for-47 (40%), 225 yards, NO TDS, and 1 INT.  That equates to a 76.4 rating, which is about average with the NFL's formula, but terrible in the NCAA format.  Not to mention Miami got smashed, 45-17.

At this point, the Heisman campaining is deceased, and his NFL stock is dropping rapidly as scouts take note of his inconsistent accuracy and poor decisions.

Harris’ Junior season was a disaster to that point.  With 7 games left, there was perhaps enough time to turn it all around, but Harris just couldn’t do it.  He had a decent showing at Duke, with 224 yards, a TD and no INTs.  But once again he couldn’t find the accuracy, a mere 17-for-34 (50%) he was that night.  He followed that up with a very good showing at home vs. North Carolina, showing consistent accuracy (65%) and throwing for 217 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT. 

Virginia was the next stop for Harris and the Canes.  Harris couldn't get anything going early, producing very little offense and throwing an interception, before getting knocked out of the game, as well as the next 3 games.



He came back for the final regular season game to play poorly in an overtime loss to South Florida, gaining only 110 yards, throwing No TDs and 1 INT.  It was such a terribly bitter way to end the regular season, and the frustration was evident.  It was only natural to wish that Harris would be able to pull it together for the team's bowl game against Notre Dame.  Maybe a few more weeks off would help Harris.

Not exactly.  4-for-7, 37 yards, and 3 INTs was Harris' statline before being benched for Stephen Morris.  And thus ended the season, one that Harris and the Canes would love to forget.


Where we stood a few weeks ago, it wasn't uncalledfor to say Harris might pull it together and have a good Senior season.  But where we stand today, it's very possible that Harris will be ruled ineligible for his Senior season.  Hell, it's not too outrageous to think that the the entire Miami program will be shut down for the '11 season(I've heard a few reports about the possibility). 

If Harris does get ruled ineligible for his Senior season, he won't be able to take the route that Terrell Pryor is on.  By that, I mean Harris won't be in the Supplemental draft (which is this monday) and it would be too late for him to be brought into preseason camp by an NFL team.  The best thing that could happen for Harris would be to stay in shape while working on his footwork and accuracy, and try to become eligible for the 2012 NFL draft, where he wouldn't be selected, but would likely recieve a little bit of interest as an undrafted free agent.  Then maybe he could surprise people (not likely) and make a roster as a 3rd QB or a practice squad. 

That in itself is very unlikely, so I think it's safe to say that Jacory Harris is no longer an NFL prospect.  Alot of very unlikely events would have to occur just to make Harris a potential late round pick, where he could still end up failing and not making a roster. 

R.I.P Jacory Harris' Draft Stock.

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