NFL Power Rankings

Well my first Power Rankings certainly caused some debate. I have a feeling these may cause even more. The Free Agency period is pretty much in the books and Training Camps are underway. Time to see where the teams stack now.

1. Green Bay Packers

I am not changing the Top 3 at all. They are still the best 3 teams in the NFL. Green Bay is top of the Pack (Sorry that was awful) and deserves to be there. They had little movement in FA but they did pay Ryan Grant a fairly large roster bonus which means that he will likely be the main RB next season.

2. New Orleans Saints

I got some heat for having the Saints so high but I am a firm believer and they are not moving. Losing Reggie Bush may not be a bad thing as it will open up more opportunities for two very talented players in Lance Moore and Jimmy Graham. Retaining Roman Harper and signing Fabian Washington strengthen the secondary and this team is primed for a Super Bowl run.


3. New England Patriots

I am not going to sit here and say that Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth are bad players but they have been underwhelming the last two years and they have it all to prove. If they work out Bill Belichick will again be called a genius. Still the team to beat in the AFC.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

This team has gone All In and entered Win Now mode. I love what they have done in FA, Cullen Jenkins and Jason Babin will immediately improve the pass rush. They have a beastly D line now. I do not have to say how good the CB position is now. If it all comes together this team could roll over anyone.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers don't normally do much in FA.  Not that they ever need to, this team is still very very good.

6. Baltimore Ravens

Losing Mason and Heap may well be a much much bigger deal than anyone realizes. Flacco has grown up with both of them and they have been his safety net since he entered the league. Ray Rice must have been doing cartwheels when Vonta Leach signed, he may explode this season.

7. Atlanta Falcons

Keeping Stephen Nicholas, Tyson Clabo and Justin Blalock were all good moves in my book. I love Ray Edwards and think he could excel in Atlanta. I am still not totally sold on this team and they play in what could be a brutal NFC South.

8. Indianapolis Colts

I know I said I wasn't worried about Peyton's neck.....I lied...I am worried. This team lives and dies with Manning. Resigning Addai and Bullitt were great moves as both are hugely underrated around the league.

9. Houston Texans

Everyone's trendy pick this time of year but through the draft and FA this team has acquired all the parts needed to finally make a run.  Danieal Manning and Johnathan Joseph will both immediately improve that pathetic pass D from last year.

10. New York Jets

With Rex Ryan and arguably the best D in the league they will always have a chance. Resigning Holmes was a great move and as he is easily a top 10 receiver in the league. On the other hand paying Plaxico $3m is questionable at best, I would have used the money to try and keep Braylon Edwards.

11. San Diego Chargers

Takeo Spikes will bring some heart to this team and I love the signing. They spent a lot of money on Jeromey Clary and Eric Weddle, Weddle definitely deserves it.....Clary not so much.

12. New York Giants

Cutting Shaun O'Hara and Rich Seubert is massive, both have been long term starters in New York and replacing them will be nigh on impossible. David Baas has large large shoes to fill. Keeping Ahmad Bradshaw is big because if he learns to stop fumbling the ball he could be a top 3-4 RB.

13. Detroit Lions

I am ready for the heat with this ranking, but I am a believer in this team. They have arguably one of the best front 7's in the league with the signing of Stephen Tulloch. Eric Wright is an underrated CB who will immediately improve the secondary. I think they could turn some heads this year.

14. Dallas Cowboys

Losing Roy Williams and Marion Barberdoesn't hurt them at all. Resigning Doug Free was an A+ move, he will continue to protect Romo's blindside and will allow Tyron Smith to play his preferred position of RT.

15. Chicago Bears

It is such a shame Mike Martz hates TE's because Greg Olson was probably the Bears best receiver. I think Roy Williams could excel this year. Vernon Gholston and Amobi Okoye are low risk high reward pickups. Marion Barber is past it but is an upgrade over Chester Taylor who was awful last year.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I am all over this Bucs team like a tramp on chips....sadly they are still the 3rd best team in the NFC South.

17. St. Louis Rams

Mike Sims-Walker is a very talented receiver, but by all accounts he is a douche. If he decides he wants to learn he could put up Brandon Lloyd type numbers this season. 

18. Kansas City Chiefs

Steve (touch my) Breaston is a good signing and will compliment Dwayne Bowe nicely. Kelly Gregg will be an adequate NT but he is 34 years old. Had I been the man in KC I would have gone after Aubrayo Franklin, he is about 4 years younger and a better player but it is likely that he wanted far too much money.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars

I want to meet Clint Session's agent because he may be the best negotiator on the planet.....$30M over 5 years is daylight robbery. Session is at best an average starter and Colts LBs never do well once they leave Indy. Paul Posluszny is a much better player but they paid him a boatload of money, I guess no one wants to play in Jacksonville unless they get paid big time though.

20. Arizona Cardinals

See what getting a QB can do. Kolb is unproven but he is maybe 100x better than John Skelton, Max Hall and Derek Anderson. This team could win the division now.

21. Minnesota Vikings

This is based on the thinking that Mcnabb will produce like his last year in Philly. The most important thing is that teams will have to respect the pass which will free up room for AP.

22. Oakland Raiders

No move for the Raiders in these rankings, they are still an average team. It looks like they will resign Zach Miller which must have been done when Al Davis was asleep because Miller is a very good player.

23. Tennessee Titans

Similar to the Vikings, Matt Hasselbeck will open up running room for CJ2K. Barrett Rudd is an overrated player but giving him only a 1 year contract means has to produce this season to stay around in Tennessee, which is a smart move.

24. Buffalo Bills

It's going to be interesting who finishes higher in the AFC East the Bills or the Dolphins. I hate giving Brad Smithall that money, he isn't a receiver and don't they have CJ Spiller to return kicks.....?

25. Miami Dolphins

I have only one thing to say....why haven't they traded for Kyle Orton.

26. San Francisco 49ers

At what stage in the season do they tank it to get Andrew Luck?

27. Cleveland Browns

I am really not sure what to make of this Browns team. If they start the season hot I will move them up but there are so many unknowns right now. Will Colt McCoy carry on looking like a legitimate NFL QB, will Peyton Hillis break down, will any of their receivers step up and will the D be able to stop anyone?

28. Carolina Panthers

I am confused, why are the Panthers paying all this money to keep a 2-14 team together? Jonathan Stewart is a very good RB and so is Mike Goodson, the money they spent on DeAngelo Williams could and should have been spent elsewhere.

29. Denver Broncos

Until this team gives Tebow the starting job they will be this low. They are in rebuilding mode and should see what they have in Tebow not continue with the mediocrity of Kyle Orton.

30. Seattle Seahawks

Pick your poison down here... Tarvaris Jackson.. really? This team is a joke.

31. Cincinnati Bengals

So Bruce Gradkowski is the answer. Right. Mike Brown is doing his best to be Al Davis Junior. Just go ahead and trade Carson Palmer.

32. Washington Redskins

They have a good young D, I will give them that. But that is all. I have a feeling that no one has told Mike Shanahan that winning in the NFL isn't about stockpiling backup QBs, RBs and WRs....

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