Pitcher Juan Nicasio of the Colorado Rockies is attended to by medical staff on the mound after being hit in the face by a ball while pitching against the Washington Nationals during their game at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. Nicasio's teammates Ian Stewart, Chris Iannetta and Todd Helton watch on in the background. (Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

Juan Nicasio Is Back And Pitching

Colorado Rockies pitcher Juan Nicasio suffered a broken neck after being hit by a line drive. He has since come all the way back.

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Juan Nicasio Makes Official 2012 Debut With Rockies

Last August, Rockies starter Juan Nicasio got the business end of a line-drive comebacker and sustained a fractured neck. Comebackers are just about always the scariest incidents in baseball, and beyond being potentially season-ending, they're potentially life-changing, and even potentially life-ending. Nicasio got it bad. His future - as a player, and as a person - was up in the air.

Something something Friday is March 9, and here is a picture:


That's Juan Nicasio, pitching for the Rockies in a Cactus League game. Friday, Nicasio made his 2012 Cactus League debut, allowing an unearned run in three innings of work. His fastball reportedly got up to 95.

So if you've been following the story, this is no great shock. We knew that Nicasio had made an incredible recovery, and several days ago he pitched for the Rockies in a "B game". Still, Friday was another step, and at this point Nicasio's just another guy vying for a starting job with Colorado, albeit the guy with the best story. Unless you think more of Jamie Moyer's story. Some good stories over there.

At one point on Friday, a line drive buzzed by Nicasio on the mound. He survived, and he continued to pitch. The memories will never go away, but Nicasio's evidently got his fearlessness back.


Juan Nicasio Making Progress, Hoping To Make Colorado Rotation

Juan Nicasio is throwing 97 mph again. Here's to one of the best (and most unexpected) stories of the new season.


Juan Nicasio Injury: Rockies Pitcher To Meet With Teammates Monday`

Colorado Rockies pitcher Juan Nicasio, who was injured on August 5 when he was hit in the head by a line drive hit by the Washington NationalsIan Desmond, is on the way to a remarkable recovery, according to the Sporting News.

Nicasio was released from the hospital last Wednesday, and, according to the article, has been walking from his apartment to Coors Field every day. Today, there will be a reunion between Nicasio and the rest of the Rockies.

Nicasio is likely to meet with the media Tuesday to discuss the incident for the first time. He’s on track to have his neck brace removed in six weeks. The plate will not keep him from pitching again if he can clear the mental and physical hurdles that lie ahead, according to The [Denver] Post.

This is excellent news; the injury looked at first as if it might be career-ending, if not life-threatening, and to know that Nicasio is not only well enough to walk and be with his teammates, but might actually return to pitching, is gratifying not only for Rockies fans, but for any baseball fan.


Juan Nicasio Walks On Monday During Recovery From Broken Neck

There was, of course, a scary scene at Coors Field last Friday night, when Rockies pitcher Juan Nicasio was hit in the head by a batted ball and sustained a broken neck. Nicasio was carted off the field, and underwent an operation to stabilize a fractured vertebrae with screws and a plate.

The news since then, though, has been pretty positive. Nicasio has been resting comfortably in the hospital, and on Monday, he got to his feet and moved around. Troy Renck:

Rockies pitcher Juan Nicasio made progress today at a Denver hospital, walking for the first time since sustaining a fractured C-1 vertebrae in his neck Friday night.

The Rockies are still working hard to bring Nicasio's mother and sister from the Dominican Republic, and they've assured his family they'll do everything they can to support him.

Nicasio's outlook at this point is somewhat uncertain, although doctors are optimistic he'll be able to get back on the mound. The 24-year-old definitely has youth on his side, and though baseball is by no means the top priority at the moment, he might still have a long and successful career.


Juan Nicasio Injury: Rockies Pitcher Has 'Reasonable Chance' To Come Back, Says Doctor

The Colorado Rockies’ Juan Nicasio, hit in the head Friday night by a ball hit by Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond, was operated on at the Denver Health Medical Center by Dr. Allen Schreiber. Despite the severity of the injury, to his C-1 vertebrae, the doctor told the Denver Post that Nicasio might have a chance to pitch again:

“No idea . . . no idea,” said Schreiber, when asked if the injury was career-threatening. “He’s 24 years old. He can bounce back. He has every reasonable chance to come back completely . . . every reasonable chance to do that.”

Nicasio was reported to be in serious but stable condition, and he has had a plate and two screws placed in his neck to help stabilize the area. The doctors and Rockies trainer Keith Dugger said they had never seen this type of injury in a baseball player before.

Nicasio will continue to receive CT scans every few hours because he experienced internal bleeding on the right side of his head. Dugger said it’s uncertain whether additional surgical procedures might be required to address that condition.

Here is video of the incident; please note that it is fairly graphic in nature.


VIDEO: Juan Nicasio Hit By Line Drive, Sustains Broken Neck Injury

Juan Nicasio suffered a scary injury, now deemed to be a broken neck, during Friday night's Colorado Rockies game against the Washington Nationals. The pitcher underwent surgery on Saturday morning to repair a fractured C-1 vertebrae.

"Juan Nicasio is resting comfortably at a Denver hospital following surgery early this morning to stabilize a fracture to the C-1 vertebrae in his neck," the team said in a release. "Juan will remain hospitalized as he recovers from the surgery."

Nicasio suffered the injury when he was hit with a line drive off the bat of the National's Ian Desmond on the second pitch of the second inning. The Rockies pitcher was unable to get a glove up to deflect the incoming ball, taking the brunt of the impact in the face and then laying motionless as the team's trainers rushed to his aid.

Video of the incident is embedded below, though we have to warn that it is a bit graphic.

[Via Jose3030]

An update on Nicasio's recovery, when available and hopefully soon, will be posted in this StoryStream. For more on the Rockies, head over to SB Nation Denver and Purple Row.


Juan Nicasio Hit By Line Drive, Taken From Field On Stretcher

Juan Nicasio left Friday night's game between the Colorado Rockies and Washington Nationals after being hit in the face by an Ian Desmond line drive. Nicasio stayed down for several minutes and left the field on a stretcher.

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