2012 College Football Previews

Florida Vs. Texas A&M Game Time, TV Schedule, Spread And More


Saturday's matchup between the Gators and Aggies will mark the first career starts for both Florida's Jeff Driskel and Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel.

2012 Alabama Football Preview: Acceptance


Eventually, this potential Alabama dynasty will fold. They always do. But "eventually" probably won't come around in 2012.

2012 Florida Football Preview: Paper, Potential And Production


Florida's still one of the most talented teams in the country, but will a new offense and Will Muschamp's second year help ensure it's all running in the same direction?

2012 LSU Football Preview: Precious Les And 1 More Win

Granted, cornerback Tyrann Mathieu's dismissal cast a bit of a pall on LSU's offseason; but even without Mathieu, LSU's secondary still has plenty of potential, as do the other (minimal) areas in...

2012 Georgia Football Preview: Winning Time

Georgia's 10-2 finish in 2011 represented either a temporary surge (aided by a less-than-brutal schedule) or the onset of a recovery, and with the level of experience here, sign me up for the latter.

2012 Arkansas Football Preview: Hot Piss And The Nitro Button


The Hogs will field another strong, entertaining, occasionally devastating team this fall, and they will be bigger and stronger than they were a year ago, but I'm struggling with the hype a bit here.

2012 Missouri Football Preview: Answers Forthcoming


You can carve out a seven- to eight-win niche in the SEC, but is that all that Missouri, a Big 12 transplant, can expect? And can they achieve that level immediately, or will it take a while?

2012 Auburn Football Preview: Four Stars And Late-Game Magic


Heading into 2012, the sheer quantity of Auburn's four- and five-star signees is the largest reason for optimism, but if you believe more in proven production, the Tigers might still be a year away...

2012 South Carolina Football Preview: Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

To me, anything between 7-5 and 11-1 is a distinct possibility. And please don't ask me to commit to either extreme.

2012 Mississippi State Football Preview: Niche Life


While still facing life as a niche artist, competitive but not elite, reasonably high quality but not chart-topping, Mississippi State is looking more sturdily built than at any time since the...

2012 Tennessee Football Preview: The Dooley '12 Campaign


Entering Year 3, we really have no idea how good or bad Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley might be at his job. He was dealt an egregiously weird hand, but he has also made some decisions that...

2012 Texas A&M Football Preview: I'm Not Saying, I'm Just Saying


Just keep an eye on the Aggies, is all I'm saying.

Independents Betting Odds: 2012 Notre Dame, Navy, BYU, Army Previews

Independents were involved in two bowl games in 2011 and they could show up in four in 2012, meaning each team goes bowling. What does each need to do in 2012?

2012 TCU Football Preview: The Money, The Mouth And The Hedge

It has been a long journey back to major conference membership for the TCU Horned Frogs, but behind incredible leadership from Gary Patterson and company, here they are. Can TCU continue its long...

2012 Texas Football Preview: The Joneses And Their Iffy Offense


Texas has a ferocious defense and a loaded set of running backs. But until the quarterback position comes around, the Longhorns will still be limited. No pressure.

2012 West Virginia Football Preview: Winnipeg, Lubbock And Kindred Spirits

West Virginia in the Big 12: it just feels right, doesn't it? WVU will find kindred spirits in its new conference, but if the Mountaineers are to live up to rather lofty expectations, a new DC...

2012 Oklahoma State Football Preview: The Art Of Gains Consolidation

Success is achieved in cycles, and even if OSU moves toward a down part of the cycle this fall, the depth of the tumble will tell us a lot.

2012 Texas Tech Football Preview: The Panacea

Coaches don't become dumb overnight, but Tommy Tuberville's tenure at Texas Tech has clearly left something to be desired. And if he is capable of a turnaround, it has no choice but to begin in 2012.

2012 Kansas State Football Preview: We Meet Again, Mr. Wizard

Kansas State won 10 games with no margin whatsoever last year. It really doesn't seem like they can duplicate that feat in 2012, but are you willing to bet against Bill Snyder and Collin Klein at...

2012 Baylor Football Preview: The Year After The Year Of The Bear

While Robert Griffin III gets most of the press, we should also step back and marvel at the career Baylor head coach Art Briles has put together.

2012 Kansas Football Preview: The Seductive Mr. Weis

But even if Charlie Weis is destined to succeed in Lawrence, it probably won't happen in 2012. His first Kansas squad will almost certainly improve, but only so much.

2012 Iowa State Football Preview: Convince Me, Coach

Right now, defining success for Iowa State is simple: Did the Cyclones make a bowl game? Did they pull a big upset? If the answers are both yes, it was a successful season.

2012 Virginia Tech Football Preview: Fending Off The Pendulum Swing

Let's put it this way: if Virginia Tech once again wins 10+ games this fall and either wins the ACC or comes very close, then my 2013 Tech preview is simply going to be six words: "They're Tech....

2012 Florida State Football Preview: The Greatness Drought

Given even reasonable health, the Seminoles should easily be the best team in the ACC in 2012. Choose not to believe it if you want, but you might not have a choice in about four months.

2012 Clemson Football Preview: Greatness And Dumpster Fires

I'm struggling to come up with any sot of conclusions about Dabo Swinney's squad, as you can tell, but I couldn't care less. This is going to be fun to watch one way or another.

2012 Miami Football Preview: The Perched Hammer

I still think Golden was the right man for the Miami job at this point in time, but that might not matter. His 2012 will be talented, athletic and flawed. We'll see what they have to play for come...

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