2012 College Football Previews

2012 Boston College Football Preview: Present Vs. Precedent

I do think Boston College will improve this year. The offense should be better simply because of experience, the secondary should be exciting, and the front seven of the defense at least will not...

2012 Georgia Tech Football Preview: The Forward Pass, Volume II

if either the Georgia Tech passing game is at least marginally dangerous or the defense improves enough to help out the offense a bit more, the Yellow Jackets could put themselves in position to...

2012 North Carolina Football Preview: Potential And Other Predictable Platitudes

Because of all the factors at play, North Carolina is completely unpredictable in 2012. Just like they were in 2011.

2012 Wake Forest Football Preview: Bowls And Contradictions

With playmakers like Tanner Price, Josh Harris, Michael Campanaro, Nikita Whitlock, Justin Jackson, Mike Olson, Merrill Noel, etc., there's a decent chance that the Deacs will be disruptive enough...

2012 N.C. State Football Preview: Risk, Reward And Gallstones

It's hard for me to see the Wolfpack making any sort of charge toward the Atlantic title, but with David Amerson, Glennon, and company, they should be just good enough to keep Tom O'Brien employed...

2012 Maryland Football Preview: Ironman Football And The Benefit Of The Doubt

The burden of proof is on the Terps themselves to show that 2011 was the outlier, and that 2010 wasn't just a brief spike in what has otherwise been a rather steady, sustained downhill slide for...

2012 Virginia Football Preview: Team A Vs. Team B

Mike London really has done a strong job in his two years at Virginia, inheriting a thin, reeling team, taking lumps for a year, then coming within a game of the ACC Coastal Division title.

2012 Duke Football Preview: When Capable Isn't Enough

While it's easy to root for Cutcliffe and the perpetual underdog football team to succeed, it's pretty hard to predict it.

2012 Ohio State Football Preview: A Redshirt Year

All of the hype and expectations start in 2013. For now, it's time to turn Braxton Miller into the perfect Meyer quarterback, embrace the temporary spoiler role, don the invisibility cloak and turn...

2012 Wisconsin Football Preview: A Lot Can Change In Three Years

In 2012, Bret Bielema will find some new challenges: gone are offensive coordinator Paul Chryst and five other assistants, quarterback Russell Wilson, No. 1 receiver Nick Toon, and a pair of...

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