2012 Olympics - Equestrian

The Equestrian competition at London 2012, held between July 28 and August 9, is made up of three disciplines: Dressage, Eventing and Jumping. Each brings with it different skills required by both the riders and horses. Equestrian is held at Greenwich Park, London’s oldest Royal Park, dating back to 1433.

Horse Named London Takes Silver In London

Swiss horse master (is that what we call them?) Steve Guerdat won equestrian gold in individual show jumping on his horse Nino Des Buissonnets. Gerco Schroder of the Netherlands and Cian O’Connor...

Rich Fellers Sets New Gold Standard For Olympic Names


Rich Fellers loves those dang horses. Join us on a quest for the best Olympic name.

Ann Romney, Rafalca And U.S. Equestrian Miss In Dressage As Hester And Brits Score Gold

Americans continue to struggle in dressage, as the Brits get their first big team gold.

Great Britain Wins Gold In Team Dressage


Great Britain won gold in team dressage, their second equestrian gold of these Olympics. Germany finished in second for silver and the Netherlands took home the bronze. But, perhaps most...

Great Britain Wins Gold In Equestrian Team Jumping After Jump-Off With The Netherlands


Great Britain won its first equestrian team jumping gold medal in 60 years on Monday after winning a jump-off against the Netherlands. Unfortunately a jump-off share no similarities with a jump...

Equestrian Individual Eventing Final: Germans Win Gold And Bronze

Germany takes home the gold and bronze in the individual equestrian event.

Equestrian Team Eventing Final: Germany Wins Team Gold


Germany won gold, Great Britain (and the Queen's granddaughter!) finished second, and a bunch of horses had silly names.

Probably The First Equestrian GIF You've Ever Seen

Besides the "jump over that thing in our way, horse" part, I really do not understand the equestrian. But that's OK, because slo-mo replays make for some great GIFs.

Horses: The Scourge Of The Olympics


Not everyone knows about equestrian eventing, but it might just be the most dangerous of all Olympic events. The course is extremely hazardous, yet traditionalists resist making changes in the...

Equestrian Features Gay Gal Versus Romney Gal In Olympics Dressage

Gay equestrian rider Edward Gal goes up against Ann Romney's horse in the London Olympics. The same-sex-marriage position of Mitt Romney creates building interest in the showdown.

2012 Olympic Venue Preview: Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park, site of the prime meridian and a park that dates back to 1433, will welcome the Equestrian and Modern Pentathlon competitions to its grounds during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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