2012 Olympics - Opening Ceremony

Olympics Opening Ceremony Taught Us 5 Things About The World

NBC used its coverage of the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night to teach America five super important facts about the rest of the world.

2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony Snubs Atlanta, Los Angeles

Atlanta was left out of the Opening Ceremony on Friday night, because of course it was.

Thanks For The Opening Ceremony Context, NBC

Context. That's why NBC says it tape-delayed the Opening Ceremony. So much context.

Boring Olympic Opening Ceremony Should Bar London From Hosting For 68 More Years

It's hard to imagine that the Brits would outdo the Canadians for "worst opening ceremony in memory," but they found a way to do it.

Opening Ceremony Fireworks Look Amazing Sped Up

Let's all watch the Opening Ceremony fireworks sped up.

A Country Called Niger Brings Out The Worst Tweets

You probably don't want to search for "Niger" on Twitter. It's not a good idea, and if you saw it trending, you knew bad things were coming. Because it's Twitter. Of course people are going to be...

Marshall Islands' Outfits Apparently Designed By Vince McMahon In 1992

The Marshall Islands are stylish. Grass skirts are very "in" in 2012.

We Are All Independent Olympic Athletes

Three athletes came to the Olympics under the Olympic flag, otherwise known as Independent Olympic Athletes. They come from South Sudan and Netherlands Antilles, and are just happy as hell to be in...

Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia Is Clearly Labeled

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia does not have a cumbersome name. At all.

Czech Republic Puts The Boots To The Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Czech Republic packed sensibly for the 2012 Olympics. They brought their rain boots.


Australian Flag Bearer Mesmerized By Own Flag

Flags are hypnotic. The Australian flag-bearer knows this.

Dark Horse Candidate: Austria

The Austrian team might be good this year. They won't NOT be good, at least.

Mike Leach Appears At Olympics Opening Ceremony, Performs Bitchin' Guitar Solo

Mike Leach rips on lead guitar. He took his very emotive face to the London opening ceremony to prove it.

Inflatable Voldemort Is Here To Give You Balloon Nightmares

Voldemort showed up at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. It was ... weird.

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: GOSH, You Guys

The 2012 Olympics opening ceremony is underway in London. Gosh!

Corgis Win The Opening Ceremony

Corgi GIFs! All of the Opening Ceremony corgi GIFs!

Before You Die, You See The Olympic Rings ... Or Whatever

The 2012 Olympics opening ceremony is underway. There are sparkly fireworks rings and everything.

Presenting The Ultimate Kenneth Branagh GIF

The 2012 Olympics opening ceremony is underway. It is pretty Kenneth Branagh-y.

The Opening Ceremony: Keep Calm, It's Not Live

Keep calm, the Opening Ceremony is not live.

Work It, Girls

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics is underway. Grindin' them gears, ladies.

PHOTO: Yes, The Opening Ceremony Had A Cricket Match

In perhaps the most British thing ever, the Opening Ceremony preshow included an real-life, actual cricket match. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Gangs Of Top Hat-Wearing Victorians Exhibit British Kung Fu

The Opening Ceremonies are underway. Watch out for Victorians who know kung fu.

Olympic Cauldron Lit In Unique Way At Opening Ceremony

The Olympic Cauldron was lit in a unique way this year.

Team USA's Beret Not A Hit On The Internet

Let's see what the Internet thinks of Team USA's berets.

Olympic Opening Ceremony Full Of Film, Music, Television... And iPhones

Danny Boyle has created a multi-media homage to British pop culture

PHOTO: Opening Ceremony Is Indeed A British Countryside

Olympic organizers dubbed the Opening Ceremony "Green and Pleasant" and promised that the Stadium would be "transformed into the rolling British countryside ... complete with meadows, fields and rivers." They were not lying.

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