Chad Ochocinco At Super Bowl Media Day: 'I Think I Did Extremely Well' This Year

It's been a strange year for Chad Ochocinco. He signed with the New England Patriots before the season and many people figured he would have a big impact on the team.

But after 16 regular season games and two playoff games, Ochocinco hasn't made an impact. At all, really. He has 15 catches on the season and often sees just a handful of plays during the game. He's not a major factor.

So it has to be strange for him, the guy who used to cover Super Bowl media day with his OCNN crew, to take a backseat in all of this. NFL Network's Deion Sanders talked with Ochocinco at media day and asked him about his new role this season.

If it was tough on me, emotionally draining, I think I would have spoke out as I did in the past. I took this as a challenge, as a lesson. I think it was a test from you-know-who upstairs. Will he be able to handle himself the right way in different circumstances when he's not that guy, the main focal point? I think I did extremely well regardless of what everyone might say.

And a few other reactions and quotes from the media on Ochocinco at media day:

@greggrosenthal: Chad ochocinco seems miserable, waiting for this to be over.

@PFWErik: "I never said I was elite. You guys put that label on me. I just like to have fun, talk $#!+, and celebrate." ~ Chad Ochocinco at Media Day

@sbnation: Chad Ochocinco says he'd rather be here at the #SuperBowl than have 100 catches this season.

@ESPNBoston: Ochocinco: "It still hasn't hit me yet. I see lots of people, cameras. But it hasn't hit me."

@chrislittmann: "What I need a podium for? I got 3 million followers on Twitter. That's my podium." - @ochocinco to @deionsanders on @nflnetwork

We'll be live-blogging all the happenings at media day so stick around this StoryStream for updates. For more on the Giants, visit SB Nation's Big Blue View. And for the Patriots, Pats Pulpit.

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