Super Bowl 2012

VIDEO: Hitting The Red Carpet For Giants Super Bowl DVD Release

Amy Nelson's first SB Nation podcast with Joe Ruback -- aka super Giants fan 'License Plate Guy' -- went so well that we sent Ruback to the New York Giants Super Bowl DVD release. The NFL Films-created DVD is a tradition for Super Bowl champions and, if you know anything about NFL Films, you know it's awesome.

Tom Coughlin Auctions Off Super Bowl Items For Charity

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is auctioning off some Super Bowl items to raise money for his charity. One can only imagine the items at the rival Bill Belichick auction.

'That Was The Game', Referees Said After Wes Welker's Drop In Super Bowl XLVI

A few players, coaches and referees were mic'd up for Super Bowl XLVI and the result is this fascinating under-the-hood look at the New York Giants victory over the New England Patriots.

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Super Bowl Viewers, Violence Ensues

Jimmy Kimmel invited viewers to unplug their TV during a crucial moment in Super Bowl XLVI. Plenty of people did just that and filmed the responses. See the carnage for yourself.

Tiquan Underwood Headed Back To Patriots After Super Bowl Eve Release

After releasing him the night before the Super Bowl, the Patriots are bringing back Tiquan Underwood.

Maria Menounos Wears Giants Bikini After Losing Bet

Extra's Maria Menounos lost a Super Bowl bet and was forced to wear a New York Giants bikini on Monday in Times Square.

People Were Tweeting About The Super Bowl 12,233 Times Per Second

Lots of people were watching Super Bowl XLVI -- in fact, more than any other Super Bowl ever -- and so too, lots of sports fans were generating buzz with authentic discussion by Tweeting about the...

'Postgame Daze Of Disappointment'

↵Tom Brady sat facing his locker, his head down and draped in a white towel, staring at the space between his cleats.↵He was in full uniform. He was in full thought. There were the...

Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Chevy's 'Mayan Apocalypse' Ad

I suppose Chevy's going to have to be the one to come out and say it: in accordance with Mayan prophecy, this will be the last Super Bowl ever held. Drag.

Did The Giants Run Buddy Ryan's 'Polish Goalline' In Super Bowl XLVI?

The Giants took a penalty late in Super Bowl 46 that actually helped them slow down the Patriots' game-winning drive. But maybe the penalty wasn't a coincidence.

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