Super Bowl 2012

The NFL's 'Player Safety' Super Bowl Commercial, And Why You Probably Shouldn't Buy It

From what we know of the commercial, it sounds an awful lot like the NFL will be patting itself on the back when there's still much progress left to be made.

A Super Bowl Gesture: How A Letter From Tom Coughlin Helped One Fan's Recovery

Giants fan Gary Grimes nearly died in a car accident. Now, a letter from Giants coach Tom Coughlin is helping his rehab.

Super Bowl MVP? Odds Say Tom Brady Is The Best Bet In Indy

If the oddsmakers are right, Joe Montana will be joined Sunday night atop his perch as the NFL’s only three-time Super Bowl MVP. That’s because Tom Brady is a big favorite at most shops tracked by to win his third MVP award in the 2012 Super Bowl against the New York Giants.

Super Bowl Odds: Betting Trends Make Patriots Fans Nervous

The Super Bowl is almost here, but with a close point spread and decent odds on both sides, plenty of bettors are still undecided. Check out the case for picking the Giants OR the Patriots.

The Victorious Sad Men Of The Every Super Bowl Club

How can anyone squeeze satisfaction from attending the world's largest corporate junket, even if it occasionally includes a quality asskicking football game attached to it?

25 Super Bowl Prop Bets On The Patriots, Giants, Peyton, And So Much More

Super Bowl prop bets are an annual tradition on par with Christmas, and with Patriots and Giants getting ready for Super Sunday, it's time to prepare ourselves. Check out some of the best bets on the board.

Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Pepsi Resurrects 'Cheating Coke Delivery Man'

Historically, Pepsi has been a familiar presence in Super Bowl commercials. This year they've chosen to call back to a popular ad from 16 years ago. Here's video:

Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Hyundai Brings A Man Back From The Dead

Super Bowl commercials, more often than not, are designed to be so over-the-top that they get noticed, the result being that a glut of wild and wacky ads sort of cake together at the top to make a new top that can't really be vaulted.

Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Jerry Seinfeld Wants Acura, Is Petty

Jerry Seinfeld, at this point, is largely a professional meanderer. He meanders for money. I'm not knocking him, because that's a pretty great thing to be. In Acura's Super Bowl commercial, we see him coveting the new NSX:

Super Bowl Laboratory: Can The Patriots Win With Zoltan Mesko At Quarterback?

On Sunday, Zoltan Mesko and Lawrence Tynes will try to quarterback their teams to a championship. Oh, wait, they won't? Well, too late, because that's what Spencer Hall and Jon Bois simulated in Madden 12.

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