NFL Draft talk with NFLMocks on early entrants and the value of the No. 2 pick

MtD has teamed up with on a site-to-site Q&A, and this week I sent a few questions over to lead editor Jesse Bartolis. My questions in bold, Jesse's answers in italics.

1. Of the underclassmen who have declared, other than the Miami players, which do you think is the biggest surprise? Conversely, who is the biggest surprise returnee?

As far as the guys who have officially declared I don't see any surprises, but one of the rumored guys I'm surprised is declaring for the N.F.L. draft is Jayron Hosley. Hosley was considered a late first round prospect by many draftniks prior to the 2011 College Football season, but he didn't have the greatest season this year. When you're a cornerback who is undersized and don't have a great 40 yard dash time, you want to be entering the draft off of good production and I'm not even sure he'll be drafted in the second round as of today.

I wasn't that surprised Barkley returned, but I am surprised that Te'o is returning. Love Te'o. I don't think he's making a mistake or anything, but I can't see his stock going much higher so I'm a little surprised he's returning.

2. If Indianapolis gets the No. 1 pick, how likely will it be that some team will give up a multiple picks to draft Robert Griffin III? That's assuming Indianapolis takes Andrew Luck. What should a team have to give up to get the second pick?

I think it's more likely now that Matt Barkley returned to school. And I think the easy answer here would be the Redskins. The Redskins owner isn't as involved as Jerry Jones, but it seems close. I can't imagine the Redskins sitting back and hoping Griffin falls to them, assuming they have Griffin III rated highly.

What a team should have to give up to get that high depends on how far away they are coming from. The Bengals got a first round and a second rounder for Carson Palmer. I think two Firsts and another 3rd could be enough. I'm interested to see how this plays out now that the rookie salary scale is in place.

3. Overall, what do you think of the 2012 NFL Draft class? Is it a poor draft overall?

I'm beginning to feel more and more as some of the top players are returning to school that this could be a poor draft class. We'll have to wait and see who else declares for the draft, but the senior class leaves a lot to be desired and I think other than Quarterback (assuming some declarations), 43 LB, and the potential talent and depth at running back, this draft class leaves a lot to be desired.

4. What are your thoughts on Western Michigan wide receiver Jordan White?

Well he is certainly productive. I think he he plays bigger than is listed size and I think he does a nice job getting into his routes. He hasn't played great competition, but his worst game of the season was a 4 catch 67 yards performance against Nicholls State. You have to like that he shows up every game and is consistent. I'm concerned about his ability to make plays over the top though and think his ceiling is as a number two wide receiver in the league.

Make sure to head over to for more with Jesse Bartolis and the NFLM staff.

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