Miami Dolphins Team Needs

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Tthe Dolphins ended the year playing good football, and owner Stephen Ross retained GM Jeff Ireland though Sparano was shown the door. I would love to see them go after Mangini. He had Cleveland (with worst talent than what it has right now) playing everyone tough and even winning some ball games. Hopefully they keep OC Daboll. The offense was more vertical and far better than Henning's unit. I believe Mangini and Daboll were New England guys, but I don't think Ireland would go for him. It's looking like Jeff Fisher is going to be the guy and I'm sure they'll start from scratch.

1. QB. With Ireland coming back, and Matt Moore having the year he had, it's not entirely unrealistic for Miami to bypass a QB with the 9th pick. It all depends if they like anyone after Griffin. I don't see Ireland doing what is necessary to put himself in position to land Griffin. I mean, if Ireland gave up two 2's for Brandon Marshall, he should give up what it takes to get Griffin. But somehow, I see someone else out-smarting Miami. I see Daniel Snyder doing whatever it takes to get RG3. They could draft a position player, then trade into the end of round 1 for a combination of Osweiler, Tanneyhill or Foles. But as we saw last year, with Locker, and Ponder going in round 1, if you like a guy, maybe you should take him at 9.

2. OT. Marc Colombo was a disaster. With improved pass blocking, you'll get better qb play. John Jerry filled in for Jake Long at the end of the year and held his own (maybe they try Jerry at right OT). Is this the year John Jerrry becomes a starter? Sparano, Ireland an Parcells had the best inside information on Jerry because they coached him in the Senior Bowl. How do you miss on him? Guy is a backup and got onto the field because of injury. He looks physically capable. He doesn't have it upstairs? You couldn't determine this in the week you coached him at the Senior Bowl?

3. CB. What a comedy. Let's see, you had Bennie Sapp since the 2010 football season. You go through training camp and a pre season and you conclude that Benny Sapp is your guy and you cut Will Allen. Then, week 1 Sapp gets toasted by Tom Brady and gets cut, and Miami picks up Will Allen to be their nickel back. A guy no one else bothered looking at while he was a free agent. Sean Smith hasn't looked good since his rookie year, and Nolan Carroll despite having 4.3 speed, hasn't looked like 'the guy'.

4. TE. Depending on the OC, this might get addressed early. Fassano is a decent blocker, OK receiver. Miami needs someone athletic, though rookie Charles Clay looked good. Problem is, Clay is not an inline blocker and looks like a spread personnel type H back.

5. DE/OLB. Theyneed some pass rush opposite Cameron Wake. I can't believe Miami used a 2nd round pick on a 'set the edge' player in Koa Misi. Meanwhile, Jason Worilds for Pittsburgh looks like a nice player (what a surprise- Pittsburgh can identify 3-4 OLB'ers). Setting the edge is the only thing Missi can do. You can find those guys anywhere. Oh wait, you already did but you let them go- Erik Walden (Green Bay), Ninkovich (New England), Matt Roth. Future Hall of Famer and Dolphin great Jason Taylor, on his last legs, was the best pass rush option for Miami. He's now retired so someone needs to fill the void.

other positions: If Miami feels that Matt Moore is their guy for now because they don't want to reach for a second tier QB and Griffin is gone, they could go after a weapon such as Malcolm Floyd in rd 1, then get the OT to protect Moore in rd 2. Hartline is underated, and Brandon Marshall, despite a nice stat line, was definetely not worth two 2's. But he's here and he's our 1. Bess is a good slot receiver and maybe Gates can develop in year 2 and be the deep threat. At safety, Jimmy Wilson, a 7th round surprise, could push for playing time there or at CB. Rashad Jones and Chris Clemmons have not stepped up their game. It would be nice to develop an ILB behind Burnett. Your a 3-4 team, and in 4 drafts you havn't found anyone to develop?

Miami fans are clamoring for a 'Franchise QB'. They want a first round pick to get excited about, even though Matt Moore's production exceeds what most rookie QB's could accomplish. With Cincinnati's Andy Dalton being a high 2 and leading Cincinnati to the playoffs, Miami could go position player in round 1 then the QB in round 2. But will the guy you like from the second tier be there? Maybe you take him round 1 to make sure you get the guy you like?

It seems as if Jeff Ireland has won Stephen Ross' trust. Amazing Ireland is not out the door but I believe Carl Peterson has vouched for Ireland and Ross is going with it. The talent has gotten better since they got there in 2008, but where else was it going to go but up after picking #2 in 2005, #9 in 2007, and #1 in 2008? It's a nice nucleus, and with a few more holes filled, Miami could soon again contend for a playoff spot.

My draft prediction:

1. Brock Osweiler QB, Arizona St

2. Mike Adams OT, Ohio St

3. Brandon Lindsey DE/OLB Pitt

4. Evan Rodriguez TE Temple

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