Where Will All 66 Remaining Free Agents Sign?

Cody Ross of the San Francisco Giants celebrates after he hit a lead off home run against the Arizona Diamondbacks at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

There are 66 players still available via free agency with a month to go before pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Here's where all of them will likely land.

Jeff Sullivan created Baseball Nation's Free Agent Tracker last November, as a one-stop shop where you could keep track of all of this offseason's free agents and where they signed.

We are now just a month away from spring training reporting dates. Of the 167 free agents on the list, 101 have signed -- but that leaves 66 players on the list still without a team.

Here, then, is my effort to predict where all 66 of those players will wind up spending their summer, but keeping it brief. In the same format as the tracker, this is in alphabetical order by first name.

Aaron Miles: At 35, and with a .660 OPS in 2011, teams are likely to go younger. Retirement.

Alex Cora: Says he wants to play another year, but is 36 and worse offensively than Miles. Retirement.

Arthur Rhodes: He's "close" to signing -- 12 days ago. Mariners were interested; that's the likely landing spot.

Brad Hawpe: Was also "close to signing" a minor league deal 11 days ago. Rangers were the rumored team.

Brad Lidge: Still talking with the Phillies a week ago. Likely to sign with them as a setup man for Jonathan Papelbon.

Brad Penny: Had the highest ERA of any qualified starter in MLB in 2011. He might be headed to retirement at 33.

Brandon Webb: On a winter throwing program, but with no offers, not even a minor league deal. Might be done at 32.

Carlos Guillen: He's 36 and missed huge chunks of the last three years with injury. Retirement.

Carlos Peña: Has been linked to the Yankees and also could be a useful short-term fix for the Tigers. Prediction: one-year deal with Detroit.

Casey Kotchman: This is a puzzler. Had a productive year (128 OPS+) for a playoff team (the Rays) in 2011. Has been linked to nobody. He's only 28. Let's say... Rays, just because.

Chad Durbin: Was pretty bad for the Indians (72 ERA+) in 2011. At 34, he might be headed to retirement.

Chad Qualls: Was league-average for the Padres in 2011. Has not been linked to any team in rumors, yet could probably help a contending team in the back of the bullpen. The Red Sox could always use bullpen help.

Chris Snyder: Snyder made $6.25 million as the Pirates' backup in 2011. No one is going to pay anywhere close to that for a 31-year-old replacement-level backup. Might have to retire.

Chris Young: Once an outstanding young righthander, he has not pitched a full season since 2007. Could be a low-risk, high-reward signing for a team looking for starters like the Red Sox.

Cody Ross: Just one year after helping lead the Giants to a World Series title, he's unemployed. Some gratitude. The Giants could probably use him, but they don't seem interested, so let's send him to the Blue Jays.

Conor Jackson: The Athletics shipped him to Boston last August. The A's could use him again. The A's are signing or trading for everyone in sight. What are they waiting for?

Corey Patterson: Now has a World Series ring (even though he did not play in the Cardinals postseason). That alone should send him happy into retirement.

Dámaso Marté:: Injured all of 2011 and did not pitch except for one rehab outing. Retirement.

Dan Wheeler: Made news last month when his agent tried to contact the Twins while their offices were closed for the holiday. Maybe they'll answer his calls now.

Derrek Lee: Hit .337/.398/.584 in 28 games for the Pirates after being acquired last July. They supposedly want him back. What are they waiting for? Their offices are open, right?

Edgar Renteria: Retirement.

Edwin Jackson: Has been linked to multiple teams; the Yankees seem less possible now that they've acquired Hiroki Kuroda and Michael Pineda. Might have to take a one-year deal and test free agency again next year.

Francisco Cordero: The closer market appears closed. He'll either have to be a setup man somewhere or retire.

Hideki Matsui: The Yankees have expressed interest in bringing back their former DH/OF. It makes sense.

Horacio Ramirez: Retirement.

Ivan Rodriguez: Already has the record for most games caught. At 40, headed to retirement.

J.D. Drew: Retirement.

Jamey Wright: Thought he had retired five years ago. Now, he might for real.

Jason Kendall: Retirement.

Jason Varitek: Retirement. (Sorry, Jason. Even Theo won't be calling.)

Javier Vazquez: Has threatened to retire several times. Looks like teams are going to take him up on it this year.

Jeff Francis: SB Nation Denver reports the Rockies might re-sign the veteran lefty.

Johnny Damon: Linked to two teams he's played with before, the Tigers and Yankees, for their DH vacancy. Detroit seems the more likely landing spot.

Jon Garland: Was injured in 2011 for the first time in his career. Probably will have to settle for a NRI to spring training; with whom is still a puzzle.

Jonny Gomes: Had expressed interest in staying with the Nationals, but they seem in no hurry to keep him.

Jorge Posada: Announced retirement.

Juan Cruz: Still effective at 33; surprised the Rays haven't retained him. Let's send him to the Red Sox, because they're in the market for just about any reliever they can get.

Juan Pierre: Anyone need a pinch-runner? How about the Rockies?

Kevin Millwood: He won't be returning to the Rockies. The Mariners have expressed interest. Sounds about right.

Kosuke Fukudome: Last month, I said he'd sign with the A's. I'm sticking with that.

Livan Hernandez: Hard to believe he's not yet 37. But there's no interest. Retirement.

Luis Ayala: Pitched fairly well for the Yankees in 2011, but neither they nor anyone else seems interested. Retirement.

Magglio Ordonez: Could actually fit for another year with the Tigers after the V-Mart injury.

Mike Gonzalez: Probably done, though you never know with lefthanders.

Omar Vizquel: I'm surprised Ozzie hasn't called to have Omar join him with the Marlins. It's either there or retirement for the last active player to have played in the old Comiskey Park and Exhibition Stadium in Toronto.

Orlando Cabrera: Retirement.

Pat Burrell: Retirement.

Prince Fielder: It would be amusing to see Scott Boras' head explode if Prince didn't sign somewhere before spring training, wouldn't it? If Yu Darvish doesn't sign, the Rangers are the likely destination.

Ramon Castro: Retirement (or possibly the Tigers).

Ramon Ortiz: Retirement. (Still can't believe the Cubs actually gave him 22 appearances in 2011.)

Raul Ibanez: Could fit in with the Tigers or Yankees, otherwise retirement.

Rich Harden: Red Sox -- as a reliever. (That's what one Red Sox blog thinks, anyway.)

Rick Ankiel: Likely to return to Nationals.

Rodrigo Lopez: Retirement. (Should have retired a year ago.)

Ross Gload: Retirement.

Roy Oswalt: Red Sox. Or Phillies. Or Rangers. Or Yankees. In short, who knows? Let's say... Red Sox.

Scott Linebrink: Has been linked to Phillies and Twins. Phillies make some sense.

Sergio Mitre: No. Just say no.

Shawn Camp: Retirement.

Tim Wakefield: Retirement. (See Jason Varitek comment.)

Todd Coffey: Heading to Minnesota, according to one report.

Trever Miller: Had no idea he was 38. Retirement.

Vladimir Guerrero: Could wind up back in Baltimore, but at nearly 37 he's on his last legs. The Orioles will probably give in and bring him back.

Willie Harris: Can't run, hit or field any more, but could wind up back with the Mets.

Wilson Betemit: Yankees have been rumored, but he could wind up with no offers.

Xavier Nady: Retirement.

Zach Duke: Oh, what times we must live in when 28-year-old lefthanders can't get a single offer. Let's say it again: Red Sox.

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