Last entry for Daily Soccer Fix

Me and my girl at Goodison Park during a, uh, blogging opportunity in 2010. (We're not really massive Everton fans, we just wanted to wear the souvenir gifts we bought for everyone else; better than carrying them around!)

Sometimes in my life as a professional freelancer, I get stretched in so many different directions that I must stop and take account of my sundry platforms and obligations. So, let’s see:

Sports ( … I’m on it.

For, a weekly tactics piece … Check.

Soccer Today, my weekly radio show / podcast along with NBA scribe and Manchester City diehard Mark Stein … Double check.

Various, non-soccer contracts with publishing houses for soul-stealing corporate, fluffy-wuffy content … Uh, yeah.

Blogging at Daily Soccer Fix …

Hello … Daily Soccer Fix … are you there …?

Alas, the answer today will be different than tomorrow.

Yes, this will be the final entry for Daily Soccer Fix, the little blog I started in 2008.

I launched the blog to bind all my various media properties, kind of a clearing house for the other work I did, and as a means to otherwise empty the notebook, to say about domestic soccer whatever I couldn't on other outlets.

Sports Blog Nation absorbed the blog in 2009 as part of a deal to help them build out their soccer empire. Dave Clark and his excellent Sounder At Heart blog was my first recruit. If I had quit that day, his blog by itself would have made my time at SBN as "soccer league manager" a stunning success.

I brought a few other bloggers on board before passing along the managerial car keys, while retaining the blog (but not the recruiting duties). From there, I penned entries as often as possible.

Now … well, it’s time to move on. I’ll keep writing for other outlets. Meanwhile, I need the extra minutes and hours to explore some other opportunities out there (some in soccer writing, some not), and to make some headway on a (soccer-related) book I hope to write.

Thanks for reading. My biggest regret, honestly, is relinquishing the interaction with all the awesome, regular commenters. It’s so great to read wonderful opinions and to get dialogue going with sharp folks who love the game and have smart, reasonable thoughts to share. You know who you are … and I thank you.

Cheers, all.


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